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Apologies in advance to anyone who believed me when, during the last edition of Succotash - that would be Epi15, that there was going to be a "regular" clip-heavy version this time. As luck, the Fates and some long-ago reserved vacation time would have it, I'm vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii, as I both record this epi and bang out this blog entry. Since, therefore, I'm about 2400 miles from my beloved Studio P (and my equally beloved executive producer Joe Paulino and his audio magicianship), I'm opting to run an interview as the core of this edition.

Jon Manfrellotti
It's a great interview with a longtime friend of mine, comedian/actor Jon Manfrellotti. You might recognize him from his recurring roles on TV, either as Gianni on Everybody Loves Raymond or as Manfro, the bookie from Men Of A Certain Age. I talked to Jon about his standup career as well as his acting work, then we also veer into his favorite hobby: playing guitar. There are parallels between getting into a comedy career and starting a podcast, as well as maintaining both, and we hit on that a little bit, too.

In addition to the interview, I do manage to get in five podcast clips and a Burst O' Durst, so it's like presents under the tree. I even run 15 minutes over with this episode to give you a little extra Succotash for the holidays!

Here's who's up this time around...

One of my favorite podcasts to come on the scene this year is Seth Morris' character of Bob Ducca and his short daily attempts to make life just a little bit better. Check out Bob's Christmas wish list, then go catch him over on and on iTunes.

Podcasting is a great medium for audio sketches and you'll find the folks behind theWrong Foot Podcast stretching the envelope. They can be found at and on iTunes.

We've featured Derek Sheen and Douglas Gale before, but that's because they put out a nice, consistent product when it comes to interviews and commentary. With a comedy angle steeped in the Northwest, catch more at and iTunes.

Host Caleb Bacon has cranked out the episodes and features a mixed bag special of guests, ranging from strippers and porn stars to comedians, actors and sports celebrities. The clip we include here features adult film actress Randi Wright talking about her antics on TV. Get yourself a free pass at or on iTunes.

In a previous appearance, these guys from Australia's capital were only doing a rambling commercial - here's an actual clip. I was recently interviewed by Jabs, one of the Dheads, and you can catch that show and their others at and iTunes.

We finish off the show with our regular feature, the Burst O' Durst, done up by politicomic Will Durst, who spouts off on his own site at and on Twitter as @WillDurst - follow him!

You can also follow us, @SuccotashShow and, if you REALLY want to help a podcast out, jump up our listing in the podcast section of iTunes and rate us and/or click that li'l ol Donate button the right hand side of the page...that one...right there. No, no...THERE. We'd really appreciate it.

My New Year's Resolution is  to deliver a full-on clip-heavy episode of Succotash first thing in 2012. Until then, however, get busy with Epi16 and please be sure to pass the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon
Direct download: Succo_16_12_23_11.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:00pm PDT

Christmas comes early to all you loyal Succotashians: We're going to start getting our episodes out more quickly! Since April, Producer/Engineer Joe Paulino and yours truly have been averaging a new 'sode about once every two or three weeks - sometimes even longer. (Hey, we gotta work for a living, just like you!)

BUT we've hit on a new format that should allow us to crank out more Succotash more often. By featuring interviews every other episode — with comedians, podcasters, comedian/podcasters, and other folk from the business of show — it really saves us production time. (People think doing a show featuring clips from other shows is easy, but it's very labor-intensive and we don't have interns, segment producers or anyone else running around here screening podcasts.)

In between those shows, we'll still feature our usual crop o' podcasts, but this will allow us to get more shows out to the listeners a lot more frequently.

Fred Stoller & Mitchell
Our interview this episode is with comedian/actor Fred Stoller, who you may recognize from his many appearances on TV and the occasional film. In addition, he does quite a lot of voiceover work which we talk about in the course of the interview.

Check out Fred's movie Fred And Vinnie and you can also click over to to see current webisodes of his web series The Gate Show.

We had time to feature just one podcast this episode:

Soul Joel heads up a crew on The Comedy Point that broadcasts live once a week — Tuesday nights, 5-8 PM, EST – in Philly and South Jersey on 1460 AM. The show then podcasts for the rest of the week.

This week we also feature some music from someone other than our crack music director Scott Carvey. It's a group called Cupla out of Canada (and I just realized that it's pronounced "coop-la", and NOT "cup-lah", as I pronounced in the episode. Sorry, guys!!!) and we play their single I'm Going during a break in our interview with Fred.

Finally, we have a great entry from regular contributor and political comedy assassin Will Durst presenting his Top Ten Comedy News Stories of 2011.

That's going to do it for our epi15 this time around. I'm off on vacation through the rest of the year, so we may not have any fresh Succotash until the end of the year...we'll see if I can find enough motivation while in Hawaii to pull one together. If we don't, have a happy holiday!

(And if you're looking for that perfect gift idea, why not pass the Succotash?)

— Marc Hershon
Direct download: Succo_15_12_12_11.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:59pm PDT

We're back. It seems I'm saying that every 'sode now for one reason or another. This time we got delayed and had some technical difficulties (which are addressed by producer/engineer Joe Paulino during the show.) Epi14 has finally dropped, as they say, and it's a doozy. So much show that we allowed it to run seven whole minutes over our usual one-hour running time!

One of the main missions of Succotash is to expose you, our Gentle Listeners, to all manner of comedy podcastery, especially some of those shows you might not have even heard about, let along listened to yet. And I can proudly say that this epi does just that. There are a couple of clips from some previously visited shows but mostly you're going to hear some new stuff that hasn't popped up on everyone's radar yet. (And if it's a show you already now then congrats - you beat us to it!)

We've got a couple of Studio P visits this show. One is with the owner of Studio P, the aforementioned Joe Paulino. He pops in so I can make him plug his new CD, a delightful relaxing musical blend entitled Inhale Slowly. If you like to take a break and ratchet the madness down a few notches once in a while, this collection of meditation-inspired tracks by Joe and collaborator Tim White will get you there. Click on the link to visit Inhale Slowly and pick up a copy. We also have another Boozin' With Bill segment.

More intense than our previous encounters, Studio P has installed a functional wet bar and Bill forces your host to imbibe his latest concoction, the "Popper Stopper". (I've popped the formula down there toward the bottom of the blog.)

Before I get to the lineup, let me remind you that you can catch my blatherings in a more focused form each week: as a contributing reviewer to This Week In Comedy Podcasts over on Jesse Fox and a handful of other opinionators each pick a comedy podcast that has caught our fancy that week and we write them up.

Finally, Succotash has gone listener-supported! (Okay, so we haven't ever had a real sponsor yet...) Look over there in the right-hand column on the blog page and you'll see the shiny new Donate button. Just click away and through the miracles of PayPal, you'll be able to toss a few digital dollars into our virtual hat if you'd like to help us defay the costs of producing this fine program. We'd be much obliged and will mention your name in an upcoming show as one of our benefactors.

Ok! Enough rambling. Here's who's up in Epi14 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Just click on the show titles to visit their homesites...

Improv 4 Humans

New in the land of podcasts, Matt Besser of the UCB Theater in Los Angeles hosts this foray into bringing some core elements of longform improv comedy to the audio arena. He's joined in this clip by Chad Carter and Sean Conroy.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece

What a fun discovery! Two lads from Hertforshire, England — Scratcher and Roberts – sit 'round and snipe at issues of the day. Guest Luke McFayden in this clip, where a rebuttal letter is read in response to a notice of traffic violation received by one of the boys.

CB Radio

This is our second time around with host Cameron Buchholtz, whose interviewing skills get better and better with each podcast. Here he's got pretty much a podcast exclusive with guest comedian Brody Stevens, who pulls back the curtain on his recent Twitter-perceived breakdown.

Ham Radio

Also a second visit, this time from the Northwest's Brett Hamill in the form of a commercial for one of his show's mythological sponsors. (Hey! We have one of those, too!)

Plan X Network

Here's a new-to-Succotash podcast. Not sure who these folks are or where they're from and I take 'em to task for it a little bit following their clip. I like to be able to give podcasters their due – most of us are slogging this out without a lot of recognition – but when your p'cast's homesite doesn't have much info on you (AND you sent us the clip yourself!), there's only so much we can say.

Hosted by Parker Arizona and Jason Frisbee (great names!), PPR is one of those free-wheeling discussion-style podcasts where folks generally shoot the shit about anything and everything. In this clip, they're talking movies and get into something I can appreciate - what I call the "pussification" of classic monsters in recent films.


Their title stands for File Under Horrible and the hosts - Bill and Jim - toss around a number of topics that get their goats and their dander up. Even their goat's dander, occasionally. Out of Chicago, these guys channel their creativity in this clip into a sketch about Michael Jackson based recent news that surfaced regarding one of his brothers. (I don't mean to pick on these guys in particular but I hold the FUHcast up as an example of a show that could be made better simply by ramping up the audio quality - that goes for a lot of the programs out there. Nothing personal, guys - I appreciate what you're doing!)

We Hate Movies

I pretty much completely mangle my mention of the four hosts' names - Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Erik Szyszka and Chris Cabin (well, three out of four) - so apologies, gents. I love their take in this clip about the idea for a GOOD Star Wars-based TV series: The story of Lando Calrissian in a The Wire-style telling of the Cloud City story. (I'm not a squeamish guy, language-wise, and we do carry an Explicit warning on the podcast but I don't believe these fellows could cram more gratuitous uses of the word "fuck" into this clip...)

As a kind of memorial to podcaster Adam Spiegelman's recently removed tonsils, we roll out three related offerings next...

Proudly Resents

 Adam hosts his "Cult Movie Podcast" each episode and this clip is from a recent show featuring Crystal Angel, a rare creature, indeed - she's an avowed fan of Adam Sandler's Jack And Jill movie, which has not been kindly received. Guest Judith Benezra helps to gentle roast her.

Dream Tweet

Spiegleman produces what's being billed as "The Game Show To Go", hosted by comedian Jonathan Corbett. I think this clip comes from a show that was produced in a Mini Cooper (slightly creepy) and features two contestants who are trying to guess which celebrity supplied one of a trio of tweets. The prize is five bucks. (I see a future on GSN...)

Luggage Tuesdays

This is the first time Succotash features a possible podcast. Mike Spiegleman, Adam's brother and a San Francisco-based comic, has a blog entitled Luggage Tuesdays and his sibling is urging him to turn his writings into a podcast. Here's one of the test segments so we can all get a taste of what that might be like.

Burst O' Durst

We round out Epi14 with a visit from our fave political wag Will Durst, who shines his wry light on the Herman Cain misfire. (If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, don't miss Will's Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show XVII -it's all over the place the last week of the year so Google it (click the title to link to the Yelp listing for the show on New Year's Eve in Alameda.)

Okay, that's it! Go pass that Succotash!

Marc Hershon

Direct download: Succo_14_11_28_11.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:04am PDT

It took me FOREVER to get Episode 13 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, dropped this time. Plenty of material - with so many comedy podcasts online, THATS never a problem. The "hitch in the giddyup" as a old friend of mine says, was that our producer Joe Paulino, was traveling out of town. He suggested we just wait until he returned but - NO - I couldn't leave well enough alone, could I?

"Just leave me all the bit and pieces," said I. "I can put it together. All I need to do is learn how to use Garage Band." Anyone who uses GB for their 'cast knows how simple it is...after you've done it a couple of times. I got it down enough to push out Epi13, but it was like a baboon giving birth to a porcupine. Wearing a blindfold. In a hailstorm.

That said, I think I've managed to cram quite a lot into this 'sode. Pile of new clips. Couple of Henderson's Pants commercials. A joke from Larry Miller. And a brief visit with Kelly Carlin to talk about her upcoming one-person show, A Carlin Home Companion, which is hitting locally near Studio P on Sunday, November 13th, at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in downtown Mill Valley.

In addition to reminding you that Succotash is now available through your Stitcher Smart Radio app (on whatever kind of app-y device you own), I wanted to urge you to visit my scribblings as one of the contributing reviewers at Jesse Fox's This Week in Comedy Podcasts over on

I also participated in a roundtable discussions about podcasts ON a podcast (David Nelson's Comedy-A-Go-Go) which should be dropping soon. I had a great time and two of my fellow panelists are represented in this episode of Succotash when I play clips from their shows. (But you'll have to listen to find out who they are!)

Before I get to the meat, the picture I'm using here is actually of me this time, dressed in my resplendent Halloween costume which I wore at the Grin Reapers show. It was the first go at having a bunch of San Francisco comic types being onstage but reading from works of classic horror fiction.

Here's what's in store:

The Standup Chronicles

Host Adam Harris has been interviewing the comics who pass through his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, for the past three years. In this clip, he bagged a pair of my old pals - Dan Chopin and John "Dr. Gonzo" Means - and we find out that a song parody joke deconstructed on HBO's Talking Funny last season originated from Dan.

 The Anti-Semantic Show

Yeah, I had to look twice at the title of this podcast, too. (Even Google asked me if I was looking for the right thing!) The "Four assholes with microphones" (their words, no mine) are Drew, Pinder, Ryan Anti-Hero, and Prado God. (I love it when people are so ashamed of their podcast antics they can't bring themselves to use their real names.) These guys are doing their thing out of Staten island, New York, where their conversations cover a wide array of topics every episode.

 Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca

This short, daily installment style of podcast is very appealing, although I prefer to download a week's worth at once and listen to all five in a row. Seth Morris has got a bead on his perennial sad sack character who, in this clip, shares his ever-changing "bucket list".

 The Dhead Factor

An export of Australia, the Dhead (which stands for dickhead) Factor is new to the podcast scene, with just six 'sodes under its belt. The main host is Jabs,, along with his mates Josh, Adrian, and Stu. At a half-dozen episodes, this laidback commentary-style show is still finding it's way. Fortunately, that Aussie accent is so charming it covers a multitude of sins.

 This Week with Larry Miller

To be honest, I'm not featuring a long clip of Larry's show, though I dearly love his program. Problem is that his stories are generally too long for me to feature on Succotash in their entirety. Fortunately, he recently told a old joke which I thought rated replay here. But catch Larry's whole show if you get the chance!

The Dork Forest

Comedian Jackie Kashian has found a great niche for her podcastery: Reveal the hidden dork inside pretty much everyone. Each guest she has on seems fixated on some field of esoteric interest, and can talk intelligently about it. In this clip, fellow comic Aisha Tyler unveils several pretty dorky areas of interest, including being very into the Lord of The Rings trilogy of books as well as anything Tolkien.

Big Sauce Radio Show

This podcast originates as an internet radio show out of Boston. (, 8-10 PM) This was sent to me here at Succotash in hopes of being played. I don't mind playing some show's "sizzle reel" but I think you're better off with the "reel" stuff. Nonetheless, see what you tink of Big Sauce and crew.

Paul Goebel Show

Declared to be "TV's Biggest Fan" by TV Land back in 2000, Paul Goebel has since shortened it to King of TV. Revel in his presence. This is a very short clip he sent along - I guess kings don't have very good attention span skills.

Burst O' Durst

We've actually got a double dose of political comedian Will Durst this show. Strap in for some good old fashioned contemplation on how the world is supposed to be working when there are questionable events afoot.

That's about it. Apologies for any strange sound qualities - I swear things are going to be better, soundwise, when Episode 14 rolls in because our producer, Joe Paulino, will be back in town.

Please pass the Succotash,


— Marc Hershon

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Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:37pm PDT

It seems there's something new every time I turn around to do a new 'sode of Succotash. Last time it was our inclusion as part of Stitcher Smart Radio's comedy lineup. This time Jesse Fox's blog This Week In Comedy Podcasts has tapped me to be one of the contributing writers (which include Bradford Evans, Eli Terry, and Joel Mandelkorn.) So look for me to talk up some of the funniest comedy p'casts we have (and will) feature right here on Succotash.

I was also just guesting on Radio Rubber Room, a radio show/podcast out of Richmond, Virginia. So thanks to hosts Derrick Vega, Dan Anderson, and Kris Manzelli to inviting to call in for a chat. (You can check that out by clicking the linked name of their show, above...)

This episode I was happy to lure our booth announcer Bill Heywatt into the studio to share one of his favorite "adult beverage" recipes in our very first Boozin' With Bill segment. I can't attest to the tastiness of anything Bill might suggest but the formula is posted here if you want to test your mettle...and your taste buds. If our listeners enjoy what Bill's mixing up, you can be sure he'll be back with more libations.

Here's a rundown of the podcasts and links that we're featuring on this episode of Succotash:

CB Radio
This straight-ahead interview show is hosted by Cameron Buchholtz, a standup comedian based in Austin, Texas. The clip we have features him chatting with Michael Ian Black, he of The State and Stella sketch troupes, as well as his being a screenwriter and director in his own right. (MIB also co-hosts one of our show's faves: Mike And Tom Eat Snacks...)

Mike And Tom Eat Snacks
Hearing Michael Ian Black on the previous p'cast gave me the itch to spinout a clip from MATES this episode. As I mention, I never miss an installment of this funny show with him and Tom Cavanagh. If you're one of their listeners who don't like to know in advance what they're snacking on, Spoiler Alert: This show we clipped was all about Dunkin' Donuts' Munchkins.

Burst O' Durst
This episode brings a double dose o' Durst your way. (Will Durst churns out his reports every week so, with our production schedule, we usually have more than we can handle. But not this week!) I actually clipped two Dursts together for the first blast - which is all about how the Republicans can't decide who to rally around. The second BOD is focused on Bank America's decision to heap a $5/month surcharge on ATM users.

Pod Awful
First time on Succotash, Pod Awful comes to us from New York City, where its billed as a "comedy talk show". Hosted by Jesse P-S (Initials? Alias? Random letters? I can't tell...), this clip also features comedian Glen Tickle. Jesse sent us this clip as being representative of his show, and it features a heart-warming story of a father using a unique test to determine if his son is gay.

Sweet Feathery Jesus
Been dancing around with the hosts of this podcast to try to get a clip lined up and now we have one! The hosts - Belasco, Booze, Dr. P and Hiccup - cover a variety of topics. They comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, which makes for some...spirited discussions.

Bob's Boneyard
At long last we also have a clip from Bob's Boneyard. The guys who run this podcast - Bob Fresh, Manny Torres, and Manny Fresh - have been promising a clip for a while but when I heard one of their shortened offerings (called Bonespurs), the argument about the difference between vampire zombies vesus zombie vampires was too good to pass up.

Hotshot Whiz Kids
Here's our second clip from a New York podcast this episode (this one from Buffalo), although hosts Mike Cline and Mark Davila call it "internet talk radio". There was something provocative to me about a conversation that starts with flu victims becoming zombies and ends up (in less than five minutes) talking about chaperoned sex with minors. That's the essence of podcasting in a nutshell...

The Todd Glass Show
It's fun when I find podcasts being done by people I've known through my long years in the comedy biz. Todd Glass is a classic standup comedian, well-respected in the industry - and it was just a couple of months ago when I sitting in the green room of the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley when he was discussing trying to pull his own podcast together. Well, here it is, part of the Nerdist network! Episodes run two hours and feature Todd, his crew and at least one comedian guest each show, this time with Gary Gulman on board.

In addition to our clips and our feature with Bill, this episode features two commercials from our longtime sponsor Henderson's Pants. One of the styles they're pitching, the High-Waisted Hiphuggers, got its genesis from the mind of one of our listeners, comedian Ed Wallick. Thanks, Ed!

That's about it. You can listen to us right here on the webstream, download us from iTunes (a review wouldn't hurt!) or give a listen for us on Stitcher Smart Radio! Enjoy this episode and please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Direct download: Succotash_12_10_16_11.mp3
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Back to basics with Episode 11 of Succotash, meaning we've got a full boat of comedy podcast clips in store this time around and no special guests. Unless you count my impromptu discussion with legendary announcer Bill Heywatt. That happens. We also play our very first message that's come in on the Succotash Hotline. The only message, actually. At least so far.

The biggest news on the Succotash front is that we've just joined up with the Comedy channel on Stitcher SmartRadio! If you're not hip to Stitcher yet, it allows you to listen to your favorite shows directly from your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry or Palm phones. If you don't have Stitcher yet,  you can download it for free today at or from your favorite app store. (If you're already used to listening to us on our website or download us from iTunes or grabbing it from our RSS feed, all that remains the same - Stitcher is just another way to pass the Succotash!)

We've been getting some nice kudos from a few of the podcasters out there (not to mention our fabulous listeners), so thanks! We don't think of ourselves as competition - we're really just trying to spread the word about podcasting in general and to let folks hear some samples of the programming that's available on the internet. So for those comedy podcasters that want to have us feature them on a future episode of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, just shoot us a 3-5 minutes MP3 clip from a recent 'sode - send it along to and we'll do the rest.

Here's what's up in Epi11:

Can't seem to get enough of Bob Ducca, Seth Morris' brilliant sad sack self-help health guru! In this clip, we get a peek inside Bob's medicine cabinet. You can catch him five days a week over at Earwolf, the comedy podcast portal that has recently been dubbed THE podcast place to be over at FunnyOrDie! Bob tweets, too!


Another new favorite of mine is Superego. Fast-paced and very funny, these guys have several screws loose and a bunch of Hollywood-based guests to boot. Mostly improvised, beautifully produced, and with a shorthand language all their own, I make a comparison on the show to Superego being the 21st century's answer to the fabulous Firesign Theater. In addition to their homesite and iTunes, also catch Superego on Stitcher SmartRadio.

Hosts Derek Sheen and Douglas Gale are back for a replay on Succotash, this time with guest comedian Ahamefule J. Oulo (whose name I horribly mangle in my intro - sorry!) I have a warm spot in my heart for these guys, as they hail from the Northwest, where I did time a long, long time ago in a comedy club far, far away in Seattle. Check 'em on their homesite and iTunes.

First time in the Succotash for Joe Hammer and Dan Heinz. These guys are heavyweights (literally) in the movie biz and they split their time talking about pop culture matters, review movies AND previews (in a segment featured here called "Trailer Trash"), and they bust each other's ball occasionally, too. Get the big bucket o' popcorn for this one. Check 'em out on iTunes, Stitcher and their tweets, too.

The Moth

Sometimes it's not all about comedy. At least at The Moth. This is more like the NPR of podcasts. True spoken word performances, with subjects all over the map. Because Succotash is about comedy, we feature a story from writer Peter Hyman performed at one of The Moth's StorySLAMS. Catch their refreshing honesty at their homesite and on iTunes.


I was turned onto comedians Jon Schieszer and Erik Marino by friend-of-the-show Dave Nelson over on the Comedy-A-Go-Go podcast. While sports is not my bag, these guys are funny as they cover the wide world of them like a blanket. A funny, irreverent blanket. In the clip on the show, they're joined by national headliner Steve Byrne. Homesite and iTunes are the places to catch these boys.

Uhh Yeah Dude

"America Through The Eyes Of Two American Americans" is the tagline for this show featuring Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette. Long-running (290 epi's and counting!!!), UYD is a simple formula: Seth and Jonathan talking about pop culture and news of the day, ripped from today's headlines. In our segment, they talk about competing fat women. Find them at their homesite and at iTunes.

Burst O' Durst

Intrepid politicomic Will Durst checks in for his regular slot, this time dredging up the new-old theory of Trickle Up Economics being exhibited by our elected leadership. Make his homeside a regular stop or click on his name to get over to his tweetstream.

 To get even more of the Succotash experience, please hop over and Like us at our page on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Rate n' review us at iTunes. And don't forget that we're now also available for instant listening on Stitcher SmartRadio!

We'd love to hear from you to get your suggestions for comedy podcasts to feature on the show. Or maybe your comments and commentary about your favorite shows. Call into our Succotash Hotline any time, day or night - voicemail is standing by at (818) 921-7212.

That's about it for now. Thanks as always to Super Producer Joe Paulino and Musical Director Scott Carvey. Until next time, please remember to pass the Succotash!

Marc Hershon

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WARNING: Episode 10 is not our typical 'sode. (Actually, I 'm not sure - in the first 10 episodes of our podcast - that we have anything that can be pointed to as "typical".) Anyway, what I mean is that this edition of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast, has no comedy podcast clips in it.

Dana and Scott Carvey sharing memories at Studio P

It does, however, offer something you're not going to find anywhere else in Podcastland: A visit with comedian Dana Carvey and his brother, Scott Carvey, who also happens to be Succotash's musical director. For the first time in podcast history, the Carvey boys sit down and talk about their love of sports, running, music, comedy...and anything else that this free-ranging discussion happens to hit upon.

I think this show represents a true "find" for the comedy aficionado, comedy nerd, Carvey fan and anyone else who enjoys a one-of-a-kind experience. (Special thanks this week to our Engineer/Producer Joe Paulino for doing a bangup job in editing this weeks offering!)

Although we don't have any podcast clips featured this show, we do have our regular feature, our Burst O' Durst with political comedian extraordinaire Will Durst. Then we'll be back to a full rack of comedy podcast clips in our next edition, Epi11, along with Durst, and commercials from our sponsor, Henderson's Pants.

In the meantime, if you have a question, comment or suggestion, please hit up our Tweet Sack via @SucctotashShow or; or you can dial into our Succotash Hotline: (800) 921-7212.

— Marc Hershon

Direct download: Succotash_10_9-11-11.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:14pm PDT

Chillin' With The Chillpak Boys

Big treat this week: I'm the special guest aboard Epi225 of Chillpak Hollywood Hour! Co-hosts Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness were featured as OUR guests back in Epi4 of Succotash, and we've played a couple of clips from their show before as well. It seems turnabout is fair play and during a recent trip to LA to interview Kelly Carlin (currently featured on Epi9), the Chillpak guys asked if I'd join them for an upcoming Labor Day episode.

Quite a thrill for me, as CHH was one of the first podcasts which I began to listen to on a regular basis. Having just celebrated their 4th year of podcasting goodness, I dubbed Dean and Phil "podcasting royalty". Although their focus is Hollywood — not so much celebrities and gossip so much as the nuts n' bolts of films, filmmakers and filmaking — they are fun and funny guys (Dean being not only an accomplished actor but also an improvisor and standup comedian), thus maintaining their eligibility to be featured on Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

As I only reveal bits of my history and interests as time allows on Succotash, giving Epi224 of CHH a play will let OUR listeners know a little bit more about the host of this show. At the same time, it's an example of how a freewheeling, funny discussion can come off pretty easily among three guys just sitting around and chatting. I'd like to encourage our loyal Succotashians to hop on over to either or to iTunes and not only listen but subscribe to Chillpak Hollywood Hour!

Please pass not only the Succotash but also the Chillpak!

— Marc Hershon

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Succotash is your Comedy Podcast Podcast and, as such, we feel it's our duty to keep stretching the definition of "comedy podcast" a bit more when we can. Succotash hit the road to interview this week's special guest, Kelly Carlin, who was kind enough to invite me into her home for a discussion about comedy, podcasts, and her late father, comedy legend George Carlin.

She's a smart, lively, funny, and fascinating personality, who hosts Waking From The American Dream, an internet radio show and podcast. Interestingly, we learn that she wasn't involved in the world of comedy very much while her dad was alive but, immediately following his passing, she found herself greeted by well-wishers of high status in the comedy community, who were anxious to make the only child of a comedy figurehead know that she was welcome to become part of this great extended family.

It's an interesting conversation, one which I've broken up over the hour-long episode and interspersed with a handful of clips from some comedy podcasts we've not featured yet:

Affirmation Nation

As I mention in the show this week, Affirmation Nation is one of my new favorite p'casts. The installments are short and can be found daily over on Featuring Bob Ducca, there's a great lampooning of "feel good-ness" going on in each tasty bite of this offering. (Apologies to Bob, Seth Morris, and the Earwolf folks - I blew leaving the link info in the show this time! I'll mention it in Epi10. In the meantime...) and iTunes

• Cinematic Method

Funny concept and follow-thru for a show by a quintet of guys. They watch movie trailers and, from those alone, attempt to predict the film's ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes site. Talk about meta! In this clip, the guys examine recent release Fright Night. and iTunes

• Comedy-A-Go-Go

Friend of Succotash Dave Nelson and his p'cast are back on the show via this clip featuring a taste of his interview with actor/comedian TJ Miller. Dave's a touchstone for podcast and comedy happenings in the Midwest, and we're glad he asked if we'd revisit his program. and iTunes

• The Mad Ranters

An "open forum where a 'nothing is sacred' approach is taken" is how the Mad Ranters' website talks about their podcast. Angus and his crew take everything to task and leave no stone unturned along the way. We're just giving you a taste: Angus ranting solo about drivers in the middle lane. and iTunes

So we're a little short on the clip count this week to better accommodate our interview with Ms. Carlin. But you'll also catch another Burst O' Durst with regular contributor and political comedian extraordinaire Will Durst ( and @WillDurst on Twitter), plus we dip into the Tweet Sack and have another new ad from the folks at Henderson's Pants.

Lastly, we've received zero calls on the new Succotash Hotline at (818) 921-7212, which leads me to believe everyone's incredibly happy with what we're doing, nobody's listening, or you all wish that it was toll-free. Regardless, if you're listening to the show and could do us the great honor of going up to iTunes to rate it ANd review it, we'll be your bestest friend ever.

Hope you enjoy this week's serving and that you'll do your best to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Episode 8 is up (in record time - just was laying it down at Studio P last night - way to go, engineer/producer Joe Paulino!) and not only do we have a whole new passle o' podcasts but this epi features special guest co-host Rob Celli. He's one half (combined with LA-based partner Jason Duplissea) of popular podcast What Duvet Said. (WDS isn't a comedy podcast, per se, but the hosts have a sly sense of humor that touches everything that they talk about during the course of their weekly hour.)

We kick things off with a quick trip through the Tweet Sack (the Succotash version of a mailbag feature), and unveil the new Succotash Hotline number: 1 (818) 921-7212. Then Rob and I launch into a slew of podcast clips, most of them chosen by Rob. (The first pair of segments are features from What Duvet Said — hear Rob and Jason's podcast at or grab it from iTunes.) The rest of podcasts, in order of appearance…

• Good Clean Fun
Rob cites this show as one of the inspirations for he and Jason to take their personal conversations online for the world to hear. The hosts of Good Clean Fun, Jasper and Mike, live halfway across the country from each other but that doesn't keep them from convening weekly.
and iTunes

• Gee & Jay Radio Show
The #1 podcast in Belfast? It is to hear these two mates talk about it. It might take a little while to get the hang of listening to their thick Irish brogues (at least to an unpracticed Yank's ear!) Plus it's a kick to hear that Google Plus is getting a workout overseas at the same time as in the States.
and iTunes

• S & M Rants Podcast
From the website: "“The S&M Rants Podcast is a weekly podcast where Shane Birley and Monica Hamburg talk about weird and amusing stuff. Want to find out more about Chewbacca sex fantasies, Japanese toilets and bad erotica? Wondering who the fucktard of the week is?” In this clip (our last 'duo hosted' show of this edition) the two kick around a news story about a dude who tried to have a prostitute arrested for not putting out to his satisfaction.
and iTunes

• The Jimmy Dore Show
A Succotash favorite, Jimmy Dore and his panel of guests (Mike McCrae, Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, and Robert Yasamura) enjoy taking a comedic bite out of political and pop culture figures.
and iTunes

• Comedy Bang Bang
Guest co-host Rob Celli brings in a clip from another show we like hearing from! Scott Aukerman has consistently has great comedic guests and hyperweird drop-in characters. This segment features a mini-reunion of the director (David Wain) and a couple of the cast (Paul Rudd, Ken Marino) of the movie Wet Hot American Summer, released 10 years ago.
and iTunes

• The Pod F. Tomkast
Avant garde comedian Paul F. Tompkins hosts this imaginative show, performed in front of a live audience. Definitely an experience worth catching a full download of sometime!
and iTunes

• Comedy Accident
I was happy to feature this clip, provided by the sketch group of the same name from Chicago. In this segment, they have a visit with sketch and improv vets Susan Messing and Greg Holliman.
and iTunes

We close out Epi8 with our regular feature, Burst O' Durst, provided every edition by San Francisco premiere political comedian Will Durst. (For more Durst, visit his site at and follow him on Twitter @WillDurst.)

So download a helping from this week's stash, tell your friends and don't forget to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon


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We're back. Vacation break over, me, Joe Paulino and the rest of the Succotash crew are together again and rocking Studio P in Sausalito.

Episode 7 features no guests or interviews but we DO have clips from eight comedy podcasts, two Bursts O' Durst with comedian Will Durst and Where's The Coffee?, an original tune by our musical director Scott Carvey. (Listen to this episode for information about when you can expect to hear — if our plans hold up — both Scott and his brother Dana (do the math) live in the studio in an episode in the near future!)

Here's what we've got in store this time...

Burst O' Durst (x2)
A double dose of political comedian Will Durst in this edition. Catch Will at his home site at or on Twitter as @WillDurst. 

• The Apple Sisters
One of podcasting's fastest rising shows, Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson and  Sarah Lowe are The Apple Sisters, bring their 1940's flare with a 21st century sensibility to the webwaves. Guest Jason Ritter joins them in this clip. Get more at or on iTunes. 

• Chris Porter's General Store
Comedian Chris Porter, a finalist on Season 4 of Last Comic Standing, rants a bit about obesity and wonders why people in Texas can even be fat. Load up on him at or on iTunes. 

• Nobody Likes Onions
So says host and comic Patrick Melton, who's joined by comedian Ryan Stout, who leads the discussion off into what a bad gig can be like...and can you recover? If you like what you hear, go get yourself a full helping at or iTunes. 

• Comedy Buffet
What I can tell you is that the Comedy Buffet guys have a couple of dudes (Jason and Jesse) from Van Full Of Candy on their show where, in this clip, they joke about oversized food and diabetes. (What I can also tell you is that I'm a big, giant goober. In the podcast, I dress the CB boys down for not ID'ing themselves. Next time I'll read the email someone sends in all the way through. Michael Powell hosts the show, joined this time around by usual suspects Matt Bernier and Don Buley.) Have yourself a good ol' time over at or iTunes. 

• Judge John Hodgman
If you don't know who John Hodgman is, you've no one to blame but yourself. He's the PC in the PC and Mac commercials. He's a correspondent on The Daily Show. And, well, he's John Hodgman! On his podcast, which is patterned much like the old People's Court on TV, he hears "legal" cases of strange and dubious merit and then rules on them. In our clip, he sounds off after hearing some letters by listeners with questions. Hear the full stories at or iTunes. 

• Somebody And Me
A couple of guys from Chicago, Patrick O'Rourke and Rob Gregory, welcome guests Carley Moseley and Andy Kushnir from the sketch group Jeremy. In this segment, they try to get a fix on exactly what a hipster is all about. Hear more at or iTunes. 

• The Unoffendables
Comic Tom Rhodes is joined here by Lou Angelwolf and Dana Gibson along with guest John Fugelsang. In the clip we have, John talks about his religion-flavored upbringing and how it helpd to shape his early comedy. There's more in store at or iTunes. 

• What Duvet Said
Jason Duplissea
and Rob Celli sliced out their own clip and sent it along, entitling it "The Breast of Duvet". In the segment, they examine a news story in which a women fended off police with gouts of her own breast milk. Tasty stuff. Want more? or iTunes. (And if you want even more WDS, I'm hoping to have Rob Celli in the studio with me for Epi8 as my special guest co-host!)

As you can see, Succotash Epi7 is stuffed with delicious podcastery. In addition, our booth announcer Bill Heywatt has a bit of a meltdown in studio (we're also featuring his unique spin on the classic drink, the Snowshoe), and we have a new commercial from our favorite sponsor, Henderson's Pants.

If you'd like, follow us on twitter @SuccotashShow, Like us at our Facebook page (just search for "Succotash Show" on fb), or drop us a line at!

Until next time, be kind, rewind and, as always, pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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With engineer/producer Joe Paulino away on vacation for a couple of weeks, I didn't want the hungry Succotash listener to be without, so we're offering up a second helping of Epi6's special guest Rick Overton!

This bonus episode features my interview with Rick in its entirety, which is almost 20 minutes longer than the original airing. There's more about Rick's background, and us talking about Vortex, the sci-fi action script that he and I optioned but never got made.

Epi6.5 contains no comedy podcast clips, commercials, or anything other than Rick and I yakking it up. We'll be back to business as usual with Epi7 in a week or so. Hope you enjoy our version of a summertime book at the beach in the meantime!

Until next time, please be so kind as to pass the Succotash!


Marc Hershon

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When I first started Succotash back in April, I figured it would be just little' ol' me and a pile o' podcast clips. But comedy friends keep popping up and it just seems right to make room for them on the show whenever there's a chance. Episode 6 is no exception, as standup/improvisor/actor extraordinaire Rick Overton was in town to play with Mark Pitta (guest co-host of Epi5 of Succotash) & Friends at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, CA.

Not only is Rick an act bordering on legend status amongst his peers (and a goodly number of civilians as well), but he's a longtime friend of yours truly and was happy to kick back in his hotel room before the show and chat it up about his life and times behind and around the microphone stand. This will be a treat for the comedy nerds out there, as well as those who will doubtless recognize him from his many guest starring roles in film and on TV.

A second treat we have for you in this epi is an actual song, Business End, by our music director Scott Carvey. I've gotten a number of comments about Scott's excellent theme for our show — here's a chance to hear him strut his stuff without me walking all over his notes.

Then there's the Burst O' Durst, our episodic entry on politics, world affairs and humankind from noted raging moderate and comedian Will Durst!

AND we have clips, too! Comedy podcast clips from near and far, picked fresh and played for your amusement. This week's Succotash samples:

Mike And Tom Eat Snacks

Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh welcome their first guest to the snack table: Late Night with David Letterman executive producer Rob Burnett.

• Radio Rubber Room

Dan Anderson, Derrick Vara, and Chris Manzelli open their live music & sketch comedy studio up to hip hop artist Black Liquid.

The Sal & Angelo Podcast

San Francisco comedians Sal Calanni and Angelo Lorenzetti bring in guest Tony Camin, a comedian who started in San Francisco but is based now out of New York.

• Sklarbro Country

Featuring comedians Jason Sklar and Randy Sklar, their podcast is heavily sports-influenced and pretty damned funny. (And, if it wasn't for the fact they sometimes finish each other's sentences, you'd never know that they're not just brothers but identical twin brothers.)

We're a little light on clips this week, but we more than make up for it with the Rick Overton interview. But there was even more interview than we had show for - so expect to see uploaded soon a special Succotash Epi 6.5 which will be the Overton interview in its entirety!

I want to thank the Friends o' Succotash who have been tweeting us up on Twitter (we're @SuccotashShow), Liking us on Facebook, and rating us on iTunes! We've also been getting suggestions to check out more comedy podcasts we've never heard of before, so look for new blood in the coming episodes.

For now, though, kick back, download and enjoy!

Pass the Succotash,

Marc Hershon

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Although there was an episode in between this one and Epi3, featuring guest co-host Dana Carvey, I felt we couldn't have another edition of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, without getting funny comedian, show producer and longtime friend Mark Pitta into the studio. Part of the reason is that he's a fledgling podcaster just like me and he's also damned funny. The other reason part was because Dana and I had a bit of fun at his expense during the show and it only seemed right to have him to show there were no hard feelings and so everyone would know that the hazing was just a goof.

Mea culpa accomplished.

Mark brought in several clips from podcasts he's heard and likes, so not only did we get a little insight into the man who created and runs the 6+ years-old Mark Pitta & Friends at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, California, but it's fun to see who makes a good solid laughmaker laugh...and why.

This epi also marks the debut of a Burst o' Durst — specially-tailored clips featuring the insightful witful musings of top-flight political comedian and friend-of-Succotash Will Durst. Our friend will be supplying the show with his comedic splashdowns for a long time to come.

One thing I neglected to do (it seems I'm always forgetting something) was to tag all of the clips with where to go to get some more of the same. Sorry about that, podcasters! You should know by know that most of the p'casts can be had through iTunes, but it's fun to check out the websites of these funny folks, too, in order to find out more about them, when they have live appearances scheduled, and more. Not to worry - I've included those sites in this blog piece. Just click on the show titles below to be whisked there in an instant!

Here's what's cooking on Succotash this time around...

Mark chats with comedy legend Mort Sahl.

David Mamet discovers he's a Conservative...and is rewriting accordingly.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on hearing that Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Joe and guest Al Madrigal talk about dealing with an audience that more tuned into technology than the show.

Larry talks about how little he knew about sex and women.

Greg plays a game called Talk Your Way Out of It with his staff.

Scott Aukerman's guest, John Mulaney, is a writer for SNL. He talks about the Stephan character and Law & Order.

For those listeners who may be fans of our regular sponsor, Henderson's Pants, we have a new spot in this epi featuring, for the first time, the Henderson's Pants Sketch Players. And thanks to our musical director Scott Carvey for supplying some spiffy new "incidental music" which you can hear behind our chatter during this edition of Succotash. (And I promise that, next time, we're going to feature an actual song from Mr. Carvey's repertoire!)

Joe Paulino and his Studio P ("The Home of The Hit!") deserves recognition for, once again, making the show sound so very pro and bringing it in at exactly one hour. To the second. Kudos!

We're going to start dipping into the ol' emailbag next epi, so if you've got comments or suggestions for podcasts we should give a listen to, send 'em along to And if you're a potential sponsor looking for a smart new way to catch the attention of today's idea demographic, we'd be happy to talk to you about throwing a few nickels our way. Drop us a line and let's make something happen!

We'll probably get a "Donate" button up on the site soon, for any nice listeners who want to help us keep this train rolling. But, even if you don't spend a dime for all of our hard-spent time, please jump up to iTunes and give us a rating. Maybe even shave off a friendly comment like kindly listener Ed Wallick did (Thanks, Ed!)

That's about it. Don't forget to pass the Succotash!



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This article appeared in the May 25, 2011, edition of the Half Moon Bay Review weekly newspaper:

Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:50pm PDT

Chillpak Hollywood Hour, that is. In Epi4 of Succotash, my special guests this show are Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, hosts of the podcast which just marked its fourth year on the web. And, I should mention, a model of consistency, having gotten up every week of those 4 years.

I got a chance to catch up with D & P on the occasion of the US premiere of The Truth Is Out There, a documentary delving into conspiracy theories of every stripe. (I favorably reviewed TTIOT on Huffington Post a couple of months ago.) Shortly before the movie got underway at the Retro Dome in San Jose, California, I was able to sit down with the two — Dean serves as the host for the movie, which Phil was the moviemaker who shot, chopped and shopped the film — in their hotel room.

The interview, featured on Succotash this episode, is interspersed with half dozen podcast clips, including:

  Featuring guest Adam Pally

  Doug Benson with guest Paul F. Tompkins

• The Adam Carolla Show

  With guest Albert Brooks

The Titus Podcast

  Christopher Titus' Armageddon Update

The Glory Hole

  With guest Samm Levine

Professor Blastoff

  Tig, Kyle & David talk about the Afterlife

Of the clips in this episode, I was especially delighted to get to hear Albert Brooks, a comic mind that tends to stay way too far off the radar, as a guest with Adam Carolla. Maybe one has to be a comic nerd to truly appreciate that some of today's comedy podcasts — like The Adam Carolla Show, WTF with Marc Maron and Greg Fitzsimmons' FitzDog Radio — are likely the only places you're going to find lengthy, in-depth interviews with some of the best comedians of all time.

We're starting to get more clips submitted by you comedy podcasters out there but keep 'em coming! (Since you know your show better than I do, chances are that the 3-5 minute snippet you send me will be more representative of what you do that I'll be able to find...) And for you podcast listeners out there, let us know of your favorite we haven't featured yet! Send any and all emails to

Until next, please pass the Succotash!


Marc Hershon

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Truth_poster THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE follows actor-artist-inventor-improv comic Dean Haglund (best know as one of the computer-hacking Lone Gunmen from "The X-Files" and their own spin-off series) as he travels the world, hoping to learn what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracies, or conspiracy theories are everywhere.

(IS there a conspiracy to keep people from going to the U.S. premiere on Saturday, May 21st, at the Retro Dome in San Jose? If this is the first you're hearing about the movie, maybe so...)

A true epic that is equal parts comedy, consciousness and conspiracy, the film had its World Premiere on 30 April at the British Film Institute in London.

"This is one of those films that you will have to watch more than once. It's a timeless piece of work and destined to become a legend." - John Bryan, SlideTV

"All in all, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE is a call to all eager for more knowledge and new insights: They should dare to think beyond current boundaries and not let anyone limit their power of imagination. It is not THE truth that is out there, but rather several truths that wait to be discovered." - Anastasia Hansen, The Junction (Germany).

"THE TRUTH JUST MIGHT BE IN HERE - Examines the world of conspiracy theories in a refreshing and novel way." - Marc Hershon, The Huffington Post (Hey, that's ME!!!)

On Saturday 21 May, at The Retro Dome in San Jose, California, we will be having the US Premiere of the film. The screening will be followed by a brief intermission, and then Dean Haglund and director Phil Leirness will take the stage to do a live installment of their weekly podcast show, Chillpak Hollywood Hour. They will answer questions from the audience and share stories of our adventures on the road.

Because Dean, Phil and producer Lyle Skosey are completely self-distributing the film, they are relying on the help of kindred spirits to help get the TRUTH out there.

If there is anyone you know in, or near, the San Francisco Bay Area, who might enjoy what I expect to be a really fun night, I'd greatly appreciate you helping the guys spread the word.

Tickets can and should be obtained in advance exclusively through Everbrite.

Movie info, the trailer and a link to the tickets can be found at the official site.

Category:Movie -- posted at: 10:22am PDT

Succotash Epi 3 w/Guest Co-Host Dana Carvey

A bit of a delay to get to this, Succotash Epi3, but I was waiting for our guest co-host to clear enough of his schedule to join me in the studio. Since Dana Carvey was going to be the show's first guest, I wanted it to try to get it right. And I think we did!

He had a bit of a time crunch, so this epi's a little light on the podcast commentary in favor of time spent with Dana in the studio. Nonetheless, we manage to get in as many comedy podcast snippets as we have in the two previous episodes. Check out what we've got in store for you this time...

After Hours with Mark Pitta

Delicious Mediocrity

The Longshot Podcast

The Green Room with Sean Green

Ham Radio with Brett Hamil

What Duvet Said

Chillpak Hollywood Hour

David Feldman Comedy Show

Waking From The American Dream with Kelly Carlin

WTF with Marc Maron

Dana is just the first guest we have in mind for Succotash - stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we'll feature both interviews and guest co-hosting stints from your favorite comedian and/or podcasters!

As I've mentioned before, there are a TON of comedy podcasts out there, so if you ARE a podcaster or a listener who would like to recommend we feature one of your faves, please email me directly at with information about the podcast you're thinking about.

Until next time, please pass the Succotash!


Marc Hershon

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There's been a slight break between Succotash Episodes 2 and 3 but, never fear, we ARE in pre-production. Just a eensy delay due to actual paying work. But we appreciate the mentions, tweets and Facebook comments about the show. We've also been receiving snippets from comedy podcasts that would like us to take a look at them (Thanks, Sean Green of The Green Room! We'll be hearing from your clip on the upcoming episode of Succotash!)

If you're curious to find out more about host Marc Hershon (aka "me"), we urge you to click on over to Comedy A-Go-Go, where Dave Nelson is featuring his interview with yours truly from just after our debut episode. (The embedded link goes to Dave's website, but you can subscribe to Comedy A-Go-Go via iTunes as well.)

TEASER: In addition to The Green Room, on the upcoming epi3 of Succotash, we're going to be giving a listen to What Duvet Said with Jason Duplissea and Rob Cell, The Longshot Podcast, and we might even give a cut from Doug Stanhope's new album, Oslo, Burning The Bridge To Nowhere, a listen.

Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:00am PDT

That didn't take as long as I thought.

After finally posting last week's Succotash debut and getting it linked up with iTunes, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get the next episode together. Happily, through the magnificent efforts of show engineer/producer Joe Paulino, it really only took me getting the next round of comedy podcast clips together and we were ready to go.

After last week's premiere of Succotash, we got some nice mentions and with those, messages from some farflung podcasters who I hadn't heard of before. Now, there are a pile of established comedy p'casts out there and I'm anxious to showcase some of them. But these podcasters had the moxie to step up to the plate and ask if I'd consider featuring them on the show. AND two of them provided me with 3-5 minute clips of what they considered to be representative of their show. That saves me, booth engineer Kenny, and segment producer Stevie endless time so in they went to this week's show.

Without further ado, here's what is on tap in Episode 2:

This Week with Larry Miller

The David Feldman Comedy Podcast

The Mustache Rangers

FitzDog Radio

Read It And Weep

Comedy A-Go-Go

The Jimmy Dore Show

Uhh Yeah Dude

Kevin Pollak Chat Show

You can click on any of the above show names to go directly to the websites dedicated to those shows. I'm still getting used to remembering about leaving show information, where to find the websites, etc., so I'll ask any comedy podcasters featured on Succotash to please bear with my learning curve.

If you're interested in having a particular podcast featured (yours or just one you enjoy), please contact me at (Better yet, if you're want to send me a chunk of the show, around 3-5 minutes long, that will help my decision-making process immensely!)

Thanks again to engineer/producer Joe Paulino and musical director Scott Carvey.

Until next time, pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

LAST WORD: I was hoping to have a Special Guest with me to co-host this episode — we were all ready to go with that plan — but then we decided to streamline our workflow in assembling the show this week and it felt it would be easier to work the bugs out of the system without having to infringe on our guest's time. I don't want to over-promise, as schedules change without warning, but will nevertheless tease that we will LIKELY have an SNL graduate on-hand in Studio P (The Home of The Hit!) with our next edition.

Direct download: Succotash_Episode_2042711.mp3
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I want to thank the early listeners to our Succotash premiere episode for their kind words on Facebook, Twitter and the like. And I also feel the need to give a humble bow to a couple of great comedy resources who have their fingers on the pulse of the podcast side of things.

First, PlopList rolled out a gracious welcome yesterday:

Succotash Serves Up Comedy Podcast Highlights

Yesterday saw the launch of Succotash - The Comedy Podcast Podcast. Writer, cartoonist, reformed comedian performer and friend to comedy, Marc Hershon started the new show to highlight the best of comedy podcasts in an audio format. Succotash strings together short audio highlights from a variety of shows (no longer than 5 minutes each) interspersed with Hershon's plugs for the shows and some brief editorial commentary.

The first episode plays likes a public radio style recap show. Highlights include WTF With Marc Maron, Pop My Culture, Comedy Death-Ray Radio, The Adam Carolla Show, The Smartest Man In The World, Mike & Tom Eat Snacks and a few others.

Succotash is conceived as a primer for the potential uninitiated comedy podcast listeners out there. It's a simple concept, perhaps born out of the growing interest in the medium, especially when it comes to the comedy format. Another sign of comedy podcasts building on their garage band empire?

No word yet on the interval or whether or not the various shows receiving the highlight treatment will become willing partners of the show. Hershon hints at the heavy workload of putting the show together. This could prohibit a regular release. It's not on iTunes yet but you can still listen to the inaugral episode and keep track through the Succotash blog. Looking forward to see how the show develops.

Then, earlier today, we got a nice welcome from Punchline Magazine:

Punchline Magazine analysis: the comedy podcast goes postmodern

Due to the recent surge in popularity, It was only a matter of time, but now it’s official: the comedy podcast has gone postmodern.

Yesterday, via the Plop List, a wonderful hub of everything related to comedy podcasts, the arrival of Succotash - The Comedy Podcast Podcast was announced. As you might figure with the label “comedy podcast podcast”, host/producer Marc Hershon plays several clips from popular podcasts including WTF with Marc Maron and Comedy Death Ray Radio with interstitial commentary on the clips. Basically, it’s a highlight reel of the best of the best in the comedy podcast world.

As evidenced by
Rolling Stone’s recent Top Ten Comedy Podcasts of the Moment list and the ease of producing and uploading, proliferation in the medium has developed with the biggest names in comedy all the way down to open mic comedians having their own podcasts. The Soup with Joel McHale came about as there was too much wildly popular bad TV that begged to be parodied on American television; the Soup filled a demand for all of it to be sorted out. On a more “positive tip” Succotash may have come about because comedy podcasts have reached/are very close to reaching a fever pitch that requires the same sort of wrangling, though in admiration rather than in satire.

Whether this development will change the way in which comedians broadcast their thoughts and opinions — like paintings and movies did when their respective art forms moved into their postmodern periods — has yet to be seen. But, at the very least, the medium of the comedy podcast is moving forward, and more importantly, getting way funnier.

Thanks to the folks at both of those comedy resource points. Now that we now we've been noticed, we'll be on our best behavior!

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After teasing you for weeks and posting a couple of test shows to get an idea what Succotash might sound like, the premiere of the Comedy Podcast Podcast is here!

We're giving you a myriad of ways to listen: the title of this blog piece will take you to the Internet Archive site where the show is currently housed. At the bottom of this blog piece is an embedded player. AND we should be available for download from iTunes very soon! (We're trying to set that up AS this is being typed into the this space for confirmation that iTunes has given us the thumbs up!)

As it turns out, screening a bunch of comedy podcasts every week to find 3 to 5 minutes of funny stuff from each one is pretty time-consuming. And then having to engineer the variety of sound qualities possessed by the lot of them takes even more time. So, although we were hoping to be able to bring Succotash to you once a week, at the beginning it may run a little bit slower than that — even as much as a month.

At least for the "Big Show", with 8 to 10 different show snippets. working more on the fly, with a laptop and a microphone, we may be able to bring you some shorter tastes. And maybe even some guest interviews! (We already have interest from friends like Rick Overton, Mark Pitta and Dana Carvey to jump in here and have some fun.)

On this show, the Succotash premiere, you'll be hearing from:

The Adam Carolla Show with guest Greg Fitzsimmons

Comedy Death Ray Radio with Scott Aukerman and guest Patton Oswalt

After Hours with Mark Pitta and guest Carol Doda

Mike And Tom Eat Snacks with Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh

Pop My Culture with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland

The Smartest Man in the World with Greg Proops

Walking The Room with Greg Berendt and Dave Anthony

WTF with Marc Maron

Hosted by Marc Hershon, Succotash is produced and engineered by Joe Paulino, with original Succotash theme by Scott Carvey.

If you want to contact us, you can email us at Please "Like" us on our Succotash Show page on Facebook and follow our tweets @SuccotashShow. Feel free to leave comments in the area provided for it immediately following this blog post.

Pass the Succotash!

Marc Hershon

Ooops! Forgot to include one last mention - a snippet that went astray but is definitely in the show! Thanks to Secret Service Agent Hijaz for pointing out that I forgot to include in the above rundown...

Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pard

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Got into the studio today — "Studio P in Sausalito, Home of the Hit!" — with a double handful of snippets from recent comedy podcasts. On mic, with headphones on, and Executive Producer Joe Paulino running the show. Did our best to figure out just what the hell this show is going to be and sound like. It's clear that it will be an evolutionary process but it will sound slick, thanks both to Mr. Paulino on the board and the opening theme (and music bed) provided by Music Director Scott Carvey.

Speaking of which, I had breakfast with Scott's little brother a couple of hours before heading into the studio and he's definitely expressed an interest in being a part of things as the show moves forward. I'm not going to reveal more at the moment, as we're still figuring out what that involvement might mean, but trust me when I say it can only be good. Very very good.

I wanted to give an early shout out (early warning, perhaps) to the folks whose, podcasts...I'm going to be featuring on the Succotash premiere. You'll hear from Adam Carolla, Mark Pitta, Greg Fitzsimmons, Comedy Death Ray Radio, Greg Proops, Greg Berendt, Dave Anthony, Marc Maron, Ed Helms and the gang from Pop My Culture. No snippet runs more than 5 minutes long and there should be ample pluggage to let listeners know where to find the full-length versions.

That's about it for now. Just excited that it's actually about to happen, so I wanted to say something. More soon.


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Succotash (Dress Rehearsal #2)

Took a little while longer than I thought to get Succotash Test Show #2 online. (UPDATE: This episode is now available for download via iTunes!) Mostly because I'm also trying to get my taxes done. I wanted to see if I could get my workflow down a little better with this second test — selecting the clips, recording my wraparounds and commercials, and mixing it together. Mission accomplished!

I came up short on time — this test only runs about 46 minutes — as I'll be shooting for an hour when Succotash goes live, but I had selected a couple of clips which then failed to play properly when I was assembling the show. Decided to go without this time, and you'll never know who got left out this time around.

Who IS on the show this time? Glad you asked. I repeated a couple of clips from the first test — they're funny and/or interesting and this is still just a test — so you can enjoy After Hours with Mark Pitta hosting guest Dana Carvey as well as Nerdist's Chris Hardwick with John Oliver again. In addition, this version of Succotash also has David Feldman's Comedy Podcast, the Kevin Pollak Chat Show with guest Fred Savage, Adam Carolla with Ilieana Douglas, The Jimmy Dore Show, and FitzDog Radio with Greg Fitzsimmons and guest Dave Koechner.

This edition of Succotash is sponsored by Sugarhill Foods, so there are a couple of phony boloney commercials. (Hey! Phony Boloney! That should be another fine product from Sugarhill Foods...)

On other fronts, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new Succotash theme from Scott Carvey. And it looks like my friend Joe Paulino is interested in stepping up as the Executive Producer of this show. He's got a kickass studio here in town and has some great ideas how to tweak not just the sound of the show but also some of the features you'll be hearing once we go live.

That's about it. As before, love to hear YOUR comments and feedback on the test shows. The more I can course corect now, the less there will need to be later. Please email me at You can also follow us on Twitter @SuccotashShow, plus please Like our page on Facebook!


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Greetings to comedy aficionados and, especially, comedy podcast aficionados! As the creator and host of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, I wanted to let early birds who dig this stuff in on the beginning birth pangs of my new show.

My goal is to create an audio offering akin to TV's version of "The Soup" (or Chris Hardwick's "Web Soup" on G4) but one dedicated to just comedy podcasts (or podcasts featuring comedians - there is a difference...)

Here's my "dress rehearsal" — a version of the show that I slapped together myself on my Mac, using a primitive version of Audacity, an old Logitech USB microphone and one sleepless night. I'm using this to pull the pieces of the puzzle together. And it's working! (I THINK to get it at this point, you need to click on the title of THIS blog item to get to the download. Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll try something else.)

So far I have blessings from a bunch of podcasting comedian friends, including Greg Proops, Dean Haglund, David Feldman, Cole Stratton, Kelly Carlin, and Kevin Pollak, with more jumping onboard daily that are happy to allow me to use snippets and highlights from their most current offerings. (The hope is that listeners, both new and old, can use Succotash to learn what's going on in the world of comedy podcasts. Then they can grab a taste and go get themselves a full and tasty download at their leisure.)

I've got friend Scott Carvey composing an original theme for the show — the tune you'll hear on the test episode is just a placehold, appropriately entitled "Succotash" by the Bel-Airs. And I'm meeting with another buddy this week to talk about him producing the episodes in his state-of-the-art studio.

And YOU can serve a vital part of the Succotash process — should you choose to accept the responsibility — by letting me know what I'm missing, forgetting or not including. There are a lot of comedy podcasts out there and I can't listen to them all. So drop me a line at to let me know where to go.

Finally, although I'm hosting this puppy, my real hope is to feature some guest comedians along the way. Both the ones who are doing such a great job posting and hosting their own podcasts but also those comics who are fun to have drop in and share a few minutes talking about comedy, their careers, and their take on state of comedy today.

That's about it. Love to have you download and listen to this test episode of Succotash, although I'll beg you to please remember that this is nothing more than a crude rendition, a run through, a dress rehearsal of what I'm hoping the final product will sound like. Your comments and criticisms are welcome, with in comment form on this blog or by email. You can also visit and like the Succotash Show page on Facebook and follow us @SuccotashShow on Twitter!

Marc Hershon

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