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Ho, ho, ho! Yes, it’s me, Marc Hershon. Your host and Santa Claus for Epi123 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. My gift for you this year? It’s another installment of Succotash Chats, where I feature a conversation with someone associated with podcasting in one way of another. And this Christmas edition is not different, as our Special Guest is none other than Wayne Federman!

Wayne FedermanI thought he’d be the perfect holiday treat since, just like Jesus, he’s Jewish, funny, and occasionally misunderstood. Wow. That comparison would draw SO much hate mail from fans of both Jesus and Wayne…IF anyone actually listened to this show.

Wayne’s a great guy, a funny comedian, and a delightful actor, not to mention the co-host of a podcast called Human Conversation, with Erin McGathy. Regular Succotash listeners may remember I spoke with Wayne during multi-part Epi116 back in September when I was at the LA Podfest. We’ve got more time to delve into things this time around and we get into his long time served on the comedy stage, his podcast experience, and some other topics besides.

In addition to my chat with Mr. Federman, we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, a brand new Henderson’s Pants commercial penned by our friend Harry White and featuring our own Bill Heywatt, back in fine form after a brief illness.

In fact, as a special Christmas treat for you and your hole…family, we have Bill singing a special holiday song!

Speaking of songs, we also have a new and bizarre a cappella tune from Abner Serd, which will immediately follow the Tweetsack this time around, and before Mr. Durst’s second segment.

Succotash Xmas LogoBefore we get into the stuff, I just wanted to wish you and yours a happy holiday season, whichever holiday you celebrate. And that includes no holiday at all, depending where in the world you might be or whatever your philosophy might entail.

Sometimes I feel like Succotash is out on the Island of Misfit Podcasts, since we’re mostly playing clips and promoting other comedy podcasts and we only generate a tiny amount of our own material, plus some interesting interviews with cool people connected to podcasting.

We’re not fancy by any means, and we’re not the kind of show a podcast network is keen to pick up — what network wants to be promoting podcasts that aren’t on that network? And we don’t have much sponsor appeal it seems, either.

But YOU’RE listening to Succotash and that means the world to me. When I started the show almost 5 years ago — FIVE years! — I didn’t know if anyone would want to listen but you and a lot of other people have proven that there’s an audience for what we do at Succotash, and I want you to know that its’ really appreciated.

I want to thank the crew here, too, especially our producer/engineer Joe Paulino, our announcer Bill Heywatt, and especially our Associate Producer Tyson Saner, without whose help this show might have stalled out. Harvesting clips is no easy task. It reminds me of my days as a segment producer for a clip show on TV — largely thankless but imminently the hull that keeps the whole damn ship afloat.

I also want to thank all the comedy podcasters that we’ve clipped this past year for their generosity in letting us pick and choose what we want to feature from their shows.

And, of course, I want to thank the guests that have been kind enough to let us visit with them on the Succotash Chats editions of the show. I’ve enjoyed every interview we’ve presented for you. Sometimes the audio quality hasn’t been the best but I’d rather take the opportunity to interview someone when the moment presents itself rather than to be overly precious with making sure we can get the best location to record it in. Just because I’ve lost a couple of chances to chat it up by doing that and it doesn’t seem worth missing those opportunities.

That’s going to put a bow around the Christmas gift that has been this episode of Succotash Chats, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Thanks again to Wayne Federman and thanks again to YOU! May you and yours have an absolutely stupendous time this holiday season and if you forgot someone on your gift list this year, you can always make it up to them by passing them the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, ‘tis I, Marc Hershon. Happy holidays and welcome to Epi122 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. I’m back with another edition of Succotash Clips, the version of this podcast where we feature clips, snippets, and bits from comedy podcasts harvested from all around the Internet.

Special thanks, as always, to our Associate Producer, Tyson Saner, for going out and getting many of the offerings to be found in this installment.  I hope you find at least one new show that you’d like to track down and download after listening to our little Whitman’s Sampler of a show.

Coming up this episode we have slices off of Comic Book Jones, The David Steinberg Podcast, The Eisenstein Effect, The Gisele Show, The GSMH Podcast, Proudly Resents, Sweet Feathery Jesus, and Wooden Overcoats.

What Else We Got?

In addition to the clippage, we’ve got our Burst O’ Durst segment with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, where he’s running down the Top 10 comedic news stories of 2015 for you. This episode is sponsored by Henderson's Pants seasonal Jingle Drawers. And we’ve also got your tweets and emails and reviews in the Tweetsack.

And that’s about it. But isn’t that enough, really?


David Steinberg Podcast
Funny how younger comics have, for the most part, paved the way for older comics to make their way into podcasting. The great David Steinberg is now jumping in, even though he’s mainly been busy writing and directing television for years. He started out as an improvisor and a standup. In fact, he was one of my comedy influencers back when I was first figuring out what made something funny. The guest in his second episode is Kathy Griffin and, even though David is a great conversationalist, with Kathy in the room you don’t really have to try that hard to keep the chatter going.


Wooden Overcoats
If you’re a fan of British comedies, particularly the sitcom kind, there’s a podcast out that just wrapped up its 8-show, first season run that doesn’t miss a beat. It’s called Wooden Overcoats, created by David K. Barnes, and features a fantastic cast that really bring the characters to life. “Wooden overcoat” is slang for “coffin” and the premise of the show is that the only undertaker in a sleepy Channel island village is bent out of shape when a rival sets up shop. There’s intrigue, violence, romance, and a narrating mouse.

The Gisele Show Podcast, mit Friends!
You might know Gisele Nett from her gig co-hosting the Nooner podcast on SModcast Internet Radio with Marty Yu. She’s started her own, entitled The Gisele Show Podcast, mit Friends! There are a pile of cast people, too: Jonna Tamases, John Pirruccello, Jon Stahl, and Gena Key. Tyson clipped this from her very first episode, featuring guest comedian Cassandra Cardenes.

GSMH (God-Shaped Mommy Hole)
I’m not sure how our associate producer Tyson Saner finds some of these shows. Which is precisely why he’s as good as he is as our top clip clipper! Thanks to him we bring you a snippet of the GSMH Podcast, the initials of which stand for God-Shaped Mommy Hole. Headed up by a dude named Toni Rager, it’s a bunch of friends, just hanging out. There’s also Louis, Tim, Clicks and Freiddo, plus Rubbi Rager, but her mic was dead this episode. This clip features an interview technique with the acronym FORD, and some of the gang tries to explains to the rest of the gang who Joe Rogan is.

Proudly Resents
This clip comes in directly from the source: Adam Spiegelman. Friend of Succotash, as well as past and, no doubt, future guest, Adam is the host of the Proudly Resents podcast. It had grown into kind of a mishmash of content and Adam was having a tough time figuring out what his own podcast was supposed to be. But in his note to me this week, he says that he has, “finally split up my podcast.” Meaning he’s got different bits and pieces but they’re all making sense. He says he got recaps, interviews, Nicko – his sometimes sidekick, and “The best of the worst Christmas movies.” He recently did a live “Saving Christmas” show at the Improv in Hollywood, with Jimmy Pardo, Todd Levin (a writer for Conan), and Sharon Houston, who is a podcaster and TV producer in the same vein as Adam.

Sweet Feathery Jesus
We’ve not played anything for quite a while from the boys over at the Sweet Feathery Jesus podcast – Belasco, Beardo and Chuck Turtleman – so let’s correct that now with a segment from their show. This clip is from their #111, entitled On The Wagon Train, because their fourth cast member, Booze, is absent. It features an installment of their segment Denmark Is Shit.

The Eisenstein Effect
Comedian Vickie Eisenstein hosts The Eisenstein Effect, which is – according to her homesite – “a weekly jaunt to explore the careers, hobbies, and passions of funny, artistic, talented, and intelligent guests!” I think she’s based in Chicago, so she’s got access to lots of like-minded comedic types. Including the guest in Epi23 of her show, Anthony LeBlanc.

Comic Book Jones
There’s a comic book store in Staten Island, New York, a legendary place on Forest Avenue, called Comic Book Jones. It also happens to be the name of their podcast, hosted by proprietors Socko and Tiger Jones. They’ve been podcasting since Fall of 2012 and they’re still going strong with their special brand of geek chatter and comic book mayhem. And, at least around Thanksgiving, talk about disgusting White Castle Thanksgiving sliders.

Great Gift Ideas!

If you’re looking for something special for that someone special, might I suggest you visit our homesite, at, where you can use the Amazon banner at the top of our page to slide over to the world’s biggest online store. Every time you purchase something there after using out link to get there, we get a little taste of the purchase price, but at no cost to you. You can also shop at our Succotashery, if that special someone would like something with our show logo on it. And if WE’RE your someone special, you can click the Donate button in the upper right hand corner of the page and slip us some delicious cash to help us keep Succotash alive in 2016!

That’s going to do it for Epi122 of Succotash Clips, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Hopefully I’ll get another episode or two out before the end of the year. No special plans for a year-end show but you never know – maybe I’ll whip something up. I know this time of year gets busy but feel free to take Succotash along while you’re Christmas shopping or heading off to visit friends and family this holiday season.

And while you out there visiting, don’t be afraid to pass a little Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it’s me — Marc Hershon, your host and rattan patio furniture, covered for the winter — and this is Epi 121 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. It’s another Succotash Chats edition, featuring my recent interview with Franklin Leonard, the creator and host of The Black List Table Reads.


Franklin’s got a pretty fascinating history, including working with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith’s production companies, and we talk about that and more.  The Black List Table Reads is a pretty unique podcast, just starting its second season, featuring recorded table reads of full-on, feature-length motion picture scripts that have not yet been produced but have been voted as the most popular on the Black List website, which our guest is also the brains behind.

(Just to give you a taste of what it’s like to hear a movie being read aloud — it's a bit like an old-style radio drama from the 1930's an d40's — we feature a few minutes from a couple of the film scripts Franklin features, one from their last season and one from the first movie to kick of Season Two, just last week.)

A Succotash Exclusive!

In the spirit of  The Black List Table Reads, after my interview with Franklin is over, I play a few minutes from an unproduced screenplay I help Dana Carvey to write almost a decade ago. It's a comedy called The Happy Idiot…and hearing these few minutes on Succotash is likely to be the most of it you're ever going to find.

But That's Not All

We’ve also got our Burst O’ Durst segment with our own political comedian and social commentator Will Durst (if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area this holiday season, be sure to check out Will's Big Fat Year-End Kiss-Off Comedy Show, playing all over the place between Christmas and into the New Year.); a classic ad for Henderson's Holiday Pants;, a dip into the Tweetsack and, at the very end of the show, yet another acapella masterpiece by our friend Abner Serd, whose Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs podcast offering is available via iTunes.

A Holiday Plea

Please, friends, remember that we need YOUR favorable reviews and comments to grow the crap out of Succotash and, if you’re NOT going to give us money by clicking on our Donate button, or shopping through our Amazon link or buying merch from our Succotashery — all availalbe through — you can at least throw us a bone and give us a glowing review on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, or wherever you might run across our humble podcast.

Our next installment is going to be a Succotash Clips episode, I’m pretty sure, and we’ll bring you a buffet of podcast snippets from all over the place. In the meantime, won’t you please remember to pass the Succotash?!

— Marc Hershon

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What? Me, Marc Hershon, your host and toaster pastry? Back within a week with another installment of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast? Yes, it’s true.

This is Succotash Clips, Epi 120. And we have a Thanksgiving Feast of comedy podcast clips for you. It’s a veritable spread of different flavors and — given the humor in some of them — truly a groaning board of a clip buffet in store for your ears this time around.

We’ve got The All-Seeing Guys, Bitter Sound, Ear Goggles, Ice & The Face, The McCue Report, Primalcast, The Reigning Lunatic, Rob & Slim, The Vince Wylde Show and Who Charted? 

In addition to that earload, we’ve got a visit to the Podcast Graveyard, courtesy of our associate producer Tyson Saner, who also harvested a number of the clips we’ve got on hand. We also have another double dose of our Burst O’ Durst with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, a rummage around the ol’ Tweetsack, and a brand new Henderson’s Pants commercial.

Other than our ads from Henderson’s Pants, Succotash remains fitfully sponsor-free. The good news: you aren’t burdened by listening to those pesky ads. The bad news: money to keep this show going basically comes out of my pocket. You can help out with one of several methods, all done by visiting our homesite at You can click on the Donate button and shoot us some moolah. You can click on the Amazon banner at the top of the page and buy stuff at Amazon, then they give us a slice off the top. Or you can click on the link to our Succotashery and purch some merch, a percentage of which comes back to us after they print up whatever you buy. Or you can keep on listening to this show for free and just know that, in the back of my head, I’m thinking you’re just an electronic freeloader. No guilt, no judgement, though.

The Clips

Ear Goggles
So you might remember when I announced on this show earlier this year when the 10-year-old podcast known as Sibling Rivalry celebrated its decadeness was re-branded as Ear Goggles. I ran into 2/3’s of the hosting team – Jeremy Grater and Susan Black – last September at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Host #3 – Aaron Ristrow – lives on the East Coast, as opposed to his Seattle-based compadres. I chatted with them, which we featured during the PodFest upload frenzy, and they chatted with me for their show, which just dropped recently.

The Rob & Slim Show
Just this last week I was a call-in guest on the LIVE partycast known as The Rob & Slim Show. They’ve been retweeting our stuff the past few months and I had just had Tyson clip me off a chunk of a recent show but, I figured as long as I was going to be on their show, we may as well use THAT clip. Rob and Slim — I haven’t been able to find much else about them or the other voice that seem to float around during their ‘cast — run a 3+ hour live whoop-de-doo, in the style of a morning radio show as they put it and they cover the gamut of topics that are fresh in and around the news. Plus they drink. How can you lose?

The Bitter Sound
This clip comes to us from The Bitter Sound, uploaded directly to us by host Davian Dent. He and sidekick Matt Bubbles managed to get OUR booth announcer, Bill Heywatt, to call in for a visit. (I can’t get the guy to stand still in Studio P long enough to do another Boozin’ With Bill segment yet these jokers get him just like that. I even pay the guy’s salary!) Oh well. If the only way we can get Bill on the show is with him being slightly tanked and yammering on a clip from someone else’s show, so be it.

The Reigning Lunatic
Friend-of-Succotash Geoffrey Welchman, who was the former host of the now-kaput Inverse Delirium podcast, came roaring back after a time away from Podcastland with a brand new offering! The Reigning Lunatic is a scripted situation comedy about a crazy king and his hapless servants and subjects. Geoffrey asked me to play a part in the series opener as Sir Jerry, and I, being an audio whore, was only too happy to comply.

Ice & The Face
So we had several direct uploaded clips this week (through our upload link at including one from someone named Rick. His cover note with the upload reads: “Hello, my name is Rick, and I had a conversation with someone on twitter today from Succotash. I said I would provide a five minute clip from our comedy show, Ice and The Face, for your show. This clip is from episode #75 - 10.9.15. We hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or twitter DM if you like. You're show is awesome, and we very much appreciate your interest and are looking forward to hearing back. Thank you, Rick” Cool. Thanks, Rick!

Who Charted?
I’m not sure we’ve ever featured a clip from this next show before. Not sure why. Who Charted? has been around forever and is quite beloved. They cover the hits that are charting in music and movies, with lots of comedy guests. The hosts are Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack normally, but in this episode clipped by our Associate Producer Tyson Saner, Kulap is off, replaced by guest co-host Emily V. Gordon, who hosts another podcast – The Indoor Kids – with her husband, Kumail Nanjiani. Their guest is James Adomian, who’s gotten some attention lately because of his Bernie Sanders impression.

The Vince Wylde Show
Tyson harvested us a clip from a new-to-me show, The Vince Wylde Show, part of the AM Podcast Network. (Not sure what that is, but the AM comes from the network founder, Adam Mulholland.) The Vince Wylde blurb on the homesite reads, “The Radio Show with Attitude, Humor, and great production. From Schizophrenic Studios on the 36th Floor of the FMI Building.” I don’t know where the Fmi building is, either. In this clip, Vince and his partner on the show, a guy named Ben sample some soft drinks from a company called Carbonated Atrocities. Bottoms up!

The McCue Report
There’s a show from the Boston area that reached out to Tyson Saner directly, which is another way to go if you’re looking to be clipped on our show, called The McCue Report. It features comedian Jim McCue interviewing interesting and entertaining people, according to their homesite. The show’s been chugging along for about a year and a half now, and is part of Boston Comedy Festival Radio. In this clip, which was furnished to Tyson via Twitter, McCue chats with his guest, standup comedian Al Parks, about working on the road.

The All Seeing Guys
Our man in Great Britain, Davian Dent, when he’s not producing his own podcasts – The Bitter Sound and Strange Times – is out looking for other fun stuff to put in his ears. This time he’s sent some of it along to us. It’s a clip from a show I’ve not caught yet, called The All-Seeing Guys, and features two blokes — are guys still called blokes in England? — named Greg and Joe.

As I said, a cornucopia of podcasts for your Thanksgiving week listening pleasure. Take us with you on that long drive to the relatives' house or listen while you're digesting on the couch after stuffing your face. And for those of you NOT in the United States, have a great Thursday and Friday.

Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or not, remember that I don’t care if you pass the turkey or the stuffing or the pumpkin pie, but I will always thank you for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Oh, yes, it’s me, Marc Hershon. Your host and benign growth for Epi119 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And finally we have a Succotash Chats episode for you!

The last chats I had were in relation to the Los Angeles Podcast Festival about two months ago. And while I enjoy featuring comedy podcast clips as much as the next guy who hosts a show featuring comedy podcast clips, it’s enjoyable for me to sit back and chat it up with some fun and/or funny people.

Our special guest this episode is actor/comedian Brian Haley, a guy I’ve known for 30 years, dating back to when I used to run the Comedy Underground club in Seattle. As you’ll hear in this interview, he quickly leapt from the standup stage to roles on television and in the movies, and he talk about his regret at not spending more time in the comedy realm.

We talk about some of the roles you’d know Brian from, including the season he did on NBC’s Wings, the Coen Brothers’ The Man Who Wasn’t There, the film Always, directed by Steven Spielberg, Baby’s Day Out, which made him a huge star in India of all places, and more.

But Succotash IS a podcast about other podcasts, primarily comedy-based but when there’s a comedian involved somewhere in the mix, that pretty much makes any podcast a comedy podcast, right? And Brian has a role in a new podcast being produced by GE of all people, something called The Message. I’m fascinated by it, and we talk about that show and Brian’s role in it. We’ll give a listen to a clip from The Message as well.

What Else?

In addition to our chat with Brian Haley, we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst. We also have a Henderson’s Pants ad, we’ll take a gander into the Tweetsack, AND we have a new acapella song by our friend Abner Serd, a sweet ditty about Autumn, which we’ll play at the end of the show.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have been using the Amazon banner at the top of our homesite, at, to do your shopping at Every time you do that, we get a little taste off the top of your purchase at no extra cost to you. And lately we’ve been getting a nice tidy direct deposit from Amazon into the Succotash coffers, which is helping to defray the costs of producing this show.

The other thing that helps us out is when you take the time to rate and review Succotash on iTunes. I wanted to give a shout out to Rick from the Ice and The Face podcast and also CEO Pistol Petey for posting a couple of lovely 5-star reviews! Thank you guys very much.

We’ll be back really soon with a Succotash Clips episode, with soundbites from a whole bunch of comedy podcasts. In the meantime, let your friends know about us and we’ll cheerfully thank YOU for passing the Succotash!

 — Marc Hershon

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Yes, it’s me, Marc Hershon. Your host and non-Presidential candidate for Epi118 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is another Succotash Clips episode. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a long Succotash "Chatsisode", but I have a few potential interviews lined up for the next couple of weeks. We’ll see if anyone wants to talk to me and, if they do, then we’ll see if you want to listen to it.

See how that works?

For new listeners to this here podcast, and just as a reminder to you old ears out there, we feature clips of other comedy podcasts as way to let you know what’s going on out there in Podcastland. It’s basically a public service and, checking the level of donations lately, we’re definitely not-for-profit. Oh, we’ll take your money. We just need to find someone who wants to give us some. We also interview podcasters, comedians, and comedy podcasters, as well as other interesting people we happen to find.

The last episode of this show ran kinda long – about an hour and a half – and one of the reasons I split Succotash up into Clips and Chats in the first place was to get the show length down a little bit. This week should be a tight, tidy little program. Which means you can get back to your regular life, already in progress, very quickly.

Coming up, clipwise, in this installment of Succotash Clips is Pipedream, Radio BrendoMan, Think Again, VICE, and Worst Collection Ever. In addition we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian & social commentator Will Durst, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, and another end-of-the-show acapella song by regular contributor Abner Serd.

Other Business

I don’t think I have much in the way of business to get to, just the usual stuff nobody seems to pay much attention to, such as clicking the Donate button at the website to help us out since we don’t have sponsors other than Henderson’s Pants…which doesn’t pay us squat. And if money is something you don’t want to spoil us with because you’re afraid that me, our producer Joe Paulino and announcer Bill Heywatt will just go out and drink it up – you may be right, actually – then get up to iTunes and give us a nice rating and a short review.

Our friend Travis Clark of Tiny Odd Conversations is in town this week, performing Tuesday night at the Throckmorton Theatre, so I’m going to get together with he and his wife-sash-co-host…or is that co-host-slash-wife…Brandy for dinner.

And if you’re in the Marin County area on Thursday night this week, I’ll be MC’ing a screening of the 3 Still Standing documentary and a live comedy show by the three guys featured in the film: Johnny Steele, Larry Brown, and our very own Will Durst. That will be at the Rafael Film Center this Thursday night starting at 7:30 PM. There’s a link in the blog piece for this episode at to get more information.


Worst Collection Ever
For our first clip, I’m going to turn the hands of time back about a month, to the 4th Los Angeles Podcast Festival. That’s when I got to be a guest on a podcast called The Worst Collection Ever, co-hosted by friends-of-Succotash Shawn Marek and his wife, Jen Stansfield-Marek. They have a perverse pride in their absolutely dreadful, terible, wonderful comic book collection. Books that no one seems to care about. It’s more an Island of Misfit Comics. This visit with them was a year in the making because last year at the Podfest I had told Shawn that my favorite terrible comic character is DC’s The Creeper. So he and Jen combed through their collection and dredged up an issue of the Brave and the Bold featuring The Batman teaming up with The Creeper to stop a mysterious villain made out of paper.

Radio BrendoMan
Speaking of the LA Podfest, our next clip was harvested by our associate producer Tyson Saner, who could not have known that when Brendan Creecy and Phil Vecchio of the Radio BrendoMan podcast were recording the episode this clip is from, that I was sitting just an arm’s length away in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab. I ever remember them doing this segment. But they never asked me to be on their podcast. Hmm…

Think Again
This past week, for Huffington Post and, I reviewed the Think Again podcast with host Jason Gots and his guest, the great Norman Lear, producer of such TV touchstones as All In The Family, Good Times and Sanford & Son. It’s a cool premise for a podcast. Jason has his producer select and play three short audio clips from different topics that are taken from past guest on the Big Think website’s videocast. He doesn’t know which ones are coming up and neither does his guest. After each sound bite, they respond to the topic at hand. In the slice I’m about to play for you, Lear and Gots kick around Donald Trump and human cruelty. It starts out with the audio chunk that they’ll then respond to…

Tyson tracked down and clipped us a hunk of the Pipedream podcast, which is part of the ComedyPipe Network. That’s kind of all we’ve been able to find out about the show. Pipedream is apparently hosted by a trio of Albany, New York, comedians but it’s not easy to discover their names by ANY of the web presence we found. Tyson THINKS one is named “3D”. Beyond that, though, these guys need to get their PR together. Because it’s a pretty decent show and we should be able to know who the hosts are, right? In this clip, they talk to their guest — who IS identified — Harry White, a standup from New York and a Succotash fan. In fact, the only reason we found out about the show is that Harry clued us in that he was going to be on it. Hey, Harry! Who the hell are the guys you’re talking to?

The VICE Podcast
According to their entry over on PodBay, which is a great app for listening to your favorite podcasts, by the way, the VICE Podcast is a weekly discussion which delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe. From the clip Tyson picks up for us, VICE’s host Reihan Salam gets comedian and musical genius Reggie Watts to reveal his agenda of world domination.

We’re all done with Succotash Clips, Epi 118, and that didn’t hurt a bit, did it? I’m going to give you a virtual lollypop for being so brave.  Until next time, thanks very much for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yeppers, it’s me, Marc Hershon. Your host and inflatable arm-flailing tubeman for Epi117 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is a Succotash Clips episode with one exception, which I’ll 'splain in a sec. I’m happy to have our associate producer Tyson Saner back helping me to harvest clips of podcasts far and wide. He was a little overwhelmed doing some moving recently so we gave him some well-earned vacation time from listenin’ and snippin’. But he’s back and we’ve got some interesting clips to get to.

I’m one week back from the 4th Annual LA Podcast Festival and what a time I had. I was mostly dug in at the SquareSpace Podcast Lab, interviewing a few podcasters and then cutting, prepping and uploading those "minisodes". (You can find them all listed, essentially, under Epi116 at and iTunes. I forgot to get them up to SoundCloud, but I’ll do that soon just to have them up there as well.)

There was one last interview that I didn’t get a chance to produce and upload. That was with Michael John Simpson, co-host of The Something Something Experience podcast , so I’m going to break protocol — God, the network hates when I do this — and play that interview and a clip from Michael’s podcast as well.

In addition to his show, we’ve got clippage from The Chillpak Hollywood Hour, The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller, Human Conversation, Taco Tuesday, The Talking Podcast, The Hooray Show, The New Hollywood podcast, and the Why Didn’t They Laugh? podcast.

We also have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment, featuring political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, and an absurd folk song from our musical buddy, Abner Serd. Be sure to listen for that following Bill Heywatt’s closing credits.


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
Immediately following the LA Podfest, I was honored to be the first guest to Skype in on the Chillpak Hollywood Hour, with Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, since they’ve gone international with Dean now hanging out down under in Australia. A little after 11 o’clock Sunday night, I pulled off the freeway into the parking lot of a KFC in Patterson, California, population 20,868. Dean and Phil wanted me to give them a review of the Ear Buds podcast documentary which had a couple of preliminary screenings at the podfest. In addition, I gave them and their listeners my take on the current State of the Podcast Union.

The New Hollywood
Brian Flaherty, host of The New Hollywood podcast, was our guest for Succotash Chats, Epi102, back at the end of the January of this year. I just reviewed his episode last week for both Splitsider and Huffington Post Entertainment, which featured his lengthy interview with the multi-talented and very entertaining Bill Hader. Since leaving SNL, Hader has been keeping himself busy – it seems like there is no acting job that guy won’t try – TV shows, commercials, and movies, including last year’s amazing The Skeleton Twins. Our clip features Hader outlining the audition process he had to go through to get on SNL.

Human Conversation
Last week was actually a review “two-fer” because I reviewed Human Conversation in addition to The New Hollywood. Human Conversation is a podcast that’s 20-something episodes in and I hadn’t heard about it until co-host Wayne Federman waded into the Podcast Lab at the LA Podfest. Wayne and I go way back but we’re not in touch all that often and this was the first I’d heard of his show, which he co-hosts with Erin McGathy, the significant other of Dan Harmon, the mayor of Harmontown. In the course of the show, she and Wayne talk about a variety of topics but the things is that neither is allowed to look up facts, figures, names, or anything else germane to the topics they discuss. Here, they talk about music and getting things done. Although Wayne and Erin don’t look up anything then and there during each episode, they DO look things up before the next episode and they kick every show off with a list of corrections. (I’ll have Wayne on an episode of Succotash Chats soon to talk about his monumental 30-year-project, The Federman Chronicles, which features parts of his standup comedy act dating back 30 years.)

The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller
I reviewed past guest and friend-of-Succotash Fred Stoller’s new podcast, The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller, back when it debuted in July. We’d had Fred as a guest way, way back in Epi15, when doing his own podcast wasn’t even a twinkle in his mouth. We also clipped that episode I reviewed, with guest Robert Forester, but our Associate Producer Tyson Saner thought it was time for a rematch. The clip captures part of the opening to the show, which is part of a phone conversation of Fred trying explain the concept of a podcast to his mother. Also in this clip, he’s joined by sometimes-co-host Amber Tozer, and they discuss comedy and dating with guest Darren Carter and Nikki Sullivan.

The Hooray Show
The hosts of The Hooray Show, which we’ve not covered on this show before, are Horatio Sands and Chad Krueger. Horatio is, of course, from SNL. Krueger is a musician, perhaps best known as the lead singer and guitarist for Nickleback. In this clip, from their Season 2, Episode 6, they talk to guests Peter Murrieta and Jaime Moyer about the fire that swept through the Second City offices in Chicago earlier in September. The theater, I believe, was largely untouched, but the offices took quite a hit.

The Talking Podcast
From the UK comes The Talking Podcast, which is the most content-related blatant titling of a show I can remember. It features three brothers, Joseph Snelling, Oliver Snelling and George Trevor White, who, in the words of their homesite’s “Who Are We?”, “arrogantly assume that others would like to listen to them talking.” Tyson found this show and this clip, and I don’t know why the third brother’s last name, White, is not even close to that of his two brohams, which is Snelling. Here they talk about a family outing as boys on the Isle of Man. They also chat about Time as a concept. Heavy.

Taco Tuesday
Okay, I’ve mentioned on the show before that I really don’t care for pre-recorded promos. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, but they can be easily played on any other podcast to help cross promote another podcast. Clips are much more illustrative of what a show really has going on. And the guys at the Taco Tuesday podcast — Uncle Dan, Adam Wolf, and Dave In The Cave —know that. We’ve clipped ‘em before. But this week, they sent along a promo – it’s got a head, a tail, some chit chat in-between, and music bed throughout the whole thing. Maddening. But because I love the Taco Tuesday guys (and because they got this promo here using our upload link at, I’m going to let it slide.

Why Didn’t They Laugh?
Comedian Owen Benjamin, who is also an actor started a podcast where he tries to deconstruct his act. He plays portions of his performances and attempts to figure out what it was that kept an audience from laughing at the material. He’s almost 40 epis into Why Didn’t They Laugh? But our associate producer has clipped the very first episode, which features a recording of Owen’s father recounting a favorite joke. Tyson thinks the senior Benjamin sounds an awful lot like the late Spaulding Gray.

The Something Something Experience
We slipped this clip of The Something Something Experience onto the end of my interview with Michael John Simpson. It features he and his "co-caster", Kitty Brown, and their visit with comedian Ron Swallow. It seems Swallow has backed off performing fulltime, and their discussion gets into the challenge of making ends meet offstage, working as a freelancer in various industries.

Thanks for stuffing your ears full of Succotash Clips (with a little bit o’ chat). If you’d like to do a little something-something to pay us back for all this free chuckle n’ jivin’, we would adore your ratings and reviews up on iTunes, your thumbs-ups and reviews on Stitcher, a heart on SoundCloud, a Like on Facebook, a click on our Donate button or Amazon banner at — any or all of those options will make us all very happy around Studio P and some of them will even get you mentioned on an upcoming episode of our show!

Until next time, thanks very much for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it's still Marc Hershon and I'm still at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Taking up space in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab and interviewing comedians, podcasters, and comedian-podcasters as they breeze through the doorway.

I'm releasing each interview as its own "minisode", and this is the sixth in the lineup, which is why it is Episode 116F. And my guest this time around was our guest on a full episode of Succotash back in Epi109 in May: Greg Proops. At this festival, he's guesting on Jackie Kashian's The Dork Forest, performing his own show, and guesting on Dinner Party Download.

Known for his tenure on the various incarnations of Whose Line Is It Anyway on TV, Greg is the host of The Smartest Man In The World and the Greg Proops Film Club. He's also recently released his first book, The Smartest Book In The World. And now he's on a jagged world journey — hopping, skipping, and jumping to different countries around the world to promote the book, mostly by doing his podcast in the same locales as well.

Greg and I revisit some of the topics we hit on back in May when he was on the show: The challenges of doing improv as a guest performer, keeping an act fresh, staying sane on the road, and more.

I'm posting this on Sunday, the last day of the @LAPodfest. I'm not sure who else might sweep through the portals of the Lab, but I'll grab who I can and bring those Succotash Chats to you.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon


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Guess what? It's me, Marc Hershon, once again, your host and floor walker for Epi116E of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And I'm still camped out in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival.

This is the fifth in a lineup of Succotash Chats minisodes, and for those of you curious about the mindset behind both the @LAPodfest and Ear Buds, The Podcast Documentary, I leapt at the chance to interview Chris Mancini - heavily involved in both of those endeavors.

Chris is co-host of the well-respected Comedy Film Nerds podcast along with Graham Elwood, and the duo is also the brains and muscle behind Ear Buds. Plus they are one-half of the quartet that has pulled the Los Angeles Podcast Festival together the past four years, teamed with Dave Anthony and Andy Woods.

We talk about the movie, the festival, and what other projects Chris has simmering on the back, middle and front burners of a mind that never seems to be at rest.

I hope you're enjoying our lineup of interviews from the Podfest - there's more on the way later today, so check back frequently for updates.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, once again from the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, it's me. Marc Hershon, your host and flamenco dancer for Epi116D of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. The fourth interview I did is from yesterday (Saturday), and I caught up with Jeremy and Stacy, two-thirds of the crew fromthe Ear Goggles podcast.

If you haven't heard of Ear Goggles, I don't think they'd blame you…yet. That's because for the past ten years, the two of them (along with Jeremy's half-brother Aaron) have been sailing under the Sibling Rivalry banner. I've mentioned and clipped them as such in past Succotash episodes, and we discuss why someone with a decade-long investment in a show title would decide to change now.

We cover a number of other topics as well in the course of our 20-minute chat, including the relationships between the podcast and its audience, Jeremy revealing personal things to strangers, and explore the question, "Should the cast of a comedy podcast consider themselves to be comedians?"

Keep on checking in on our stream this weekend, as I continue to upload interviews as soon as I can clean up the audio as best I can and drop them online! (And I appreciate you telling your friends and passing the SuccotashI)

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, once again, it is I. Marc Hershon. Host and dresser for Epi116C of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is the third of the interviews I've had during the course of this year's Los Angeles Podcast Festival, and this time I'm talking with Shawn Marek, a producer on podcasts that find their home on the Sideshow Network.

Shawn and I have known each other before there was a Sideshow Network, back when he was producing PodCRASH with Chris Gore, past guest on our Epi42 and friend of the show. And, although I knew he'd battled and survived a fight against Hodkin's Lymphoma, I didn't realize that his is one of the storylines that weaves their way through EarBuds: The Podcast Documentary, which had a preliminary screening last night at the Podfest.

We talk about both his illness and his appearance in the movie as part of our chat. For those podcasters out there, curious about podcast networks and how to possibly approach them with an interest to joining their lineup, we go there as well. We also talk about the podcast that he and his wife, Jen Stansfield-Marek, co-host, Worst Collection Ever, a comic book podcast about comics books that most people don't seem to care that much about.

With his extensive experience on the other side of the podcast mic, Shawn's got a great perspective on the industry — both as an entertainment medium and as a viable source of income.

Keep on checking in on our stream this weekend, as I continue to upload interviews as soon as I can clean up the audio as best I can and drop them online! (And I appreciate you telling your friends and passing the Succotash!)

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it's me, Marc Hershon. Your host and talent wrangler for Epi116B of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, and I'm still hanging out in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Happy to report that, after several years of my half-assed attempts to get Jackie Kashian, the host of The Dork Forest, on the show…it's finally happened.

We didn't have a whole lot of time, and the noise level in the Podcast Lab is a little off the charts while Jackie dropped by. But you take what you can get and I was glad that Jackie and I finally got the chance to chat while miked.

We talk about, after 250+ episodes, how does Jackie keep finding so many flavors of dork out in the world. We also chatted a lot about some tech stuff, like the difficulty of cleaning up audio files. And the virtues and pitfalls of improv. I also shamelessly pitched her on bringing me on her show as a guest. I figured I had to take my shot…

Give a listen, tell your friends, and thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, It's me, Marc Hershon. Your host and podfest attendee for Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, Epi116A. That's right. A. Hopefully we'll be filling out at least a few more letters of the alphabet by the time the 4th Annual Podcast Festival draws to a close, as we're lumping all the content from it under the Epi116 banner.

My first interview was with the gloriously glib Wayne Federman, comedian, actor and co-host of Human Conversations with Erin McGaffey.

Wayne and I have known each other through the world of standup comedy for a number of years - 25 of them, maybe - and it's always a treat to hang out when the chance pops up. I was rambling around the hall outside the conference rooms that the live podcasts are taking place in and happened up him. Turns out he wasn't up to much and he swung by the SquareSpace Podcast Lab to chat for a bit.

In our 20-something minutes together, Wayne and I talk about podcast tech, his podcast, and an exciting project he has coming out — The Wayne Federman Chronicles. A compilation of his standup that spans 30 years. He tells us restoring sets from old VHS tapes and how and where this amazing collection will soon be available.

Keep an ear glued to our feed all weekend for more Succotash Chats coming from the LA Podfest. And thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it's me — Marc Hershon – your host and chauffeur for this special Podfest Halfisode, Epi115 and a half of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Record as I drove down Interstate 5 this morning between San Francisco and Los Angeles, don't be looking for any clips in this sucker.

It's just me, yacking about whatever came into my head. Some ruminating about my performance as the emcee for last night's TEDx Marin event, and some cogitating about the state of podcasting today.

Or it WAS going to be just about me. Halfway down the road I got tired of hearing my own voice and so called longtime friend and past Succotash guest Rick Overton, the host of Overview, his own podcast over on the Sideshow Network.

We chatted about his guest appearance on Blunt Talk, the new Patrick Stewart show on Starz, as well as his landing a new national commercial for GE. And about Kelly Carlin' new book, The Carlin Home Companion: Growin Up With George. Rick was among a vast cadre of mutual friends who showed up just the other night at the Barnes & Noble in the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles for her book signing and reading.

As I write this, I am at an undisclosed location in Burbank, shaking out my brand new Succotash t-shirt and getting all spiffed up to register at the Sofitel for the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Hopefully, throughout this weekend, I'll be posting a series of Succotash minisodes featuring interviews with whomever manage to snag in my podcast snare.

Check back for those soon, and please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, ‘tis I, Marc Hershon, your host and third base coach for Epi115 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And this is yet another Succotash Clips episode.

Been a while since we’ve sat down at the Succotash microphones and had a good long yackfest with someone. But that’s about to change, as I am on the eve of making the Kessel Run from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in order to make it into town for the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival this weekend. If you’re in the Southland and want to check it out, the shindig is at the Sofitel in West Hollywood, right across from the humungoid Beverly Center. You can get tickets and information at

I’m anticipating a whole lot of talkin’ going on, both from folks talking to me in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab AND from me talking to podcasters on their shows. I have some specifics about some of that action coming up when we get to the Tweetsack segment later on in the show.

Podclip Roundup

Clips featured this episode have been snippeted from: Chillpak Hollywood Hour, Illusionoid, The JV Club, The Manchild Show, The Red & Jay Show, Studious Studs, The Bitter Sound, and Tiny Odd Conversations. There's also a special teaser for the ManBuyCow Podcast! (If you’re a comedy podcaster and would like us to include a clip from your show, you can use our direct upload link to get us your 3-5 minute MP3 clip – it’s

We also have a classic commercial for Henderson’s Too Cool For S'cool Pants, a Burst O’ Durst with political comedian & social commentator Will Durst, musing about what some of the presidential candidates may have been up to during their summer vacations, and a new song about spiders from frequent contributor Abner Serd.

Good Cause Alert!

Our old buddy Ethan Dettenmaier, host of Combat Radio, has a new project out to raise much-needed money for social services, called Combat Radio Halloween. It’s got a bunch of crazy good talent on it, reading spooky stories and generally ripping All Saints’ Day a new a-hole. Download YOUR copy of Combat Radio Halloween by clicking over to


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
Dean Haglund & Phil Leirness
I included a clip from Chillpak HOllywood Hour this week, hosted by podcast royalty Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, not just because they amuse me but because they employed this show's proprietary coinage of the term tweetsack. There's a bit of echo on Dean's side of the conversation in this clip - apparently, co-hosting form Sydney, Australia is not without it's audio aberrations. (There's a plan, incidentally, to have yours truly as a Skyped-in guest for their episode next week to report on the Podfest and also to give a review of Ear Buds, the new documentary about podcasters and podcasting that will debut at the Podfest on Friday night.)

The JV Club
Janet Varney with guest Kelly Carlin
The last time we had Ms. Janet Varney grace our microphones was almost a year ago at LAST year’s LA Podfest. I just saw her in a rough cut of a new movie we’re talked about here before: Diani and Devine Meet The Apocalypse. And she’s hilarious, as always. You hear her voice all over the place, including as the voice of Korra in The Legend of Korra, and as the voice of She’s 170 episodes into her podcast, The JV Club, where she mostly interviews women of show business — except during her Boys Of Summer series, which just ended. Her latest guest is also a friend and past guest of Succotash — dating back to Episode 9, no less — and it’s none other than Kelly Carlin, who has been touring with her one-woman show, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George. She and Janet sharing some things in common, including being the only child in their respective families.

Paul Bates, Lee Smart & Nug Nahrgang
One of my favoritest shows ever, Illusionoid!, just kicked off their 5th year and 5th season of podcasting. The Terrific Trio from Toronto — Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang — still the best name in podcasting — runs a fantastic improvised sci-fi themed show that is consistently funny. I just reviewed the episode this particular clip is from for and Huffington Post. The episode is called “Day Million”, and features three owners of a copy store that has somehow existed for over 2000 years…and their lone customer on this fateful day.

Rufus & Howard
We normally don’t play promos for podcasts on Succotash because, well, I think clips make better promos than…promos. BUT I have been waiting patiently enough for the return of the ManBuyCow Podcast with Rufus and Howard. Season 3 is imminent and there’s finally word that it’s almost here.

The ManChild Show
Vintendo, Pistol Pete, Nicole Cole, Rev. Sir Chano, Jessie BoomBattz
From ManBuyCow we go to The Manchild Show. We’ve been getting a lot of Twitter action from @PistolePeteMC, who is one of the hosts of Manchild. He tells me that, since he’s come onboard, he’s been trying to steer the show away from some of comedy’s low-hanging fruit — which I assume is a metaphor for testicle jokes. Pete really wanted me to play something from their next episode but it’s not ready yet. So I’m playing the clip I harvested from their previous installment because, well, who knows? The network may punch our ticket and we’ll be out of here before the next show starts.

Tiny Odd Conversations
Travis Clark and Brandy Clark
We haven’t played anything from Tiny Odd Conversations for a bit, which means we completely missed out on celebrating their Episode 200. If you haven’t caught TOCpod, it’s with our friends Travis and Brandy Clark, a delightful couple from Los Angeles. First of all, kids, congrats on hitting your Epi 200! And second of all, this clip has Trav and Brandy ruminating about: How do parents manage to let their kids try all sorts of sports and activities without being fabulously rich? (I manage to catch up with the Clarks pretty much every time I get to LA, so I know that they’ve been busy and getting their episodes out regularly has been tough. Believe me, I know what that’s like, and I don’t blame ‘em a bit.)

Red & Jay Show
Red & Jay
Red and Jay are back! Red and Jay are back! I actually don’t know who these guys are, but according to their homesite, they're five episodes in after being off for a year. There’s not a lot of info on these guys on their site, just their first names. Or nicknames, maybe? I don’t know. But I DO know they are opinionated. About stuff that some of us probably don’t even thing a lot about. In the snippet we harvested, they’re going off about HR. Human Resources, that is…

The Bitter Sound
Davian Dent & Matt Bubbles
One of the staunchest supporters of this show and what we do here — namely, let YOU know about comedy podcasts — is Davian Dent over in the UK. He’s involved in a couple of podcasts, including Strange Times and his own The Bitter Sound, a show that’s an ongoing experiment and experience in audio wonderment. The ol’ BS has been down for a bit, but it’s coming back, baby! And Davian, along with his sometimes sidekick, Matt Bubbles, created this preview of a piece of the upcoming first show of his new season just for you…and it's one of the more disgusting uses for the "theater of the mind" in recent memory.

Studious Studs
Shaq Scott and Terrance
Next up is a clip from the Studious Studs podcast with Shaq Scott and Terrance. I found these guys because they’d re-tweeted something of ours. Found out they’re into their second season, after taking a break for the summer. Their website describes the show as “A weekly podcast that sits down and discusses life's obstacles and events in a very funny way.” Okay, I’ll buy that. This clip clues us in on what the guys have to say about a recent Chris Brown concert.

Thanks for reading this blog and, hopefully, taking time out to listen to the actual podcast. That's what it's there for. Don’t forget to jump up to iTunes to rate and review us – that’s about the only thing that gets us noticed. If you want to flip us a few coins, feel free to access the Donate button or the Amazon banner or our Succotashery, all through our homesite at

Until the next time we invade your earholes, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it’s me. Marc Hershon. Your host and drum major for Epi114 — the Labor Day Edition — of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And it’s another Succotash Clips installment – loading you up with a lot of clips because in a few weeks I’ll be down at the 4th Annual LA Podcast Festival, and I will have a pile of interviews from our stakeout in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab. which means we should have some bodacious Succotash Chats upon my return.

I’ve harvested some of this episodes clips, while others have been sent in by comedy podcasters just like you…if you’re a comedy podcaster, that is. Of course, if you’re a listener to a comedy podcast you like, you can drop me a line, at and let us know the show you like. Then I can send our erstwhile Associate Producer Tyson Saner out to clip an episode from it.

And for you comedy podcasters, you can even upload you clip directly to us via our upload link:

On the show this time around we’re featuring clips from Broken Filter, Geek Blast, Grabbing Lunch, 98 Problems, Rude Alchemy, Stab!, and Tall Tales with our friend Abner Serd.

Bursts O' Durst

We also have a double dose of Durst, this episode, with resident political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, with two of our Burst O’ Durst segments. Will is pointing out the benefits of the looonnnnnnggggg Presidential election campaign, and then he's got a special Labor Day Burst heading your way.

In addition this show, we have a visit to the Podcast Graveyard, a brand new Henderson’s Pants commercial and a dip into the ol’ TweetSack.

Appearing Live

Coming up live this month, on Thursday evening, September 17th, I’ll be hosting an evening of inspirational and informative speakers as part of the TedX Marin event. I’m just there to keep things moving –but it’s a great slate of speakers that you can’t see because I just found out the event is sold out. So why am I telling you about it? Bragging, probably.

Then, right after that, Friday through Sunday, September 18th through 20th, I’ll be – as I said – at the LA Podfest. And you can be there, too, because that is NOT sold out! Tix and deets at And you can look for me with our Succotash merch, mics and mayhem in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab.

Put Your Eyes Where Your Ears Are

We’ve been putting out a little webazine the past couple of months, The Succotash Daily. It’s aggregated content around podcasts and comedy and, sometimes, comedy websites. You can check it out and subscribe at, and it will be delivered to your inbox every morning.

Podcast Graveyard

I chose to exhume this episode’s Podcast Graveyard victim, The Comedy Buffet, because I realized I hadn’t heard from Michael Powell, the host of the podcast for a while, nor had I seen any tweets from the show. Turns out it went tits up a while back – Mike contacted me to let me know he’d just gotten kind of bored with it, but that he’s cooking up some new concept and may be back with a different show soon. He’s done a great job of hiding the body, as I was having a lot of trouble trying to find a past show to clip, but then I remembered that we’d featured The Comedy Buffet way back in 2011, in our epi number SEVEN. In the clip, Michael chats about diabetes with his guests, Jason and Jesse, from the Van Full of Candy podcast. (Haven't heard from VFoC for a while, either — are they next up in the graveyard???)


Rude Alchemy
This past week, for my podcast review on Splitsider and the Huffington Post, rather than just listen to a single episode of a show, I gobbled up the entire third season of a podcast called Rude Alchemy. The season is only five episodes, and they’re pretty short, so I don’t want you thinking I was really going crazy. The title for the season is The Plague Clowns, and it’s a really well put-together show. Solid writing and performances, a layered story – TWO stories, really – which is compelling enough to make you want to binge listen the hell out of it.

Grabbing Lunch
Podcasters who are wondering about good ways to get clipped on Succotash obviously don’t listen enough to realize that if you can somehow feature me or Succotash on your podcast, that will sually do the trick. I was in LA a couple of months ago and was invited to chow down by Matt Knudsen, the host of the Grabbing Lunch podcast, at Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica. We were joined by friend-of-Succotash Cole Stratton, the co-host of the Pop My Culture podcast and co-founder of the San Francisco Sketchfest. It was a wide-ranging chat – we even talked about Matt’s Hungarian in-laws…

Geek Blast
Succotash suddenly started getting a lot of Twitter love from Corrosive Radio, which has a couple of shows streaming on internet radio, which is podcasting’s cousin. Even though they’re not technically podcasts, I thought I’d pay their kindness forward and offer you a clip from a past Geek Blast show, where they had guest Clark Gregg, who stars as Agent Coulson on Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

I don’t know a whole lot about Stab!, one of the only podcasts with an exclamation point in the title. It’s excerpted from a live comedy show by the same name in the Sacramento, California, area. The detail on the show on iTunes says, “This rapid fire comedy panel show about everything gives 4 comedians 3 days to write their own personal spins on six different topics.” The hosts are John Ross and Jesse Jones. And Jesse was savvy enough to use our direct upload link to send us this clip from a past show, where the topic was ISIS. 

98 Problems
We’ve had a few of our recent tweets kindly retweeted by the boys of the 98 Problems podcast. So I figured I’d do ‘em a solid and clip a recent episode. When I went up to their homesite,I didn’t find a whole lot of information about the guys themselves. There’s Mike and Alex on the show. And a lot of references to Sammy. No other specifics, like last names or anything like that. So I went with what I heard: a clip, entitled “Drop Your Trousers”.

Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs
At the tail end of Succotash in the past couple of episodes, I’ve played songs by a listener and contributor named Abner Serd. The songs are…well, rather unique. It turns out that Abner has a collection of stories out there, available via iTunes, and it’s in the podcast section on iTunes. Called Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs, it’s a very loosely wrapped bit of business with a bunch of different stories and such. We're featuring a selection called Arithmefiction. (And if you hang in 'til after Bill Heywatt wraps up the show, you'll be treated to another Serd song, My Dog Blue.)

Broken Filter
The last podclip for this episode comes from yet another show that started retweeting us out of the kindness of their hearts. Broken Filter is a once-a-week Internet radio show over on, and it features hosts JoeRockstar and Jonesy (are those their REAL names, do you think?) They're live every Tuesday night at 8 PM — I think that’s East Coast time. I clipped a recent installment featuring Dave Pounder, the author of Obscene Thoughts. He's also a porn producer of some renown as well as a former adult film star.

By The Way

Incidentally, if you’re looking to get YOUR comedy podcast reviewed by one of the gang at This Week In Comedy Podcasts, you can send an email to That will go out to the whole group of us that contribute to the column and you stand a better chance of having someone want to review your show.

Extra Bits

John Eder, the brains behind the To The Manor Borne By Robots podcast, informs us that his show is in the finals of the 2015 LA Weekly Best Of Competition, in the Best Podcast category. Which is pretty high honors – it's competing with Marc Maron's WTF and The Tom Leykis Show. Let's help him win this - but we only have until September 9th to vote! Go to and do your thing!

In closing this week, even though no one ever clicks on our Donate button anymore at, nor buys anything from our webstore at, I feel it's my duty to make you aware that it IS within your power to help me pay for this relentless piledriver of a show, the sole purpose of which is to spread the word about comedy podcasts near and far. We also have an Amazon banner at the top of the page which generates kickbacks whenever someone uses it to shop at Amazon but, as far as I know, only Phil Leirness over at Chillpak Hollywood Hour uses it. Feel free to avail yourself of that avenue of Succotash support if you so desire.

And if you have no disposable income to shower upon us, your moral support in the way of ratings and reviews at iTunes, "thumbs ups" at Stitcher, Likes on our Facebook page, or hearts over at SoundCloud go a long way to putting smiles on the faces of me, producer Joe Paulino, announcer Bill Heywatt, and Associate Producer Tyson Saner.

Until we hit your earholes again, thanks for passing the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it’s me. Marc Hershon. Your host and docent for Epi113 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. We’re back with a Succotash Clips installment, thanks largely to the efforts of our Associate Producer Tyson Saner, not to mention the savvy comedy podcasters who have uploaded their own clips directly to us via our upload link, which is

Coming up, clipwise, this show we have Cardboard, The Chillpak Hollywood Hour / Am I Right, Ladies?, The Magic Tavern, Radio Dan, the Talk Blocked podcast, The Mo Show, Wampa Stampa, and the We Are Not Alone podcast.

We also are featuring a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with our resident political comedian and social commentator Will Durst - and he lavishes his vitriol on Donald Trump, and the TweetSack. We not only have a classic Henderson's Pants commercial this episode, but we've got an additional sponsor and a commercial from Empire State Gas, the patron for Chillpak Hollywood.


Before I get to all that stuff, just a couple of mentions for stuff going on where I’ll be appearing live this September. I’ve been asked to host the TedX Marin Talk 2015 in San Rafael. There’s an amazing lineup of inspirational, informative speakers lined up and, somehow, me. That’s going to be on Thursday evening, September 17th — click the link for more info.  Directly after that – and I do mean directly – I’ll be down south for the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, September 18-20. I’m going to do my best to nail down a spot in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab and interview folks passing through. This time, I’ll try to post everything while I’m there so I don’t end up with a humungous backlog of interviews that take months to unspool. I STILL haven’t gotten to all the ones I did last year. Shameful. You don’t have to be a podcaster to come by and watch some of your favorite podcasts happening live that weekend. And me. Not officially a part of the podfest but so what?


This episode's exhumed podcast The Evil Teddy Bear Podcast, hacked out of its eternal rest by Tyson. Hosted by Korey Epps and Mike Capps, I was disappointed to learn that it had gone "off mic" this past April. The clip we have is from two episodes before their last one, with guest Will Harrison, in an episode entitled The @Unheard Nerd Strikes Again. 


Chillpak Hollywood Hour / Am I Right, Ladies?
We have a sneak preview of sorts from a new podcast. If you caught Epi112 last time, I interviewed Phil Leirness of the Chillpak Hollywood Hour and Lily Holleman, who will be co-hosting a new spinoff show from Chillpak, entitled Am I Right, Ladies? That show features Lily and comedian/actor Karen Forman and will be kicking off…soon, was the best answer I’ve gotten out of them. But a couple of weeks ago they did their last stint filling in for Phil and the southward-traveling Dean Haglund, who has moved to Australia. It's not only seems like a great example of two smart women hosting a podcast, which will be largely about smart women, but they also – in the grand tradition of Chillpak, mentioned me.

The Mo Show Podcast
Mocean Melvin and a big cast of voice actors Unabashedly, I’ve got a soft spot for well-produced sketch comedy podcasts. And I’ve been turned onto a new one – The Mo Show, starring voiceover performer Mocean Melvin and a crew of funny, talented voice actors out of Los Angeles. BTW, about a week ago or so, The Mo Show decided to honor us on Twitter by proclaiming us the Best Show Named After a Food Containing Lima Beans! So thank you, Mo Show!

Wampa Stompa
Associate Producer Tyson Saner has harvested a bunch of clippage for today’s epi. One of them is the Wampa Stompa podcast. It’s a newish show where the three co-hosts — Jon, Gus, and Candy – “talk about anything ranging from Star Wars to boxing to current events.” Seems like two rather specific topics followed by kind of anything goes. In this clip, from Wampa Stompa Epi8, the hosts speculate on everything shown in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. They also rank their top 3 Pixar films, along with what purely animated Disney films are their favorite.

Hello from The Magic Tavern
A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a podcast called Hello from The Magic Tavern for and the Huffington Post. Now, there are a number of Dungeon & Dragon and other role playing podcasts floating around, like Nerd Poker with Brian Posehn and Friends over on Earwolf. But, as I mentioned in my review, this is the first one I’ve found where characters who might otherwise be heard adventuring are actually just hanging out in a tavern, actually recording a podcast rather than dungeon crawling or whatever. The set-up is that the main host, Arnie Neikamp, fell through a magical rift behind a Chicago area Bunger King into the mystical land of Foon. (No relation, as far as I know, to friend-of-Succotash Eric Furniss of the From Out Of Nowhere podcast, or as it is otherwise known, the FOONcast.) Anyway, Arnie has set up shop at the Vermilion Minotaur, AKA The Magic Tavern, with his co-hosts: The wizard Usidore, played by Matt Young, and Chunt the Changeling, voiced by Adal Rifai. In the clip we're featuring, from episode 19, their guest is someone near and dear to my heart, given my background in branding: Merlinda Flimpery (Irene Marquette), a Namer – a person who gives secret names to people so that no one can discover their power.

Talk Blocked
This clip was provided directly from gents of the Talk Blocked podcast, who sent a download link into the Tweetsack, at You can also upload your 3-5 minute clip directly to us at Cody and Steve-O (NOT the same Steve-O from the Jackass movies) have put out about 20 episodes of their show now. Our clip comes from Epi18 and features their guest, Dr. Mike, an actual ER doc, talking about a young man who came in complaining of stomach pains. The diagnosis turned out to be a bit more graphic that one might suppose.

We were talking role playing games a couple of clips ago. Now, thanks to Tyson, we’re switching to board games, with a clip from the Cardboard! podcast with host Rich Sommer. Billing himself as a “board game evangelist”, Sommer is known from his appearance on Mad Men. And, in fact, this clip features two of his castmates – Michael Gladis and Aaron Staton. Gladis has the host relate his favorite “chess photo” story in this segment.

The Radio Dan Show
I got to know Dan Delgado, aka “Radio Dan”, of the Radio Dan Show, last year at the LA Podfest. We were both hunkered down in the Podcast Lab pretty much the whole time, so we got to talking, watching each other’s equipment when the other one wanted to take a break, you know – Brothers in Podcasting. Not sure if he’s making the trek out from Boca Raton, Florida, again this year, but he’d sent along a little…I’d guess you’d call it rant… about his unsung 40 years of sobriety, as he sees it.

We Are Not Alone
Holy cats! As previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of folks doing audio sketch comedy for their podcasts, especially when it well-written and fun. And that’s got Britain’s We Are Not Alone written all over. They’re four seasons in  and it’s all put together like campy 1950’s science fiction. This show is writen by Jon Thrower and Andrew Fletcher. They both act in it and there is a bunch of other cast members voicing what you’re hearing as well. Here’s a taste from epi 3 of the lastest season, entitled, Wonderbirds Are GoI

That's what's in store for your ears with Epi113 of Succotash Clip!. Thanks so much for the listen. We appreciate your patronage. If you’d like to help us to defray the cost of production on Succotash, feel free to visit our homesite,, and click on the Donate button there. Or on the Amazon banner at the top of the page – everything you buy on that particular shopping trip gives us a time percentage. OR you can purch some merch through the Succotashery – t-shirts, mugs, all stort of gewgaws can be yours.

Until next time, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Yes, it’s me. Marc Hershon. Your host and cruise director for Epi112 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

This is a Succotash Chats episode, featuring a delightful conversation with our Special Guests: Phil Leirness of The Chillpak Hollywood Hour and Lily Holleman, one of the two hosts of a brand new podcast called Am I Right, Ladies?

We recorded the chat on their lovely rooftop at the edge of Hollywood as the sun was setting, drinking martinis. I think this is the most civilized episode of this show recorded so far. (Please forgive the occasional gusts of wind, traffic noise, and sirens that make listening a bit of a challenge during portions of the interview…)

I've featured both Phil and Lily on the show before but it's been a while and this is the first time that we've had them on doing a "team interview". In addition to Phil's long time co-hosting of Chillpak — now into it's ninth year – he is a filmmaker, an acting teacher, and a violence prevention specialist. Lily is a film producer, a stage and screen actress, a writer, and the toast of the 90-year-old Los Angeles Breakfast Club.

One of the other reasons I was doing the "SoCal Shuffle" this weekend is to hang out on the Grabbing Lunch podcast with Matt Knudsen, where I’ll be dining with him and the co-host of the Pop My Culture podcast – and past Succotash guest – Cole Stratton, later today. I’ll let you know when the episode of Matt’s show drops.

In addition to our convo with Phil and Lily – or “Phily”, to give them their appropriate Hollywood “Power Couple” portmanteau – we’ve got some delicious Burst O’ Durst with our resident political comedian and social commentator Will Durst. Iin fact, we have a double dose o' Durst — the first segment deals with the fracas over the Confederate Flag, while the second is Will's observance of the 4th of July holiday in the US of A.

We also have an ad from Henderson’s Pants – this episode is brought to you by Henderson’s new Pain Pants. We’ll dip into the ol’ Tweetsack. And we DO have a couple of clips – I know it’s a Chats episode – but these clips will be from the shows of our two guests.

On the podcast review front, just to keep you up to speed, this past week I reviewed a somewhat silly podcast called Hello From The Magic Tavern, a show featuring sort of D&D characters that are actually hosting a podcast rather than adventuring, and it’s actually pretty funny. I’ll clip ‘em the next Succotash Clips epi. And I also mentioned a couple of other p-casts: A new one to me called You Better DON’T and a special extra episode of Welcome to Night Vale. You can find those reviews and mentions up at Splitsider and Huffington Post.

Next episode will be a Succotash Clips show. We've already got a full rack lined up but it you're a comedy podcaster and would like us to feature your show, you can upload a 3-5 minute MP3 clip directly to us at http://hightail/u/succotash.

Until next time, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Succotash Clips, Epi111: Clippin' The Prez And More

Yes, it’s me. Your host and cat wrangler for Epi111 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is another Succotash Clips episode – that’s two in a row – and I’ve got a bucketful for comedy podcast clips for you this time around.

Our Associate Producer Tyson Saner grabbed some of ‘em, I clipped some, and we also had some podcasters upload them directly to us, using our Succotash upload link:

In addition to the clips, we’ve got a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment, with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst. We’ve got a Henderson’s Pants ad. We dig into the Tweetsack. And that’s about it.

Where Are We?

I’m not sure where you grabbed this episode of Succotash from, but we’re available from iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, PodBay, Overcast, TuneIn Radio and you can even listen to us on the Succotash Facebook page – why don’t you go ahead and Like us while you’re there? We also get replayed over on – that’s Clutch And Wiggle Entertainment Radio. In fact, one of the clips we have today is from the actual Clutch & Wiggle Show.

Besides the Clutch And Wiggle Experience, clipwise, we have samples from A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness, Date Speeding, Deviants Church, Don’t Worry – It’s Only The End of The World, Four Listeners, Pistol Shrimps Radio, Strong Opinions, The World of Mindshaft, and WTF.

Where Will We Be?

The 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival is coming up in September. I’ve been to the first three and they’re always a lot of fun. I already snagged a 3-day ticket for this year’s PodFest and I plan to hunker down in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab like some kind of great podcasting Jabba the Hutt. It’s September 18-20th at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, and you can get tickets and more details at Eventbrite. I’ll be interviewing podcasters and ne’er-do-wells, so I hope you get a chance to stop by and say hello.

BTW, if you’re curious about what I do when I’m NOT on the Succotash microphone, crammed into Studio F and chatting at you, there’s a fun little article that came out this week over at, entitled, The Man Who Named The BlackBerry. That’d be me. And the piece talks about some of the other brand names I’ve helped bring into the world from out of my brain.

Special Offer (Sort Of)

Maybe you’ve noticed that Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, doesn’t drop every week. Hell, or every two weeks, for that matter. I’d like to do it more often. Really I would. But work is tough and pays pretty well, too. So that’s where I have to put the majority of my focus. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. And you can help. If you click on the Donate button on the homesite, then kick us whatever you can afford to give in order to help us pay for the stuff that podcasters pay for to keep all of this going, I’ll start pushing myself harder to get these shows cranked out more often. Here's the deal: For every month that the Donate button brings in enough to cover our Succotash nut – that’s about 60 bucks — I will push out 4 consecutive weeks of this show, by hook or by crook. So get clicking!



WTF w/guest President Obama
We’d be remiss to continue on without acknowledging perhaps one of the most important milestones in comedy podcasting: A sitting president has appeared on one. I’m sure you’ve heard about President Barack Obama’s visit to “the garage” to talk to Marc Maron. No matter what you think about Obama OR Maron, this is a Big Deal. I reviewed this episode for both and Huffington Post Entertainment, and I thought we’d go ahead and play just a little bit for those few who haven’t heard it yet. This is right toward the end of the show and Marc gets the opportunity to ask The President about his favorite comedians.

Pistol Shrimps Radio
Last week I found a new podcast from a couple of the gents from Superego, a long time Succotash favorite. Matt Gourley and Mark McConville have teamed up to bring you play-by-play women’s basketball. Sort of. It’s a lot of improvised nonsense and hilarity AND it actually is done courtside at the Pistol Shrimps games in LA. I’ve got a sample I pulled off the latest episode and the hosts are joined by fellow Superegoist and the hardest working man in podcasting, Paul F. Tompkins.

A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness
Ripped from our Tweetsack comes something completely different. It’s a 6-episode mini-series called A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness. I got a note from the show’s producer, David Wilcox, who explains the show as “chronicling the decline and fall of a veteran R&B/smooth jazz DJ named Greg Willis. It's a psychedelic, surreal recreation of late-night commercial FM radio, complete with requests/dedications, in-studio interviews, station IDs, ads, and tons and tons of music. Imagine taking some of the darker elements of British comedy (Chris Morris' "Blue Jam" or some of the Alan Partridge stuff) and wedging them into an Art Laboe/Quiet Storm-style radio format and you'll kinda have an idea of what we're up to. The show was written by myself and Johanna Hyman -- we previously worked together on a couple episodes of the Radiotopia podcast The Truth. A musician named John Schmersal, who currently plays in the band Caribou and was formerly in Brainiac and Enon, did our music and sound design.” I downloaded and binge listened the six episodes across a couple of days of commuting to work. It’s like listening to a real radio station with some odd technical difficulties and a radio personality who is unraveling before your ears. But funny.

Deviants Church
Associate producer Tyson Saner tossed this next clip onto the stack for today’s show, and I confess I don’t know much about. And my search for their website turns up…nothing. It’s like this show has taken an abrupt right hand turn into the Podcast Graveyard.This show seems to be DOA. No website. It is still findable on iTunes, but the last posted episode was back in early April. And the last tweet from their account was a week after that. We’ll check in periodically and see if there’s a pulse for the Deviant’s Church.

The Clutch & Wiggle Experience

Rob and Craig over at The Clutch & Wiggle Experience have been friends and fans of Succotash pretty much since the time we started over three years ago. They regularly replay the show on and so isn’t it high time we got back to seeing what THEY’RE up to? Even if they had to send in the a clip themselves? Recently on The Clutch and Wiggle Experience, Rob and Craig discussed the recent passing of legendary BB King – and that his family has the feeling he was poisoned to death.

Strong Opinions
I got a request from Mary Sasson, host and producer of the Strong Opinions podcast, asking if I’d do a review of her show. She writes: “The premise of the podcast is I invite on two comedian and we discuss our opinions of everyday topics ranging from belts to milk and everything in between. Some past guests have included stand-ups like Jake Weisman, and tons of UCB performers like Nicole Byer, Drew Tarver, Will Hines, Betsy Sodaro, and Alex Fernie.” I will try to get around to reviewing the show – it sounds pretty funny – but for now I’ll do the next best thing: Clip it.The episode featured Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland.

The World of Mindshaft
He’s got his teeth back into the world of podcasting. Our old pal, Nigel Boydell, was having some dental challenges a while back and had started a show called the HMS CodCast, which he wrote and then had various podcasting friends narrate and do the character voices. (I did one. I think it was the best episode, personally.) Well, he’s got some shiny new choppers, and Nigel is back with The World of Mindshaft. It’s a fun, bizarre, ramble through the mind of character who is clearly…well, different in the head, let’s say.

Date Speeding
Friend of Succotash Jason Duplissey recently started his own podcast, separate from The Duvet Show, called Date Speeding. He plays the Reverend Rich Hugh, and the advice he dispenses about dating is just plain wrong. There’s no homesite up yet for Date Speeding, so find the right Reverend Hugh and his so-called advice on iTunes. There’s also a Facebook page. 

Four Listeners
We got yet another clip in via the Tweetsack, this one from a podcast called The Four Listeners…featuring three guys. Chris Spear, Zeth Weissman, and Corey Gantzhorn. They’ve been up and running for about four years and just celebrated their 200th episode. Congratulations! They tell me that their format is “Something Must Be Done About…” and then they have a new topic every week with only TWO rules to avoid about the topic: 1) No politics, and 2) No religion. Everything else is fair game. In this clip, sent in from the 200th episode, is some rambling about SportsTalk radio.

Don’t Worry: It’s Only The End of The World
We have another podcast miniseries in the works, but I’ve only heard a little bit of it so far. It’s called Don’t Worry: It’s Only The End of The World. It’s put together by Alfie Shaw and, well, it’s a self-contained series that you can binge-listener to very easily. Artie was good enough to send along a clip. You can find more at their homesite, which has a very long URL.


Another episode of Succotash Clips is now history. In the can. Kaput. I’ll have another one coming up pretty quick. Even quicker if you guys hit that old devil Donate button on our homesite. Remember, if we clear 60 bucks, I’ll crank out an episode a week for 4 consecutive weeks. See how that tastes, right?

Until next time, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon


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Yes, it’s me. Marc Hershon. Your host and rack jobber for Epi110 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is a Succotash Clips episode — finally back after two Succotash Chats epis — which means we’re featuring clip after clip after clip from comedy podcasts scattered all over the webiverse.

A lot of them were harvested by our intrepid Associate Producer Tyson Saner. I scraped up a few. Some were sent in by comedy podcasters themselves, or uploaded to us directly via our upload site, at

One of them isn’t even a comedy podcast, but the host asked if I’d feature a clip and I figured “Screw the network fatcats and bigwigs! This is MY show, dammit, and I’ll do what I please!” That’s right. This one non-comedy podcast clip is going to be played come Hell or high water! But just a little bit later in the show.

What shows will we be clipping in this epi, mighten you ask? Here’s what in store: The Comatose Podcast, Eric And Stacey, Excuse My Adlib, The Blank Planet, We’re From The Internet, and The Wrong Foot Podcast.

Burst O' Durst

In addition to the clips we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst with comedian and social commentator Will Durst. He talks about who the hell would want to be President of the United States, and also a quick lesson on several advantages and disadvantages of being a Baby Boomer. Also, if you’re going to be in or around San Francisco at the end of June, you can catch Durst giving a workshop as part of the Beatnick Shindig going on at Fort Mason. It’s on Saturday, June 27th, just one hour from 10:30 to 11:30 AM and the cost is just 20 bucks. Hop over to and grab yourself some tickets.

Bill The Podcaster

Our announcer, Bill Heywatt, has come out of the booth and has embarked on his own podcast adventure. He's still with the show, but you can now catch some mini-episodes of The Bill Heywatt Show as part of The Strange Times Podcast, with Davian Dent and Kat Sorens. We feature his very first episode in it's entirety on this show.


The Blank Planet
The way Bill even came up the idea of starting his own show was during a discussion that was going on when he and I were guests recently of Davian Dent on his new podcast The Blank Planet. "Disucssion" is a term I use loosely - our chat degraded rapidly and then those Brits started prodding Bill to start his own podcast.

The Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast
We got a clip from the The Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast, sent in from executive producer Robin Brecker. They’ve got a big ol’ cast over there pulling off some delightful audio sketch comedy. I’m not sure who’s in this piece from their Epi194. It’s called “Unlucky Lou”.

Excuse My Adlib
Tyson grabbed us a sample of the Excuse My Adlib, which their website describes as “an online hiphop-based talk show brought to you…by you – the fans of hiphop and hosted by Rozay, Big Therm, and J Boss.” Well, that’s Succotash to a T. Big fan. Tyson says, “The selected clip is from the middle of a discussion about Trevor Noah” – soon to be replacing John Stewart on The Daily Show – “and is regarding whether or not someone's social media presence is a fair reflection of their non-virtual personality or being.”

Comatose Podcast
The hiphop thing was a little step away form our usual fare of comedy podcasts. So I’m going to slide a little further over to bring you a clip – a very self-contained clip – from The Comatose Podcast. Executive producer John Bauer wasn’t even going to send it in, he just likes Succotash, but I said go ahead, let’s do this thing. There are a number of people behind the scenes and on the microphones for this show, which is – according to their homesite – “the result of creative people who neglected getting into creative fields finding a way to collaborate and release their pent up energy. It’s one part learning to express yourself one part letting yourself go and opening up the expression that’s already there.” Cool. Heavy. Heavy and cool.

We’re From The Internet
Podcasting has really supplanted radio for a lot of people, and it’s begun to seek specific progamming niches in some case. We got a note from Kev and Steve, the hosts of We’re From The Internet, and they asked us to clip them. They refer to their show as “a daily comedy breakfast show” where they answer the most pressing question of the day — whatever it might be and wherever it might come from. Fair enough. Back in Epi9 of their show, the question was, “How big a house do you need if you want a pet panda?” Here’s a clip that has little to do with the original question but still manages to hover around the topic of animals.

The Eric & Stacey "Talking Rubbish" Podcast
Ripped from the Tweetsack, this clip comes to us from The Eric & Stacey "Talking Rubbish" Podcast. They used our instant upload option and got their clip to us just by going to Their note with the clip reads: “Hi there Succotash! Got a clip for ya. We were in the middle of our ‘Dumb fuck of the week’ segment. The dumb tweet Eric read jogged his memory about what they opened the show with ( Eric's job at the car dealership) and had some more details to add. The clip is from episode 102 ‘well...that was gross’ of Eric and Stacey - Talking rubbish” Thanks, Eric and Stacey! Someday we may even learn what your last names are.

Podcast Graveyard
Tyson dreamed up this segment, which I love, because it pays homage to some late, great podcasts that – although they may have been beloved at one time – have gone away for one reason or another. In most cases, we may never know why. The latest show to lie in state is an old favorite of Succotash, mainly because we had some great interactions with the host over the past couple of years and even a couple of free beers at the very first Los Angeles Podcast Festival. I’m talking about PodCRASH! with Chris Gore, the same guy who started FilmThreat magazine years ago.

That’s it for this edition of Succotash Clips, friends. I know it was a long drought between shows this time – longer than usual – but I’m trying to get back on the beam and I already have a full rack of clips locked and loaded for another episode real soon.

In the meantime, enjoy, tell your friends, and thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Hi again. It’s me, Marc Hershon, your host and Surgeon General for Epi109 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

This was SUPPOSED to be a Succotash Clips episode but, along the way to doing that, I managed to get an interview in with Greg Proops, host of The Smartest Man in The World podcast and a veteran of TV’s Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Greg's new book, The Smartest Book in The World, hits both online and bricks n’ mortar bookstores this week, so I’ve made a command decision to push back the clips for another week or so and put up this edition of Succotash Chats instead.

As you will quickly discern, we were in a rather noisy Hollywood eatery — the King's Road Cafe — and I have done my best to filter out as much of the background noise as I could, but it’s still going to sound like you’re eating lunch at the table with us. It’s also a lengthy interview, so you’re probably strapping in for the longest Succotash show to date. Relax. And if you want to take it in over the course of several sittings, be my guest.


Also this episode we've got a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst. (Don't forget to follow Will on Twitter @WillDurst!) In the first he announces the official start of the Presidential Derby and in the second he goes off on what he calls "oversharers".


This past week, for both Huffington Post and, I reviewed Gilbert Gottfried's Awesome Colossal Podcast, with guest Lewis Black, recorded live at Caroline's comedy club in New York City. You can follow either link to that review and try to check out that episode if you can - it's pretty damn funny!


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We'll be back soon with Epi110, which will be a Succotash Clips show, chock full of comedy podcast clips from around the internet.

In the meantime, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Greetings, friend! I'm Marc Hershon, your host and driver for Epi 108.5 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And this is one of our  in-between "halfisodes", recorded during my recent road trip down Interstate 5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles,

Been a while since I recorded one of these. No clips. No chats. Just me, in Studio F (my Fiat 500), tooling down the darkened highway in the middle of the night, blabbering into my digital recorder.

In this episode I talk about podcasts, comedy podcasts, the patent troll that was coming after podcasters in a big way the past couple of years being stopped cold, my take on a few specific podcasts, my teasing a maybe interview with comedian/actor/podcaster Rick Overton (that didn't come off), teasing a full-fledged interview with comedian/actor/podcaster Greg Proops that DID come off the following day, and a classic Henderson's Pants ad (thrown in mainly as filler…)

There's a lot of road noise which I have filtered out about as much as I can, but you'll likely find it pretty distracting, so apologies in advance.

The entire halfisode runs a little over 20 minutes and means so little in the entirety of what Succotash is all about that I'm not even displacing Epi108 with special guest David Feldman - my promos for that episode will continue.

Please support Succotash by clicking on the Donate button on You can also use the banner at the top of our homepage to do you online shopping and that will give us some nifty kickbacks. Or purch some merch through our Succotashery, also reachable via our homepage.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

Marc Hershon

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Howdy-doo! It’s me. Marc Hershon, your host and evangelist for Epi108 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

This particular ‘sode is an edition of Succotash Chats, which means we have precious little in the way of comedy podcast clips — I won’t lie, there is a bit of clippage in the show — but we’re mostly looking at a thick n’ meaty interview headed your way with none other than David Feldman — comedian, writer, and host of The David Feldman Show.

We put this interview in the can a couple of weeks ago, via Skype, as David has been habitating in New York City while he works on The Jack & Triumph Show for Adult Swim. I’ve known David since he arrived in San Francisco from New York to pursue his standup comedy career, back in the mid-1980s, and I’ve been meaning to get him on the show for sometime but he’s mostly been in LA while I’ve mostly been in SF and our paths haven’t crossed all that often.

He's been doing things like writing on TV shows and for award shows. It's a pleasure to have him as this episode's special guest.

We’ve got some other bits of show to share with you, too.  We’ve got a Boozin’ With Bill segment, in which our announcer, Bill Haywatt, mixes up "The Roman Candle", a new libation with me at the Studio P wet bar.

We also have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst, with political comedian and social commentarian Will Durst. He sounds off about Indiana's "religious freedom act" in the first pass, and then offers some simple solutions for a few big problems we face today in the second.

There’s a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial and we’ll dip into the Tweetsack to sniff your cards and letters, emails and tweets.

BTW, if you’d like to hear me get interviewed, along with our esteemed booth announcer, Bill Heywatt, listen no further than Episode 8 of The Blank Planet podcast. It’s hosted by our pal, Davian Dent, over in the UK. Matt Bubbles was on there from England hanging out, too, and the four of us had a smashing good time. (Since it’s got ME on it, I figure I can play a clip, even though this is officially a Succotash Chats episode.

If you've had a chance to download or stream our show, I wonder if you might do us a favor? Whatever source you accessed this episode from, it would be great if you would use their rating system to give us a nice report. If it’s iTunes, you could rate and review us – that helps our visibility tremendously, especially considering there are only about 100,000 or more comedy podcasts. Literally. If you’re streaming us from Stitcher, you can give us the ol’ thumbs up. SoundCloud? That would be a heart click for us. If you’re listening through our Facebook page, go ahead and Share us. You get the idea.

Thanks for passing the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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It’s me. Marc Hershon, your host and busboy for Epi107 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Since this is an edition of Succotash Clips, we have a Easter basket full of comedy podcast clips on hand to unleash on your ears.

Many thanks, as always, to our faithful associate producer, Tyson Saner, for grabbing so many of these for us. And also to those of you comedy podcasters who sent in your own clips OR even someone else’s clips — that’s what we got this week, from our friend in the UK, Davian Dent.

Davian sent along a pair of clips from shows other than his Strange Times podcast or his Bitter Sound show or his The Blank Planet podcast. Such a show of podcaster generosity has inspired a new feature we kick off in this episode.

And we’ve got a jam-packed epi for you, including clips from Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, Angelos & Barry, The Angry Chimp, Casa Mirth, Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Date Speeding, Everyone Has A Podcast, Hypernonsense, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Radio Dan Show, and Who The Eff Is Sal Calanni podcast.

In addition we have another visit to the Podcast Graveyard to pay homage to a late, great show, as well as unboxing a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian & social commentator Will Durst (you can also catch Will tweeting @WillDurst!), the Tweetsack, and a new commercial from our friends at Henderson’s Pants, who are sponsoring this edition and promoting their new Money Maker Pants.

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Podcast Graveyard

There are thousand upon thousand of podcasts out on the podwaves. Many of them in the past have had trouble sustaining themselves over the long haul. And many that are currently being produced now will eventually be gone. But we’d hate for any podcast to be forgotten, which is why we have open the Podcast Graveyard. This episode, our associate producer Tyson Saner has exhumed Making It With Riki Lindhome, a podcast that seems to have ended without fanfare in December of 2013. Riki is getting a lot of heat as one half of the Garfunkel and Oates comedy team, so maybe that’s what pulled her away from her show on the podwaves. Her last entry was Epi74 and her guest was Mike Farah, the president of production at Funny or Die.



Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
We hadn’t visited Gilbert Gottfried and his Amazing Colossal Podcast since it first dropped almost a year ago. But I got a note a couple of weeks ago from friend-of-the-show Shawn Marek over at the Sideshow Network, where Amazing Colossal lives. Shawn’s a big hotshot producer over there and he wanted to let me know that TV wildman and loose cannon Dan Harmon, the creator of Community as well as Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty (as well as host of his own Harmontown podcast) was on Gilbert’s show. Now you get to hear a snippet from that show, courtesy of Mr. Marek, when Dan explains the whole magilla that happened between himself and Chevy Chase.

The Joe Rogan Experience
We’ve featured The Joe Rogan Experience a few times over the almost three years our show’s been around but not for a while. In this snippet, Joe Rogan's guest Bert Kreischer, a comedian and podcaster in his own right, along with co-host Brian Redban, chatter about comedian Colin Quinn, a type of comedy appears to be replaced, and our memories are likened to a computer’s hard drive.

The Radio Dan Show
Dan Delgado over at The Radio Dan Show has taken advantage of our instant upload link to shoot a couple of snippets from his podcast over to us. They’re short clips – less than a minute each, so I decided to make you a Radio Dan Sandwich or "danwich". I’ve wrapped both snippets around a tasty chunk of chat that I had with Dan last September in the Podcast Lab where we were both staked out during the 3rd Annual LA Podcast Festival.

Date Speeding
Someone else who took advantage of our Succotash instant upload was Jason Duplissea, who was one-half of the What Duvet Said podcast. (That show’s been on hiatus – Jason says it may get an overhaul and be kicked back into gear again. Hmm. If not, we might find What Duvet Said in the Podcast Graveyard!) Anyway, he’s got a new podcast up and running called Date Speeding hosted by the Reverend Rich Hugh. He says it’s advice for online daters and has a kind of Jack Handey/Deep Thoughts vibe, but with what he calls “a healthy dose of explicit language.”

Angelos & Barry
In a world of confusion, media bombardment and mixed messages, it’s good to know the great philosopher's tradition still exists. Much like 70s comedy legends Derek & Clive before them, Angelos & Barry present a truly hysterical meeting of minds. Angelos Epithemiou was previously on cult UK comedy show Shooting Stars and Barry From Watford has graced TV, radio, and even our friend Davian Dent's shows The Bitter Sound and Strange Times. In this clip, the two discuss the possibly apocryphal events surrounding porn legend "King Dong" on a British 70s evening light entertainment show.

The Casa Mirth Podcast
In this clip from the first episode of the new and second series of The Casa Mirth Podcast, Dr. Norman Trousers and River Zambezi discuss the differences between woman's swimwear and underwear.

Everyone Has A Podcast
Another Tyson grab this week is a clip from Everyone Has A Podcast, with hosts Adam and Byron who, apparently, have no last names. According to their website, the guys are slowly building themselves a recording studio but started out doing their show by recording it into an iPhone. This clip is from their Epi3, entitled “Butt Crunch”.

The Angry Chimp Show
Our friends Stu and company down under at The Angry Chimp Show uploaded us a clip from season 2 of their monkeyshines, which has just drawn to a close this week. Stu sent along a note with the clip that reads: “Hi, thought I would submit a clip from the second season of The Angry Chimp Show for your consideration should you be short on clips for upcoming epis. Hope you are well and keep up the good work! Stu” Thanks, Stu! These guys are a lot of fun and know how to work the audio sketch medium.

Who The Eff Is Sal Calanni?
There’s a podcast we’ve featured a time or two before that’s had a couple of permutations, including being called The Sal & Angelo Show. Now it’s called Who The Eff is Sal Calanni? and features San Francisco comedian Sal Calanni. He recently hit his 200th episode so I thought it was high time to check in, and he’s got a great story in the episode featuring the process he had to go through to audition for a movie that’s being shot in the Bay Area.

Hyper Nonsense
This clip has a bit of a mysterious history. It was uploaded directly to us and with the show's information, and that it was from a recent episode of Hyper Nonsense. So I tweeted out a thank you and heard back from one of one of the co-hosts who claims that they never submitted a clip and where did it come from? Who knows, really. The hosts, Shawn Thorpe and his wife, Jen, are podcast vets, having started a podcast in 2005 called The Phantomfeed. Then they moved and launched a new show called Hyper Nonsense in 2006, which ran until 2009. In 2010 they started a new ‘cast called GeminiDragon, which ended in 2012, at which point they kicked off No Market Radio. Shawn wasn’t happy with that concept and so, in 2013, he and Jen decided to breathe new life into Hyper Nonsense and they swear on a stack of websites, that this one is here to stay.

Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks
I wonder if it’s time for a new adage, something along the lines of “the couple that podcasts together stays together”. There are a LOT of married couples in the podcast game, like our friends Travis and Brandi Clark from Tiny Odd Conversations, or Shawn and Jen from Hypernonsense that we also featured this show. There’s a show out of nearby Napa, California, called Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, hosted by Annaleis and her husband Neil C. They’ve been really nice about retweeting a lot of our Succotash tweets but this is the first chance we’ve had to feature their show. The tagline on their website states, “Helping to Kill Your Commute”. It’s a conversational-style show with topics ranging all over the place, a lot of it focusing on things they do together. So maybe it’s kind of like real time couples’ therapy or something. I pulled this clip of them talking about a magic show they saw during a recent trip to Reno.

That’s going to do it for Succotash Epi107. Thanks to our esteemed associate producer Tyson Saner, our producer/engineer Joe Paulino, and our booth announcer Bill Haywatt. Next time, in Epi108, I will feature my recent interview with comedy writer extraordinaire and podcaster David Feldman, and we’ll also have a Boozin’ with Bill segment, where our announcer will mix up a concoction he calls “The Roman Candle”. In the meantime, please feel free to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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This is the blog entry for Epi106 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, and this is an edition of Succotash Chats, for those of you keeping track. This edition features an interview with our special guest, comedian and podcaster Kevin Bartini.

As a comedian, Kevin is also the warmup guy for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, which stepped into the space vacated by The Colbert Report over on Comedy Central. Larry is killing it in that spot with his show, and Kevin is killing it, too, whipping the audience into a lather before the cameras come on.

In addition, he has a new comedy CD out — The Unintentionally While Album — which I’ll play a track from coming up. AND he’s the guy who kicked off the campaign to get the street in New York where comic great George Carlin grew up named after him, which we talk about in our chat.

Later on in the show we dip briefly into the Tweetsack and we feature our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian and social commentator Will Durst further along in the show as well, talking about Hillary Clinton's too-many-phones email woes. Also, this episode is sponsored by Henderson's High Waister Pants.

This week, for both Splitsider and Huffington Post Entertainment, I’m reviewing Gilbert Gottfriend’s Amazing Colossal Podcast with Gilbert’s guest Dan Harmon, the creator of TV’s Community and Rick & Morty. In the course of that review I mention that I’m also listening to Matt Gourley’s I Was There Too with his guest Jenette Goldstein from Aliens and Terminator 2, and also the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks podcast.

Not too much more for me to add from the world of podcasting until we get into the Tweetsack a little later. But I did want to mention that, this past week, I started teaching a beginner level improv class at my day job and it’s turning out to be pretty fun. We do it one night a week for a couple of hours after work. And I’m showing how they can use the precepts and techniques of improv to improve presentation and brainstorming skills. It’s the topic of a new book I’ve SLOWLY been trying to pull together. And I mention it because if you work for a company that you think might benefit from these sorts of techniques, I’m available to speak and teach. It’s especially easy if your company is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I can travel as well. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can email me at

That's about it. Short blog this week. So let me use this extra space to ask you to jump up to our space on iTunes in the podcast department and please rate and review us. A tasty review from you goes a long way to letting friends and strangers know that Succotash is out there, just waiting for them to enjoy all of our podcast goodness. And we'd really appreciate it!

Pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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I hate to do this right out of the gate, but I have to start the show off with an apology to our network and the affiliates. And, of course, you – the listener. This edition is meant to be an episode of Succotash Clips, wherein we feature clips, just clip, and nothing but clips. But I have a bit of a chat to toss in, too.

It’s just a smidge of a chat, really.

Friend of the show, past guest, fellow podcaster, and comedian Paul Mecurio called me up and said he was heading for the San Francisco Punchline this week (March 4-7) and could we chat up his appearance. I don’t know that we’ve got that kind of impact on an audience, but I do know that there are Succotashians in the Bay Area so I agreed and we did it.

It was via Skype from New York and the only worse than the quality of a Skype call is a Skype call where one of the people has laryngitis.

Paul also has a new comedy CD out, called It’s Not Me, It’s The World, so we’ll hear a track off of that as well.  But after that, I SWEAR the rest of the show is clips. For reals.

Except of a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian and social commentator Will Durst. Oh, and a Henderson’s Pants ad. And the Tweetsack. But the rest? All clips.

The delay for this ‘sode of Succotash making it to your ears was because I was suffering a miserable bout of laryngitis. Every other ailment in the world wouldn’t matter so, of course, a podcaster gets the one thing that keeps him off mic — no voice. You’ll get to hear how that sounded though, because I barely had my voice back last week when I interview Paul Mercurio.

Here’s what’s in the bushel basket o’ clippage we have in store for this show: Pass The Gravy, Proudly Resents, Sibling Rivalry, Soda Press, The Geep And Gam Show, and This Damn World. In addition, we unveil our NEW segment this week! It’s the brainchild of our associate producer Tyson Saner and we call it the Podcast Graveyard! When the time is right, we’ll feature a clip from a podcast that is no longer with us.



Pass The Gravy
Kicking off this show’s official rasher of clips with a show that requested we give them a listen. So Tyson wandered out into the podcast wilderness and brought back a sample of Pass The Gravy, with hosts Alex Middleton - I assume no relation to England’s Princess Kate Middleton – and his partner in crime Curtis Chaffin, also – it is assumed - not related to Kate Middleton. On their website they claim to solve the world’s problems one episode at a time, so it’s nice to know someone is taking care of those matters. They also claim that it is “the podcast nobody is listening to and everyone is talking about”. In this dollop from Pass The Gravy – and, really, what could be more natural than gravy and succotash – the hosts get into dolphin love. Deep into it.



Proudly Resents
We haven’t featured friend–of-Succotash Adam Spiegelman and his podcast Proudly Resents in a while. And Adam knows that because he listens. So being a proactive podcaster, he sent us in a clip from his recent interview, a second visit with director Eric Schaeffer. (I’m doing a little back-to-back with Proudly Resents this week. This clip was from his show about a month ago, but I’m also reviewing a more recent episode for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on and for the Huffington Post, where his guest was TV producer Todd Yasui and there’s some amazing behind the scenes stuff revealed about The Tonight Show when Jay Leno was just starting out as the host as well as some revealing “inside baseball” info about the nuts and bolts of talk show television.)

Soda Press
We started getting some very kind retweets and mentions from a new podcast out there called Soda Press, hosted by a guy named Andy Thomas. And then he went and gave us a big ol’ shoutout at the top of a recent episode. So the least we can do is clip him for you. Soda Press episodes are pretty short, and feature Andy monologing about a given topic which spins off into related microrants. We have a snippet of him going off about gross gym wipedown towels.

Sibling Rivalry
Kudos to our friends at the Sibling Rivalry podcast – that would be Jeremy, Stacy, and Aaron — for being savvy enough to know that the EASIEST way to get your comedy podcast clip on our show is to use our custom upload URL through Hightail ( That’s what our pals over at SibRiv used to get this clip to us, from a recent episode where they’re talking about some unique offers from strip clubs. (I have to also issue an apology to the SibRiv guys. Jeremy and Stacy were good enough to join me in the Podast Lab at the 3rd Annual LA Podcast Festival at the end of LAST SEPTEMBER for an interview. And I still haven’t gotten a chance to play it on the show — along with about a half a dozen others. At  this point, I may have to issue the interviews as special Succotash Chats halfisodes and just dump them out there. Sorry, guys…)

The Geep & Gam Show
Hosts Geep and Gam run their podcast out of…well, I don’t where the heck they’re from. But they asked us via Twitter if we’ve give’em a listen and clip ‘em and that’s what our stalwart associate producer Tyson Saner has done. In this slice, the show is playing host to two other podcast hosts, Diamond Dave and Aaron Corbett of Canada’s The Cool Story Show.

This Damn World
Another show that reached out via Twitter and asked if we’d give ‘em a sniff is the This Damn World podcast, hosted by Dom and Jenn. iTunes describes the show as “a longform conversational podcast” with topics ranging from news, life, and all around creative. The clip we have is from last month, snipped by Tyson out of an episode called “The One Where We Get Sweaty”.

Okie dokie. Succotash Clips with just a side of chat is kaputski. If you’re in the San Francisco area, remember to catch our friend Paul Mecurio this weekend, that’s March 4th through the 7th, at the Punchline. We’ll be back soon with an episode of Succotash Chats, where I’ll be speaking with comedian/podcaster and warmup guy for The Nightly Show, Kevin Bartini. See you then. In the meantime, please remember to pass the Succotash!

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It's me, your humble host and official taste tester for Epi104 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Reminder: this is a Succotash Chats episode. No clips, just chat.

Here in San Francisco, the 14th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest just wrapped up. One of the groups making their return to the ‘fest was the Thrilling Adventure Hour and, for the third year in a row, I sat down with Hal Lublin, the official announcery guy for TAA.

We catch up with what he’s been doing since we chatted last year and then launch into a pretty wide ranging discussion about podcasts, comedy, who would we cast if they made a movie out of The Greatest American Hero, a moment with comedian Bil Dwyer who happened to stop by, Big Time Wrestling, and a bunch of other stuff.

Prior to the interview, I pulled down the audio from a video Hal did back in 2006 for the company where he works as an IT admin. And in a series of videos for the company, he comically appears as Hal the IT Admin. It's pretty funny for a corporate video. Since this blog is a visual medium, here's the video itself:

 (Apologies in advance for the quality of the audio in this episode's interview. Hal and I were in the lobby of the Hotel Tomo in Japantown and there was music piped into the lobby which we couldn’t do anything about. Hopefully, after listening for a few minutes, you’ll tune most of that distraction out.)

Podcast Graveyard Teaser

If you’re looking for comedy podcast clips, we’re lining up a full rack of them in upcoming Epi105, including a brand new feature that our associate producer, Tyson Saner, cooked up called the Podcast Graveyard. Tyson has been discovering the bones of so many discarded podcasts floating around on the internet that he’s going to start exhume the a few dusty clips and we’ll start sharing them with you.

Burst O' Durst

This episode we feature our resident comedian/social commentator Will Durst in our Burst O' Durst segment. In it, he sounds off about a modern version of the tar pits, and the types of dinosaurs they’re taking down.

Henderson's Pet Pants

This episode of Succotash is brought to you by Henderson’s Pet Pants. Unfortunately, their check once again failed to clear at the bank, so we’re asking for your help to keep Succotash going. Clicking on the Donate button on our homesite. You’ll be whisked off to our secure PayPal site where you can, in the privacy of your own mouse, decide how much you’d like to kick into the Succotash saucepan. Every bit helps to defray the costs of production, posting, promotion and other things that start with “p”. Plus you’ll get a hearty thank you and a shout out right here on the show.

Until we return next time, with Epi105 of Succotash Clips, please take time out to Like us on Facebook, rate AND review us up on iTunes, heart us on SoundCloud, thumbs up us on Stitcher, buy our merch through the Succotashery, click our Donate button, and shop on Amazon by clicking on the banner at the top of the page on our homesite,

And thanks, as always, for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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It’s me, Marc Hershon, and I'll be your host and concierge for Epi103 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is a Succotash Clips episode, where we feature clips from comedy podcasts and DON’T feature any interviews with anyone.

Although we do have a new Boozin’ With Bill segment, where I pay a visit to our announcer Bill Heywatt in the Studio P wet bar and he mixes up one of his alcohol-laden concoctions. This time out we’ll hear him mix up something he calls "Groovy Love-In Punch".

Why Not Network?

If you didn't know it before, Succotash is an independent podcast, as are so many of the shows that you can find strewn across the internet. But it’s funny – I was asked not once but twice this past week by a couple of different podcasters what network we’re on and, when they found out we’re NOT part of a network, why aren’t we?

I don’t know, actually.

I approached a couple of networks fairly early on in our operation and there was little or no interest – I think, at the time, they really wanted shows that were pulling significant numbers to help bolster the network’s ratings. Now, of course, there are networks like the Wolfpop Network, which came out of the gate with shows that were brand new.

I’m not opposed to having this show on a podcast network. It would certainly keep me honest and having to maintain a strict release schedule. Plus we’d probably have sponsors and might even start bringing in a little money instead of having to pay it out every month. And there’d be added publicity, too.

I’m not going to start knocking on doors right now, though. I have to imagine most of the networks know who and what Succotash is by now. Maybe if we were a review show we’d be a hotter commodity but that’s not what we’re about – and THAT could be the problem. Networks want listeners for their shows so why would they carry a show that’s letting people know what comedy podcasts are out there in the world NOT on their network?

So, until further notice, Succotash remains a proudly solo podcast, and our main mission of letting people know about the wide variety of comedy shows that are out there is still very firmly in place. Feel free to show your support for our efforts to do so by rating and reviewing us on iTunes, giving us a “thumbs up” on Stitcher, “hearting” us on SoundCloud, Liking our Facebook page, and/or clicking the Donate button on our homepage.

A Sound Experiment

Epi103 might sound a little different to those of you who have been listening to Succotash for a while. I'm giving an app called BossJock a try this time out, which is the equivalent of have a radio studio in your smartphone or tablet. The set-up is pretty simple and really applicable a show like ours, where we play a lot of clips.

I'm not going to wax too technical, but BossJock lets you load up audio clips of any length and they are available much like old-style tape cartridges ("carts") were in my old radio days. There's the ability to record through either the devices microphone or a plug-in mic of your choosing and there you are — all set up in your studio, with the controls at your fingertips.

The app give you a maximum of 15 "carts" with a phone and 35 with a tablet. I was using my iPad to carry my scripted rundown and my iPhone to record, but I could have just as easily switched. I'm used to assembling the show by mixing my voice tracks, music, and podcast clips after they're all laid out. SO it was interesting to do the whole thing on the fly with BossJock.

There were a few rough patches as I was getting used to moving in and out of the clips, and I didn't have enough carts to give myself a music bed under the TweetSack. So I did a little tinkering in GarageBand afterward. But I really had fun with the practice of putting everything together - essentially - in one sitting, while literally sitting in my car.

Coming Up In This Episode 

In addition to our Boozin’ With Bill adventure and a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian/commentator Will Durst, and clips from the following podcasts: Artist’s Alley, The Big Cat Show, The Kimchi Chronicles, Making Ends Meet, The Pauly Shore Podcast Show, Taco Tuesday, and Tangentially Speaking — not necessarily in that order.

Plus, of course, we dip into the Tweetsack at the end of the show.

The Clips

The Pauly Shore Podcast Show
This past week, for and Huffington Post Entertainment, I reviewed The Pauly Shore Podcast Show. You can go read the review in either place by clicking the links above, but here are the short strokes:   Pauly Shore’s back and podcasting’s got him…again. In his 40’s now, Shore still scores with his “perma-slacker” voice and attitude, clearing needing the several members of his support team in the studio to get him from point A to point B. Even the point of editing seems to escape him at times, with Shore once needlessly recapping something that we just heard happen (which had apparently been a while back in real time.) Childhood friend and occasional acting rival David Arquette is his guest and their chat is very loose, hilariously wandering from topic to topic, including Arquette’s childhood, growing up with his acting siblings, life with Courtney Cox, life without Courtney Cox, and how things are now with a three-year relationship and an 8-month old son.

The Big Cat Show
We recently featured a clip from The Big Cat Show with our old pal Lyonheart and I don’t like to repeat shows in quick succession, but Lyon does his show live on Thursday nights every week and he recently got a surprise caller. That’s pretty cool. Hannibal Burress just calling in. (Lyon, I think you could have parleyed that into a longer interview, though. Note to self: Don’t kick off an interview about talking smack about the star of the movie your guest is appearing in. Just a thought.) You can call into his show yourself every Thursday night at 7 PM East Coast time.

Artists Alley
Our associate producer Tyson Saner grabbed a clip from the Artists Alley podcast, hosted by Merill Barr. His guest in this slice from this past December is Troy Conrad, the brains behind the hilarious Set List show, which makes comedians invent material on the spot based on bizarre premises that he pops up on a screen on stage. Here he reveals an upcoming twist to the premise.

The Kimchi Chronicles
I got a note from friend of Succotash Nigel Boydell, who listeners may know from the Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks and HMS Codcast podcasts. He says: Hi Marc! I have included a short clip from my latest venture. I have been recording a podcast with my co-host, Samantha Pett. The Kimchi Chronicles is an intercontinental project. Sam is an English teacher in Ulsan, South Korea. We get together every couple of weeks to record a podcast over Skype. Because of the 9 hour time difference, Sam is usually recording in the early hours, and is usually fairly, how should I say, lubricated by the time the recording ends. Kimchi is a staple food in Korea, hence the title, and soju is a cheap alcholic drink, hence the lubrication. They sent along the sample we're featuring in this episode of the show.

Taco Tuesday
We recently featured a clip from Taco Tuesday with Podcast Dan and Adam Wolf and normally we’d wait a while before going back to the same well. But those guys are savvy enough to try out our new Hightail link for uploading clips directly to our show, so as a reward, we have another taste of Taco Tuesday.

Comedy Podcasters: If you'd like to upload a 3-5 minute MP3 clip directly to us, just use this link:

Making Ends Meet
Tyson has clipped us a sample of Making Ends Meet, a podcast where New Yorkers Max Ash and Tovah Silbermann talk to noobie comedians about their day jobs and how they can afford to be a comic in one of the most expensive cities in the country. In this samplage, the pair is talking with Sharron Paul.

Tangentially Speaking
From the show's description on iTunes: Ever wanted to hang with a famous comedian, dominatrix, health guru, author or Italian prince?  Well, here's your chance. In this clip from a recent episode, Dr. Christopher Ryan chats with guest Dan Piraro, the delightfully twisted artist behind the Bizarro cartoons.

All right, friends. That's what is in store for Epi103. Next time, Epi104 will be a Succotash Chats edition and our special guest will be Hal Lublin from The Thrilling Adventure Hour, back for his 3rd annual visit from when TAA was here at SF Sketchfest last weekend.

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— Marc Hershon


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This is Epi102 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Also known as the first episode of Succotash Chats.

Chats. No clips. Well, not clips per se.

We do have a couple of our Burst O’ Durst segments with comedian/commentator Will Durst. And an ad for Henderson’s Space Pants. And the Tweetsack. But NO comedy podcast clips. If you're sniffin' around for clips, please be sure to check out our previous Epi101, which was our first Succotash Clips show. All clips. No chats. And the NEXT episode, #103, will be all clips again.

I also invite you to check out our past episodes via our homepage, at We’ve had some great interviews in our past 100 episodes. And while you’re there, feel free to click on our Donate button, shop at our Succotashery, or use the Amazon banner at the top of the page to do your shopping on and they’ll throw us a few bones!

In the chat circle this week, our special guest is Brian Flaherty, the host of the New Hollywood podcast. I’ve been enjoying his podcast which focuses – mostly – on people connected to movies in the 1970’s, although he’s begun to push out from those parameters a little bit. A couple of episodes ago he had filmmaker Adam McKay as his guest and did a special “pre” episode with McKay playing a character named Alan Marlowe, a 70’s sleazy movie producer.

Brian and I talk about how that came about, how he got into podcasting and what he does around Hollywood as a part-time actor when he’s not part-time acting.

That’s it for our very first Succotash Chats episode. Next time we’ll be back with Succotash Clips, along with a new Boozin’ With Bill segment, a Burst O’ Durst, and who knows what else.

I’ve got a favor to ask, and it won’t cost you a cent. Just jump up on iTunes and search for Succotash – this podcast – and give us a nice rating and a quick review. It will help increase our visibility, you’ll be immortalized on the review page, plus I’ll be your bestest friend.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome – to Succotash Clips, Epi101, the first episode of Season 2!

As previously announced, my plan for Season 2 is to split our usual Succotash offerings – Clips and Chats – into separate shows. And that’s what you have here in the first show of Season 2. Succotash Clips.

All clips.

No interviews.

My goal is to have these shows come in at about or under an hour. And they should be a little easier to produce as well.  Our Associate Producer, Tyson Saner, grabbed up a bunch of comedy podcasts clips. I’ve pulled a few. And so let me give you the rundown of the podcasts we’re sampling this time out: 80’s Reboot Overdrive, Comedy On Vinyl, Getting On, Hello Internet, The Kundalini Files, That Would Be Me and The Big Cat Show.

In addition, we’ve got not one but TWO of our Burst O’ Durst segments this show, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, and the Tweetsack.


Now that the holiday break is over, I’m back posting podcast reviews. This past week, for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on and Huffington Post Entertainment, I took a listen to a couple of very funny episodes of The New Hollywood Podcast with Brian Flaherty. On Monday he had a short 15 minute installment with schlocky 70’s film producer Alan Marlowe, followed on Wednesday featuring an interview with Alan McKay, Will Ferrell’s comedic partner in crime.

The joke is that Marlowe is a character that McKay started riffing during his interview with Brian, so they went with it and made it a self-contained bit, which Brian then posted as a special episode. Check that out if you can – just follow the links above. (By the way, I also mentioned the Casa Mirth podcast with Dr. Norman Trousers and River Zambezi, and I also pinged the OnBrand podcast, which isn’t a comedy podcast but it’s about branding, which is my main day job, and host Nick Westergaard had my friend Pat Hanlon on as a guest so there.)

Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to catch the Casa Mirth Christmas Spectacular, you should, if only to hear my stirring introduction.


Maybe it's because I just started a new job at the beginning of the year, but I found the video sketch The Job Interview, by our friend John Dredge (host of The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show podcast) to be pretty clever.


Getting On with James Urbaniak
If you’re a podcast aficionado, chances are that you’ve heard James Urbaniak appearing as a guest on any number of shows out there, including The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Comedy Bang Bang. He’s a very talented vocal artist as well as and actor and a comedian. And he’s had his own podcast for a while. He doesn’t release them regularly – in fact, since 2012, there seem to only be about 21 episodes out there. Each one features him “navigating the darkly comedic recesses of his troubled yet charming mind,” according to his homesite.


80’s Reboot Overdrive
Our Associate Producer Tyson Saner stumbled headfirst into something called the Southgate Media Group. It’s a network of podcasts that got going about a year and a half ago, the brainchild of Rob and Martha Southgate. Almost every show on their lineup – and I counted 24 of them – is dedicated to a TV show. There’s also a show about video games and one potpourri crazy roundup of a show called 80’s Reboot Overdrive. That’s where this clip comes from, and it features host Dave talking to Southgate Media’s heads Rob and Martha Southgate, along with their 7-year-old daughter Molly, who co-hosts THREE of the podcasts with her parents.

The Big Cat Show
We haven’t heard from our old pal Lyonheart for a really long time. He had an internet radio show a couple of years ago, then he shut it down and headed out West for a bit, landing in San Jose to take care of some family stuff. But the West Coast didn’t suit him and he went back East once again, to New York this time with his buddy Matt.

Hello Internet
Tyson tossed us a clip this week from Hello Internet, a show I’m not familiar with. It features hosts CGP Grey and Brady Haran. I’m not sure what’s up with the three initials – the CGP Grey thing – but according to their homesite, the two guys kick around YouTube, life, work, and whatever. Grey’s got several videos on YuTube under the title “Grey Explains” and there’s one on the Lord of The Rings, robots, and other interesting subjects.

The Kundalini Files Redux
Friends-of-Succotash Davian Dent and Jason McNamara (also known as Jabs from The Dhead Factor podcast), had done a 6-part detective spoof podcast called The Kundalini Files a couple of years ago. Davian has re-cut and re-mastered those shows and put them altogether into something he calls a feature-length show he calls The Kundalini Files Redux.

Comedy On Vinyl
I’m going to assume that, if you’re a listener to Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, that you’re a fan of both comedy and podcasts. That combo probably can’t get much better than on a show called Comedy On Vinyl. Normally the comedy nerds on the show, headed up by host Jason Klamm, talk about the greatest comedy vinyl albums of all time. Our associate producer Tyson Saner found an intriguing break from that format with their epi119, featuring guest Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny podcast, who brought the chat around to the effect that Richard Lewis’ 1985 TV special “I’m In Pain” had on him.

That Would Be Me
Author Geoff Hoff does a lot of self-help books on writing and other topics, including an e-course on how to start your own podcast. He recently started doing a humor podcast himself, called That Would Be Me. Refreshingly, these are pretty short installments, and the subjects are presented in an observational style, which is a nice break from the glut of pop culture casts that seem to be propagating faster than ever.

That's the lineup and the skinny for the first show of Succotash, Season 2. Drop me a line at and let me know what you thought of our first Succotash Clips show. Next we’ll have a Succotash Chats edition, so you can compare the two flavors of Succotash.

One way you can help us out as we move into Season 2 is to get up to iTunes so you can rate and review us. You’d be amazed what a couple of sentences and 5 stars can do for our rankings. Neither of which costs you a dime. To help us out in a more material way, there’s the Donate button up at and we also have t-shirts, mugs and other merch with our brand new Succotash logo up now at the Succotashery.

Thanks for listening and be sure to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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