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As Santa Claus said after a day of delivering toys around the world, "Oy." This Epi78 of Succotash was intended to be our Christmas episode but between the crush of business, holiday shenanigans, a wicked cold and assorted other speed bumps, it's only getting out now. And how was YOUR holiday?

We have a brief chat with Rachel Eaton, the Director of Content Partnership at Stitcher. We start out talking about the nominations for the 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards but they closed the Sunday before Christmas. Fortunately, Rachel also talks about the voting portion of the awards. The finalists to get your votes in each category will be announced on Tuesday, December 31st, after which you can begin voting at the Stitcher site. (I appreciate that Rachel took time out to talk via phone while on vacation visiting family back in Boston!)

We've also got a bunch of clips for you - many of which were harvested by Tyson Saner, our go-to guy and Honorary Associate Producer. He's also one of the three folks who called into the Succotash Hotline and dropped a holiday greeting on our listeners, all of which are featured in this episode. If you'd like to hear more of his melodious tones, I've been chatting with him about co-hosting an episode of Succotash sometime in January.


Our friend, fellow podcaster (Functional Nerds) and novelty songster John Alealio re-released one of his holiday classics, Batman Smells (A Rebuttal), and it's out pleasure to feature it this episode to help us round out our post-Christmas non-stravaganza. Click on John's name to go visit his site and pick up some of his tunage, won't you?


We're featuring not one but TWO of our Burst O' Durst segments this episode, including comedian Will Durst's belated Xmas List for 2013.


Here's the way the movers, shakers, and droppers shaped up this past week:

AT                                                                        MOVED
33. Ari Shafir’s Skeptic Tank                                  +26
55. Cashing In With TJ Miller                                  +31
57. Improv 4 Humans with Matt Besser                   +32
60. Thrilling Adventure Hour                                  +41
62. Nobody Likes Onions                                        +50
72. The Trev & Ben Show                                       -12
73. SModcast FeAB                                                +21
91. Jim Florentine’s ‘Metal Comedy Midgets’         +12
93. The Dead Authors Podcast                               -18
98. SModcast Edumacation                                    -13


Amish Baby Machine
This clip was a request I made of Tyson Saner after I read last week’s Top 10 Most Active Show On Stitcher’s Top 100 Comedy Podcast list. The show jumped up over 500 places to get in. So I asked Tyson to grab me a sample. In this taste, hosts Dags and Jeff welcome back Dan Simon, who shares tales from his recent African adventure.

One of the best known podcasts around is WTF or What The Fuck, with Marc Maron. He recently hit his epi450 and had Will Farrell on as his guest, which I reviewed for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on A few weeks earlier, Marc had author David Sedaris on and he’s a favorite of our friend Tyson Saner, who provided us with this clip of Sedaris reading from Marc’s recently published book.  (Marc's IFC TV series Maron returns in May of the new year.)

Broadcast Basement
Chris Lanuti
runs his show from an actual bar he has in his actual basement, surrounded by actual friends like Acoustic Mike and Wild Bill as well as whomever drops in. Chris is a former radio guy who knows how to run a show and I guess he’s the commissioner of the Broadcast Basement Fantasy Football League in which our Succotash Rocs did okay in this season, considering I know nothing about football other than the fact it’s the brown oblong ball. This clip focuses on that newish Christmas tradition: The Elf On The Shelf.

Seven Days A Geek
The lads over at Seven Days A Geek recently held their “30 Days of Podcasting” event. These guys aren’t just podcasters but they also get into the nuts and bolts of podcasting a lot – well worth subscribing. In this clip, Jay “The Angry Ginger” and Jeremy McBlizzard discuss horror movies including The Human Centipede.

The Black Guy Who Tips
Tyson Saner has clipped us a hunk of a pretty popular show featuring married couple Rod and Karen – no last names – who have been together since they were 16 and got marreid in 2002. They kick stuff around and also have interesting guests. This slice features the couple discussing R.Kelly’s ill-advised Q&A session via Twitter a little while back.

Big & Clever
This podcast out of England has been around for three years and if it hadn’t been brought to my attention by one of our friends on Twitter, I still might have heard about these guys Danny Blaze and Keith True. They’re a pair of DJs and, much like our new friends Trev & Ben, they talk about news of the day, current events, pop culture and enjoy taking shots at each each other every now and then as well.

There you go. A little over an hour of podcast gold. You can help us out for the new year by heading over to iTunes and gives us a nice star rating and perhaps a short review. You can also give us a "Thumbs Up" on Stitcher, Like us on Facebook, give us a heart on SoundCloud or Favorite our tweets when you see 'em on Twitter. You can also help us to offset expenses by clicking on the Donate button on the righthad side of our website, dipping into your Christmas bonus and sending a little smidgen our way. We'll regale you in word and verse on the show.

Best wishes for a great 2014 and we'll talk to you next year!

- Marc Hershon

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Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:19pm PDT

I'm Marc Hershon and this is the official blog entry for Epi77 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Big thanks as always to our engineer-producer Joe Paulino, our announcer Bill Heywatt, our booth assistant Kenny Durgess and – once again – our Honorary Associate Producer Tyson Saner, who provided several of the clips you’re going to here in this episode. (Don't forge to look Tyson up on and listen to some of his original music.)

Not sure how you found yourself to the Succotash blog, but I invite you to listen to my podcast streaming from the homesite or from Stitcher On-Demand Radio OR from SoundCloud. Of course you can download us from iTunes AND we get replayed over on as well.

Our special guest this week is Larry “Bubbles’ Brown, who is a standup comedian in San Francisco. You may have heard on a past episode of Succotash – he was with Dana Carvey in the car in Epi58 when the three of us hit the road to a couple of gigs. And he was also on Epi55, one of the crew at the table when I interview Andy Kindler.

Larry has been a fixture in the San Francisco comedy scene pretty much since he started (1981) and had rarely ventured far from home. Although he does get out on the road once in a while and has even been on David Letterman's show - twice - 21 years between appearances.

Our interview this episode is just us – one-on-one – back at D’Angelo’s, the same Mill Valley restaurant where the Kindler interview took place. Larry’s also one-third of the subject of a new documentary, 3 Still Standing, that’s been made about comedy in San Francisco starting back in the 80’s, and we talk more about that.

Because of the length of my interview with Larry, we have fewer clips that usual this episode but we still have a nice big handful of ‘em.

As I mentioned last week, I’m no longer going to tag every clip with the fact you can download the shows from iTunes and, because it’s pretty much a given. But I’ll mention the homesite and some of the other places you can pick up the show.


Got a note via Facebook from Bonn, of The Strange Times Show and also of The Bonn & Obo Show. He wanted to know if we were planning any kind of special Christmas show and was I interested him putting something together for it. We weren't BUT, after getting Bonn's message, I figured we should do something after all. SO, to any and all comedy podcasters within sight of this blog, just pick up your phone and call the Succotash Hotline at (818) 921-7212 and leave a holiday greeting! You can plug your show, tell me how great Succotash is, do a shoutout to your loved ones, whatever. And I’ll play it on the show as we get near to Christmas.


In addition to our Burst O' Durst, with comedian Will Durst running down his Top 10 news stories of 2013, we have promo from the folks over at the StoryWorthy podcast - Christine Blackburn and Hannis Phinney - who made it special for us by including Dean Haglund from the Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast. AND we have a new Henderson's Pants commercial with something special just in time for the holiday! 


In this feature, found exclusively on Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, we don’t look at the shows sitting up at the TOP of the list but, instead, those podcasts that have moved the most up OR down the Top 100 in the past week. How’d it shake out this time around?

23. Deathsquad +21
37. Wiretap from CBC Radio +16
39. My Brother, My Brother And Me +18
42. The Jimmy Dore Show +16
44. Christopher Titus Podcast +20
46. This Week In Blackness Radio +22
50. The David Feldman Show +31
51. Sarah & Vinnie Secret Show +35
59. Amish Baby Machine +554
71. Lightcast +1421

The Amish Baby Machine podcast?! Best title ever! Can't wait to check that one out.

Hey, the 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards are gearing up, which means nominations are open NOW! You can even nominate THIS show, your favorite Succotash podcast, to win! Go to Stitcher or hop on over to our homepage at and click on the Stitcher Award button on the right hand side!


Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell
This new podcast features comedian Danny Lobell trying to his head around philosophy, which he does by inviting various comedian guests to come on and talk about a particular philosopher. Most recently, he had one of my favorite podcaster/comedians on, Bill Burr, and he threw 18th century’s Adam Smith at him, which they start to get into after Bill covers a little of his early home life.

Overview with Rick Overton
One of my best friends is also a very funny comedian and has been running some great interviews from the helm of his own podcast. I’m talking about Rick Overton and Overview. He sat down recently with a guy whose radio show I’ve loved for years, Phil Hendrie.

Last Week On Earth
Comedian Ben Gleib appears frequently on Chelsea Lately and had a popular TV show that he directed, wrote, and starred in for the National Lampoon Network back in the mid-aughts. He’s up to 109 episodes of his SModcast podcast The Last Week On Earth, where he talks about news, politics, and sports. Normally he has a guest but he occasionally goes it alone, like in the clip we're featuring, where he speculates on what the upcoming TV show based on the old movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze might be like.

AnxieTea Party
Second time around for us to feature a clip from AnxieTea Party with Kathy Hopkins. In Epi32, she hosts Dian Bachar. You might recognize him from his work with Trey Stone and Matt Parker of South Park fame – he was in BASEketball and Orgasmo. He talks with Kathy about comedy writing, improv as it pertains to acting, and social situations where people could benefit from a little “give and take”.

That’s most of the highlights of Epi77. (More bits and pieces lurking around in the episode that I didn't bother to mention here, so check it out!) Thanks for hanging out! Remember to take it easy on the road this holiday season and please don’t ever, ever, ever forget to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:36pm PDT

Welcome to Epi76 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. To start off, and I've mentioned this on the show before, I don’t understand why some podcasts have “seasons”, like on television, or how they determine how many episodes constitute said seasons or why.

It’s all quite arbitrary.

But I have decided that we are going to start following this obtuse convention so welcome to the first season of Succotash, already in progress. This is episode 76, which means there are only 23 episodes left before the big season finale!

That’s right. You heard it here first: Episode 100 will be this show’s season closer.

Maybe we’ll make it a big deal. A live show somewhere, with lots of guests, lots of podcasters calling in and sending in messages. It’s a ways off, of course. At the rate I drop episodes, we’re looking at next summer sometime. A great time for a season finale! Or maybe it will be just me, huddled in my car in the pre-dawn light, trying not to wake the neighbors as I talk to you, our loyal listener.

Our show mostly has made its bones playing clips of comedy podcasts from around the world but we also feature interviews. This week our Special Guest is Chris Mancini. This is last of my official LA Podcast Festival interviews – it’s only taken two months to get through them all – and Chris is one of the creators and organizers of the PodFest. Chris is also co-host of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast, along with Graham Elwood, a previous guest on this show.

The Comedy Film Nerds podcast is a spinoff, more or less, from the Comedy Film Nerds website and also the book of the same name.. The website focuses on film reviews by both Chris and Graham but slso a number of contributors, including Dean Haglund and Matt Weinhold, both of whom have appeared on Succotash. Their book is more about film genres, with their contributors tackling everything from horror to romantic comedies.

We managed to corner Chris in a corner of the Podcast Lab at the PodFest and spend about 10 minutes chatting about how things were going and their plans for the future of the Fest. The Fest Future, if you will.


In addition to a pile of podcast clips (due in no small part to our Honorary Associate Producer Tyson Saner!), this epi also features a DOUBLE Burst O' Durst with our resident raging moderate, comedy Will Durst. Also, we have a holiday poem, Black Friday, by friend-of-Succotash and contributor Chet Hasse. And I talk a little bit about my appearance in Epi4 of a strange little web series called The Funster, produced and starring friend of the show Dana Carvey.

Here's the video:


In this week's list, there's a podcast from England that jumped an astounding 1139 spots to get up into the Top 100! Called The Trev & Ben Show, from Cryodon Radio, we also sliced off a taste during the podcast. But here's the whole list for the week:

21. The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast +9
40. The Comedy Button +36\
50. Out Of The Box +151
63. The Trev & Ben Show +1139
73. SModcast >> Edumacation -12
75. SModcast > FEaB -22
78. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine -13
79. Dining With Doug & Karen +14
82. Cashing in With T.J. Miller +31
94. Jim Florentine’s Metal Comedy Midgets -13


Comedy Film Nerds
The Comedy Film Nerds podcast is a spinoff, more or less, from the Comedy Film Nerds website and also the book. Hosts Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood frequently have guests on the podcast but recently it was just the two guys and, in the clip we're featuring, they have a letter from a listener setting them straight on a movie-based issue.

Improv 4 Humans
Usually Matt Besser’s Improv 4 Humans is Matt and his guests improvising audio scenes based on listener’s suggestions. In this clip, Matt and one of his guests, Chris Gore, from PodCRASH, discuss the core essence of what improvisation is about, beyond the simple “yes and” belief that’s floating out there for years.

Pep Talks
The week before last I reviewed Eddie Pepitone’s new podcast Pep Talks, part of the All Things Comedy Network, for Splitsider’s This Week In Comedy Podcasts. He’s just getting started, after years as one of the four hosts for The Longshot Podcast. Now it’s just Eddie, his head and also usually an interview guest. This clip is from his second episode, where he chats with Canadian comedian Glenn Wool, but what I’ve got here is from more of a one-man audio sketch Eddie did before the interview began.

Don’t Quit Your Daycast
We haven’t checked in with podcaster and longtime listener and supporter Ed Wallick over at Don’t Quit Your Daycast in a while. He recently hit his episode 50 after being off for a bit due to health reasons. But he’s back and still doling out his Asshat Of The Week award!

Doug Loves Movies
Our friend Tyson Saner clipped out part of a recent Doug Loves Movies episode. I do enjoy DLM but I somehow missed this moment when Doug Benson had Bert Kreischer, Lauran Lupus and Clare Kramer on and, partway through "The Leonard Maltin Game", Doug puts his spin on an idea that Bert had, and then Bert can’t stop laughing.

The Comedy Buffet
Got a note from Michael Powell, the "Tycoon of Comedy" and host over at The Comedy Buffet Podcast, who says, “Hey Marc, all your hard work has inspired me to put in at least a half assed effort in return. I finally pulled a clip from our show for you again. This is Episode 114 with special guest Mike Hammock, fill in co-host Steve Vanderploeg and our new co-host and pun meister Rick DeSimone…I know you took us to task last time I sent in a clip. We have still not done much with the website. So our official tag line is "Another comedy podcast? This can't possibly fail!" Are you ready? Here come some cow puns…

The Todd Glass Show
I find comedian Todd Glass not only funny but an engaging podcast host. Our Honorary Associate Producer Tyson Saner found a great clip of Todd with guest Whitmer Thomas from “Power Violence”, which Tyson refers to a “Anti-Improv”. See for yourself how well it works…

Please don’t forget to rate and review us up on iTunes, thumbs-up us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page and Like us on Soundcloud. Basically, do whatever you can to help us out for free in as many places as you can OR save all that virtual running around and kicks us a few bucks by either using the Donate button on, buying some merch at, or doing your holiday shopping on Amazon by using our portal at

Enough begging. Until next time, please remember to pass the damned Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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A funny thing happened on the way to Epi76. I had a trip scheduled to Los Angeles to take part in an annual card game with a bunch of friends. So I haven't had a chance to finish putting the next episode of Succotash together.

But there I was, tooling down Interstate 5 in the middle of the night. Pulled over to gas up and checked my email, Facebook and Twitter feeds. And @HarryHumorNY had tweeted, wondering if I was going to record another rambling "halfisode" from the road. So I did.

And here it is. Just me, talking to myself (and you) as I speed through the night. No clips. No Tweetsack.

See you soon with Epi76, which will feature many clips from comedy podcasts along with my chat with Chris Mancini, co-organizer of the Los Angeles Podcast Festical and co-host of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast.

Please remember to pass the Succotash!

– Marc Hershon

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Welcome to Epi75 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast!

75 episodes.

A milestone of sorts. Three-quarters of the way there if there is 100 episodes.

Glad to have you with us and hope you enjoy this particular outing. Not a whole bunch of comedy podcast clips this time because our special guest is podcaster and TV producer Adam Spiegelman, host of the Proudly Resents cult movie podcast and also Dream Tweet, a podcast game show.

Adam is – or was – a producer on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell – I say “was” because I just read today that FXX has cancelled it. Bear that in mind when we talk about the show in our interview because – a month and a half ago when we talked – everything was fine.

Back then, in happier times, Adam and I hung out a bit at this year’s Los Angeles Podcast Festival and he sat down with me in the Podcast Lab where we talked about movies, TV and, of course, podcasting.

In addition to Adam, and some funny clips, we have our Tweetsack, our Burst O' Durst, and a classic Henderson's Pants commercial.


For This Week In Comedy Podcasts on, I reviewed not one but two shows — the hot-as-a-pistol Welcome To Night Vale, über-comedy-creepy narrative; and The Nerdist with Gillian Jacobs (Community, Bad Milo), so check those both out.


(l-r: Marc Hershon, Frank Cronin, Dex Carvey)

This past weekend I got to act in a sort of experimental web series that friend-of-Succotash Dana Carvey is producing and starring in called The Funster. VERY low budget. The first three episodes – I call them episodes but they’re really more like “moments” because they’re so short – are up on YouTube. I make my appearance in the fourth installment, which is still being worked on. I think we’re re-shooting some of it this weekend, so I’ll let you know when that’s up online and I’ll have that episode on the site when it’s ready.


The Top 10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast list is heard exclusively on Succotash. Most people do a straight ahead Top 10 countdown.

Not us.

No sir.

We’re more interested in the podcasts that have moved up or down the most on Stitcher’s Top 100 comedy list. Like these…

37. The Artie Lange Show +25
63. This Week In Blackness Radio +12
66. Dining With Doug & Karen +36
72. This Week with Larry Miller +9
75. Jim Florentine’s “Metal Comedy Midgets” +10
79. The Dana Gould Hour -21
85. What Say You? -20
87. SModcast > FEaB -31
88. The David Feldman Show -15
96. The Cracked Podcast +49


Proudly Resents
The flagship show of our special guest this episode, Adam Spiegelman, Proudly Resents is billed as "the cult movie podcast" and often features Adam and his guests dissecting and roasting some of the silver screens most fragrant bombs. In this sample from his most recent episode, Adam - along with Katharine Heller and Myq Kaplan – took a look back at the movie Dead Heat, starring Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo

The Artie Lange Show
Most people know Artie Lange from his years sidekicking for Howard Stern. He was also on MAD TV and has appeared in a few movies like Dirty Work and Beer League. His new memoir, Crash And Burn, is out and has been on the New York Times Bestseller list. His podcast is really the audio version of his Dish network TV show, and also features HIS sidekick, former NFL player Jon Ritchie. In this clip, Artie reminisces about some quality party days.

Cornucopia Radio
We received a clip of this podcast from producer/writer Peter Beeston, who tells us that his podcast is created by a selection of writers and performers in the UK. "Every episode is a unique piece of radio fiction — sometimes they are dramatic pieces, sometimes they are comedic — but they are always of high/professional quality." This particular clip comes from a mocumentary about druid life in the UK, and about one Druid in particular, Brian Parker. The clip was written by Laurence Peacock, and features the voices of Chris Bellamy, Laurence Peacock, Christine Bellamy and Phil Mason.

Welcome To Night Vale
The podcast universe has gotten so vast that even I am having trouble keeping up with it all. Which is why hadn’t even heard of Welcome To Night Vale before I got to the Podcast Festival in LA last month. The show's a narrative and is, in fact, narrated by Cecil Baldwin. The show’s created and written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. They’ve got commercials for really weird things, original music, and the best way I can define it in a thumbnail pitch is that it’s A Priarie Home Companion as conceived by H.P. Lovecraft.

The Wrong Foot
We haven’t played a clip from The Wrong Foot podcast for awhile. They’re a funny audio "sketchcast" and it’s high time we got another taste. We got a note from executive producer Robin Brecker this week along with a clip. Robin says, “I know you guys are busy with Thanksgiving coming up and lima beans to shuck, but here's a clip from the Wrong Foot collection that is short enough. Thanks. And rememember, defrosting is for suckers."

That's the lineup, essentially, for Epi75 along with, of course, our Tweetsack segment and a classic commercial from our sponsor, Henderson's Pants.

If you'd like to help us out, we invite you to visit our homesite, at, where you can avail yourself of our colorful Donate button, or click on our Amazon ad at the top of the page and do your shopping through our portal (in which case we'll get a little kickback), or perhaps purch some merch from our Succotashery web store.

If spending money to see your favorite comedy podcast podcast continue to flourish isn't your thing, a few moments of your time is all it takes to go to iTunes, look up Succotash in the podcast section, and the rate and review us. You can also go to and give us a "thumbs up" to let people know you like us.

At the very least tell a friend about us — we call that "passing the Succotash"!

— Marc Hershon

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Can it be?! Yes! This is Epi74 of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast, and our “thing” is playing clips of comedy podcasts both known and not-so-well known across the internet and we also feature interviews with podcasters, comedians, podcast-comedians and other folks from the entertainment biz.

Our special guest this week is my doppleganger in Podcastland, if you will: Andrew Johnstone, the host of the Podcast Squared podcast, which was initially known for reviewing podcasts, comedy and otherwise. He’s been spreading his parameters of late and we sat down to discuss that and more in the Podcast Lab at this year’s LA Podcast Festival for a mutual interview. (Apologies for the background noise - the POdcast Lab got really pakce djust as we were getting underway and there was no way to block the chatter…)

A couple of the clips on THIS show are from the LA PodFest – I’m getting to as many as I can – and that’s thanks in large degree to our amazing honorary associate producer Tyson Saner, who is great at grabbing worthwhile moments and even better about sending them into us at Succotash! Tyson is also a musician and you can catch some of his amazing stuff up on Soundcloud. (By the way, you can also catch episodes of Succotash up on Soundcloud as well!)


We’ve also got a new Burst O’ Durst, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercials – because Bill Heywatt is out of town and we forgot to have him get some new spots “in the can”, as they say, and who knows what else. (Well, I do, but you have to download or stream the episode to see if there’s anything I’m NOT telling you about…)


Our Top 10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast list represent those podcasts that moved the most – either up OR down – Stitcher On Demand Radio’s Top 100 comedy podcasts this past week. Last week there were some BIG triple-digit swings into the list. This week not so much, with the exception of ONE show that jumped over 600 places to barely get into this week’s list.

32. Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 +17
54. My Brother, My Brother & Me +23
58. The Dana Gould Hour +38
59. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine +19
64. About Last Night -8
65. What Say You? -8
71. The Todd Glass Show +8
73. The David Feldman Show +20
83. Sex Squad -9
96. Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell +634


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
We got a couple of nice mentions from Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness at the Chillpak Hollywood Hour this week, one of which is by way of an email from our pal Geoffrey Welchman over at the Inverse Delirium podcast. (Spoiler alert: I’ll be in an upcoming sketch on Inverse Delirium in the very near future. And it looks like Dean will, too!)  They also continue a lively discussion about spaghetti Westerns in the latest show. (BUT I think they may have lost their Empire Gas sponsor because I don’t believe there was a mention of it. Hope that’s not the case. I don’t know what we’d do if Henderson’s Pants stopped supporting US…)

Jordan Jesse Go
We have a clip from the recent LA Podcast Festival! Jordan Jesse Go features co-hosts Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris. We’ve clipped these guys before and with good reason – they’re funny. And popular. Consistently in the Top 100 over on Stitcher. In fact, this week they’re at 61 on the chart. And they're at the PodFest, talking about…pigs.

4 AM Cab
Lee Wilson
and Rachel Wheeley in England at the 4 AM Cab podcast sent us a clip. Haven’t heard from this sketch show in a while, a “nocturnal comedy podcast” as they put it, featuring “scenes from the small hours.” BTW, they have an open submission policy for writers so, if you want to try your hand at writing audio sketches, here’s a place to try them out! This sketch was written by Matt Fishwick and Cat Furniss, and stars Chris Baker as the robber with Dan Warren as the cop.

Mohr Stories
Comic Jay Mohr and his Mohr Stories podcast is the flagship of Jay’s Fake Moustache Studios, where they’ve got about a half dozen shows in their stable. Our honorary associate producer Tyson Saner has clipped a couple. The first is the, well, the first – it’s Mohr Stories and Jay’s guest is comedian Jim Norton who is gaga for metal and they’re talking Sabbath.

Industry Standards
If you’re savvy to the standup scene at all, you’ve got to be familiar with the name Barry Katz. Starting in Boston in the 80’s, he started in as a standup as well as a booker for clubs all over the New England area. By the early 90’s he hung up his comedy cleats and began managing comedians – landing clients on Saturday Night Live, record deals, tour dates, the works. The guys a heavy hitter, having kicked off comedians' careers, produced movies, TV shows, and giant concerts. And now he’s a podcaster, too. Gee, Barry, leave something for the rest of us! On a recent episode of his podcast Industry Standards, Barry spoke with Robert Morton, the producer of Late Night with David Letterman.

Hey Teens
and Eric are fully grown adults who reminisce about their awkward teen years on the Hey Teens podcast. The show’s been around a little over a year and THEY had some listener from Glascow little paper cutout dolls of themselves. Damn! Who do I have to clip to get some damned paper dolls! Anyway, on Hey Teens recently, they talked with guest Whitney Moore who talks about Birdemic!

The Tenderloins
Our Honorary AP Tyson Saner sent this slip in and I ALMOST didn’t include it this epi because I was certain that I’d played another clip from this same episode of The Tenderloins before. But I’ll be damned if I can find it so what the heck? Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, James Murray and Brian QuinnThe Tenderloins - are probably better known for their hit Tru TV show, i. Here the boys discuss bad dating experiece.

Thanks again to our special guest Andrew Johnstone. And, of course, thanks to you, our loyal listeners. If you'd like to help us out with a rating and review on iTunes or a thumbs up on Stitcher, we'd be most obliged. It just that sort of thing that helps us to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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The past few episodes we’ve been featuring interviews and snippets from show that were at this year’s Los Angeles Podcast Festival October 4-6. There are still MORE to get to but this episode we’re taking a little bit of a break from the PodFest. (I do feature one clip from the festival from Girl On Guy's live appearance.)

The main focus of Epi73 is my revisit and interview with the comedy and independent movie production team of Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine.

We last spoke with them when they were doing a Kickstarter campaign for their comedy horror movie called The Selling. The movie ended up doing well for an crowdfunded indie production – it played in movie festivals around the US, got a limited theatrical release and is now out on DVD or you can rent it online through places like (HINT: Use the Amazon banner at the top of our homesite to find The Selling - that way, Succotash gets a taste, too!)

Diani and Devine are now doing their most ambitious Kickstarter to date – trying to raise 100 grand! The campaign kicked off this past week and when I was in LA for the Podcast Festival, I got a chance to sit down with Gabe and Etta to find out about their new project.

Here’s the video from the Kickstarter site for their new project, called Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse

I've sprinkled a couple of extra audio goodies from the campaign along the way during the interview. And I got to have Watson, one of the stars of the movie sit on my lap during our chat. I may never wash this lap again…


This week there were a LOT of big numbers in the ST100CPL – here are the ones that did the most and by that I mean TRIPLE digit climbs, all UP the chart:

73. Harmontown +162
85. Straight Outta Lo Cash +159
89. Ronna & Beverly +162
91. Talkin’ Walking +166
92. Distorted View Daily +169
94. This Is That from CBC Radio +174
96. A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan Show +170
97. Cluster F +209
98. That American Life +172
99. The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship +369


We've got our Burst O' Durst this episode with our Ambassador to the Middle, political comedian Will Durst (whose one-man show, Boomeraging, has been extended Tuesday nights through December 17th at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco.) This episode he talks about the glitchy Obamacare website.


Due to the length of the interview this episode, we light on clips, but there are still a couple to keep us honest…

Girl On Guy With Aisha Tyler
Recorded live at the LA Podcast Festival, our clip features part of Aisha Tyler's chat with her guest, The League's Nick Kroll. (And thanks to our Honorary Associate Producer Tyson Saner for slicing this one out - the guys been a lifesaver! If you'd like to hear some of Tyson's original music, BTW, you can hit up his page on Soundcloud…)

Take Me Home
Our other clip this episode was sent in by Tyler & Parker, the hosts of Take Me Home. The premise of the show is that they talk to comedians IN Los Angeles about their hometowns and growing up there but they get there by talking about what’s going on in the hometown news that week. In the clip they sent along, their guest is Brandt Tobler, who talks about how he helped himself ot over a million buck in merchandise from a department store in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

That's about it for Epi73. Seems short, right? No way. You're getting it with both barrels - this show runs over 120 minutes. More Succotash that you can shake a stick at - although shaking sticks at podcasts rarely results in anything.

Get out of here. And, until next time, please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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It’s your ol’ pal, Marc Hershon, once again and I’ve got Epi72 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast right here for you.  I don't spend a whole lot of time jabberin’ because — as usual —I’m WAY behind getting the episodes out.

And I have a healthy backlog of interviews from the 2nd Annual Podcast Festival from about 3 weeks ago now, which I can really only put these out one an episode AND still play clips from podcasts that were featured at PodFest. 

In addition, I’m now running into a pipeline problem in that the pipeline is filling up with content. Non-podfest content. Which is a good problem to have, but it means I’m going to interrupt the podfest interviews later this week and put out a show featuring two filmmaker friends of mine – Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine – because they just popped the top on a Kickstarter campaign for the new comedy feature film they putting together. It’s called Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse and so next episode that chat will be our centerpiece.

After a bunch of clips are played, I have an interview with our Special Guest Shawn Merek. I got to know Shawn last year at the FIRST LA PodFest, when he was the producer for the PodCrash podcast with Chris Gore. He’s still producing for Chris but he’s also one of the guys helping to make all the shows go over at the Sideshow Network. Shawn popped into the Podcast Lab at the PodFest and we talked about him, his life as a producer and also where podcasting may be heading in the future.


This episode, besides clips and the interview, we also have our Burst O' Durst with comedian Will Durst, a new song just in time for the upcoming holiday, A Stormtrooper for Halloween by John Anealio. John just released an EP with that song as the title track - one of four songs - that you can download for FREE at (or you can also opt to kick John some dollars if you wish. WE did, but who are we to ask you for money?), and we also have a brand new Henderson's Pants commercial.


Exclusively from the Comedy Podcast Podcast, here's a list of the comedy podcasts that showed the most action - either up OR down the chart - from Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcasts:

44. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher +60
48. The Artie Lange Show +13
67. The Comedy Button +44
68. The Dead Authors Podcast +112
69. The Bone Zone +22
89. The Dana Gould Hour -32
94. Where’s My 40 Acres: Ratchet & Real +23
95. Thrilling Adventure Hour -13
97. Wits +12
99. Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show +31

(Anyone have tips on how to get your Stitcher numbers up? Succotash is at 5859 this week. Which is up a thousand or so from last week, but still...)


Inverse Delirium
I like to think it’s a measure of this show's success that my supporting players are getting more airtime in Podcast Land than I am. Just this past week, Geoffrey Welchman over at the Inverse Delirium podcast tapped both my booth announcer Bill Heywatt AND the host of our Burst O’ Durst feature, comedian Will Durst, to provide their voices for a couple of characters in a sketch!

Man School
Jumping back a few weeks to the LA PodFest, we have a clip from Caleb Bacon’s Man School podcast which was done live at the Fest. You may remember that Caleb was the host of the Gentlemen’s Club podcast but hung up his bouncer’s dud for a professor’s hat when he debuted Man School. In this clip, we hear him with guest Chris Gore and Jason Smith, with kind of a sports/cosplay mashup chat going on.

My Wife Hates Me
Tyson Saner
- who continues to amaze me and delight you with his ability to send along multiple clips every week for this show - grabbed a clip from My Wife Hates Me with husband-and-wife comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane, along with their guest (and past Succotash visitor) Andy Kindler.

But we’re not done with Rich Vos yet. While at the LA PodFest, he hopped over and guested on…

Road Stories with Murray Valeriano
Murray was performing his podcaast live and I guess Rich Vos doesn’t just have it tough at home – he shared a couple of road horror stories from working gigs on the road

Story Worthy
I ran into Christine Blackburn from the Story Worthy podcast in the Podcast Lab at the Festival. She hung out for a little bit – long enough to record an ID for the show but not a real interview. She had to run off to do her show, where one of the guest spinning a tale was Pearl Aday, who talked about meeting and bowling with Michael Jackson when she was just 10 years old.

I Am Idiot
I was trying to keep the clips on this episode reined in to just Podcast Festival shows, but there’s just too much going on. I like to celeberate when podcasts hit their Episode 100 but this time it’s a bittersweet hurrah. Our friends Howard, Keith and Ben in England, the brains behind the I Am Idiot podcast just dropped their centennial epi but, at the same time, they’ve announced it will be their LAST episode as well. Bummer. I swapped a couple of tweets with them and I found out that they had always planned to put in 100 shows and then move on to something else. So here’s a taste of the Final Idiot…

Phil Hendrie's Hmm Mmmm with Bobby Dooley
Back to the LA Podcast Festival, where Phil Hendrie was on hand with Phil Hendrie’s Hmm Mmmm with Bobby Dooley, one of the better known characters from Phil’s long running radio show. I’ve heard Phil as a guest on a couple of podcasts and, although he’s still doing some radio, he is embracing the podcast model. Here he is, as Bobby Dooley and her husband occasionally, along with his guest and Podcast Festival co-organizer Graham Elwood.

The Science Jerks
Tyson Saner found us a two-fer! One of the live shows at the PodFest was Stuff You Should Know with Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. But they haven’t dropped their festival episode yet. They did sit down with Dave Ciaccio and Robert Chan, hosts of The Science Jerks podcast, for an interview in the Podcast Lab. Funny enough, I saw this interview going down about 6 feet away from where the Succotash table was set up. The guys talk about the theft of Einstein’s brain.

Hope you don't mind that this show runs about an hour and a half with everything we've got going on. Once you've heard the clips, take some time out to go listen to these shows in their entirety. And, when you get done with that…don't forget to please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Marc Hershon here, back from last weekend’s rousing 2nd Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival! And what a festival it was. Held once again at the Delfina Hotel in Santa Monica. There were tons of live podcasts going off during the three days – or, really, two and a half days – of the festival.

Looking back on the schedule for the PodFest, I count 40 shows and that’s not counting the folks like us that were recording our own shows and interviews in the Podcast Lab. Speaking of which, the next couple of episodes of Succotash will hopefully come out very quickly. Bam, bam, bam. Because they’ll be focused around interviews I did while I was at the festival.

I’ll be playing clips from many of the episodes of the podcasts that were done at the festival as well. A big shout out to our Honorary Associate Producer Tyson Saner, who's been doing an amazing amount of clip harvesting on behalf of this show.

I got to be a guest on Chillpak Hollywood Hour during their live appearance at the PodFest, and you'll hear not only hear a clip from that episode but also some chats I had in the Podcast Lab with Dean Haglund, Phil Leirness, and Lily Holleman - all three not only associated with Chillpak with the still-in-production film The Ladykillers as well.

The 10 Most Active Show In The Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

This is the rundown of the ten shows on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast list that have moved up or down the charts the most this past week.

37. The Smartest Man In The World +28
42. The Mark & Lynda Podcast -34
63. The Dana Gould Hour +44
64. This Week In Blackness Radio +15
65. The Tenderloins Podcast +98
68. DVDASA with David Choe & Asa Akira -32
78. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine +48
79. SModcast >> FeAB -40
82. Answer Me This! +16
91. Who’s Paying Attention +15

The podcast at the top of the list - The Smartest Man In The World - is hosted by improv great and friend Greg Proops, who is also releasing a video special on October 22nd. Available online, you can find Greg Proops: Live at Musso & Frank at

The Clips

The Steven Brody Steven Festival of Friendship
Our friend Tyson Saner harvested this clip from The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship podcast and I’m glad. I really like Brody and hadn’t had a chance to even hear his podcast yet. Plus I also like James Adomian, who is an amazing vocal talent and funny as hell to boot. His “Maron in Space” bit on the IFC Channel is hilarious.

Doug Loves Movies
My first clip from one of the LA PodFest shows comes from Doug Loves Movies with Doug Benson – one of the few podcasts out of the 40 they had that I actually had the time to watch. The one this year wasn’t as crazy as last year’s, which was unhinged. (The RC helicopter nametag was back, but no sign of last year's infant…) He had Jimmy Pardo, Nick Thune, DC Pierson, and David Huntsberger on stage with him, but this clip is before the guests even came out, when Doug clears the air about Mr. Belvedere’s balls.

Improv 4 Humans
Matt Besser
’s show was at the PodFest but THIS clip is from another live appearance that Tyson Saner grabbed. It’s from Bumbershoot in Seattle and Tyson says he liked this pull because it’s very “Hi, this is who we are and here we go!” Featuring Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz & Brian Huskey, it’s also based around the Harold structure for you improv wonks, which lends itself pretty well to a podcast.

The Kira Soltanovich Show
Comedian Kira Soltanovich was all over the LA PodFest. Every time I turned around, there she was, either interviewing someone or being interviewed herself. She hasn’t really been on my radar until now, but I got to see her perform live at the late Saturday night Standup Smash! Show they did there and now I’m a fan. In this clip that Tyson grabbed, we hear part of Kira’s interview with Laraine Newman.

Just Jump To The End
It’s interesting to see how many siblings pop up as podcast hosts. One of the best ones is My Brother, My Brother and Me but there also the Sibling Rivalry podcast, the Kamenetsky Brothers Land O’ Lakers podcast and a whole bunch of other ones. One I just found out about is Jump To The End, featuring brother-sister team Scott Fitzman and Molly Harris. Their show’s Twitter page describes the p’cast as “Two grown siblings talking shit about people, places, and things.” In our clip they talk about revisiting cartoons and other entertainment from their childhood, and what it’s like exposing THEIR kids to it.

The Indoor Kids
Back to the LA PodFest, we get a taste of the live-in-front-of-a-live-audience version of The Indoor Kids. Hosted by the husband-and-wife team of comics Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, this show focuses on video games. In this segment from the Fest with Blair Butler, they talk about video games that they’ve recently been depressed by and, also, games that they use as a carthasis.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour
For the last taste of the LA PodFest this episode, I pull a few minutes from the live Chillpak Hollywood Hour show, featuring Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, with their special cameo guest…ME!

So there will be more clips from LA PodFest shows in the next few episodes. After that (or maybe in between some of that), I will have interviews with some comedians and some filmmakers who are in the throes of getting their Kickstarter campaigns rolling.

Rest up.

In the meantime, don't forget to pass that damn Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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This is NOT a full-fledged episode of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. It's a 22-minute-or-so freeway ramble from this morning – Friday, October 4th — cranked out hands-free while tooling in early morning sunshine down Interstate 5.

That's when I was on the road - having shoved off at a few minutes past 5 AM - heading for the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival.

Unlike my last I-5 blast - which was more rant than ramble - I just ruminate on a few things around Succotash and podcasts in general. A little self-chatter about where the state of the art form is these days and some speculation on where it may be going.

There are NO clips in this brief "episette", nor is there a Henderson's Pants commercial, a Burst O' Durst or any of the other usual trapping of our show.

My plan - as I discuss in this epi - is to assemble upcoming Epi71 while I'm sitting in attendance at the PodFest. Hopefully while comfortably ensconced at a table in the "Podcast Lab", but somewhere at the La Meridian Delfina Hotel no matter what. So if you're there and want to see how I assemble a "normal" episode of the show, I'll be making the sausage right there in the open.

Enough babble for a short little epi like this. On with the show!

Oh, and don't forget to keep passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome to EPISODE SEVENTY of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. 70!!! Seems like only yesterday I was asking myself "How do I get my voice to come out of that sound thingee?" I estimate that, in these first 70 episodes, that we have played over 630 podcast clips. Listenership continues to grow. And we have consistently been showing up on iTunes' "What's Hot" section as well as being recently featured on Stitcher.

<— Here's a screen shot of our logo floating amongst other podcast friends (and strangers) on last week's "What's Hot" page in iTunes' podcast section.

I'm getting ready to take this show on the road next week for the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. I got my shipment of Succotash buttons – they’re like pins for your clothes but WAY cooler because they hang on with this magnet backed thingee. I'm going to give those away at our table in the Podcast Lab at the PodFest, so look for me. I’ve even got a couple of big green Succotash banners to hang up so you can find me easier. You can get your tickets for online at I’ll have my mics set up and will interview any comedy podcasters who stop by!

Last week I had the honor and pleasure of meeting, hanging out with, and watch Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang – the cast of podcasting’s Illusionoid – when they were in town for the San Francisco Improv Festival. They did a fantastic job and I’m going to be featuring an interview with them AND the show they recorded live at the Festival on an upcoming episode of Succotash. You can actually hear that episode now – it dropped yesterday – called The Asteroid Juggler! Get up to iTunes, Stitcher or their homesite at There’s even a little pre-show chat with ME on the episode!


Our Ambassador to the Middle, political comedian Will Durst was enjoying a well-deserved week off following San Francisco's annual Comedy Day. So there's no Burst O' Durst commentarythis episode. He'll be back next time. In lieu of Mr. Durst's appearance, I'm featuring a funny little ditty called Questions by friend-of-Succotash Chet Haase.


You see that banner up there? The one near the top of our website? That can whisk you magically off to the Amazon website where you can buy pretty much anything you want. (Except, as Larry Miller is wont to say on his This Week With Larry Miller podcast, "a REAL Amazon!") The only difference by going there from here instead of right to there from…somewhere else…is that Succotash receives a kickback for showing you the way to go. So help us out for helping you out, won't you?


Normally I don't even touch the Top Ten shows on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcasts because there's very little movement up there. Maron, Rogan, Carolla…y'know, the usual suspects. (Oh, and still very mysteriously, Car Talk. ) But this week Bill Maher managed to muscle his way in there, so good on him! Here's how the whole list shook out for this week…

07. Real Time with Bill Maher +24
32. Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler +48
50. Uhh Yeah Dude +12
56. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher -19
65. The David Feldman Show -17
67. Dining With Doug & Karen +18
77. The Cracked Podcast -22
92. The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling +14
95. Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show +18
100. Who’s Paying Attention +25

As for OUR Stitcher rank, we are once again on the move! Consistency IS key in this podcast game, don’t let anyone fool you. Miss a week and your ranking sinks like a stone. Last week we were at #6721 but THIS week Succotash jumps up 2,182 place to end up at number 4539!


Girl On Guy
As you can see above, Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy leapt back into the Top 100 this week, up 48 places, with the kick-off of her third season. (I still don’t know what constitutes a season of podcasts, by the way. It seems pretty arbitrary from show to show. Hell, at Succotash we’re still in our first season and we’re 70 shows and 2 and a half years in!) Aisha welcomes Jack Osbourne to her show. Jack’s the son of Ozzy Osbourne and he talks some about dealing with the reality of that experience.

Doug Loves Movies
I wanted to pull a slice from this show which is one of my regular "listens" and an episode he had last week really have me laughing hard. (Which must look weird if anyone is seeing me, out on a wilderness trail at 5:30 in the morning, running full speed in the dark and laughing like a maniac…) He had first-time guest Nick Offerman, from Parks & Rec, and returning guests Jon Hamm and filmmaker “Werner Herzog”, which is in quotes because he’s portrayed by Paul F. Tompkins. In this episode, Herzog is really on his game, too. (Don't forget to check out Doug's newest offering, Doug Loves Minis - which are some of the shorter shows now under one label.)

All We Know
The All We Know clip was grabbed for us by Tyson Saner, our Honorary Associate Producer (he's got three of 'em in this epi - thanks, TS!) It’s with Benny and Rafi Fine, AKA The Fine Brothers and is described (on their Tumblr page) as "A sometimes ignorant, occasionally uninformed, irresponsible news podcast." The content is largely driven by audience suggestions through Twitter and Facebook.  Tyson tells me that All We Know isn't a weekly or even bi-monthly podcast lately but that could be because The Fine Brothers also produce weekly content for at least TWO YouTube channels.

No Pressure To Be Funny
For This Week In Comedy Podcasts on, I’m reviewing No Pressure To Be Funny, a British podcast I’ve featured before. The brainchild of Nick Revell, Alistair Barrie and Jake Waring, there are lots of other folks involved in this topical live monthly show from the SoHo Theatre, including a panel of journalists and pundits that changes every show. They just kicked off their 6th season with Angela Barnes, Rich Peppiatt, Dan Smith, and Richard Herring, along with host James O’Brien, who keeps it all together. (We've actually got TWO bits from NPTBF - Nick Revell with an emergency bulletin about handbags and a song about randy pandas by Steve Gribbin.

Shane And Friends
Here’s a another show harvested by Tyson Saner for us. It features Shane Dawson along with his producer Lauren Schnipper. This is a new podcast – only been around since June – and there are nine episodes so far. This clip is from Epi8 and features guest Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, a very popular YouTube web series.

The Clutch & Wiggle Experience
We didn't have to go looking for a clip from Clutch & Wiggle - one showed up in the Tweetsack this week! It seems that hosts Rob, Craig and their new "3rd Mic" The Ditz created an accidental "He-Man PSA" while talking about proper pooping etiquette. These are the same folks that run, by the way, where you can hear episodes of Succotash "randomly replayed" during the week!)

We’ve featured the Air-Raid podcast with Aaron Roden several times before. Aaron’s heavily into the music scene in the Seattle area but he’s also into comedy there, too. And he manages to snag some great interviews with comedians who may be on everyone’s radar but not necessarily getting on podcasts too often. This week he got a hold of SNL veteran Jim Breuer and talked about a bunch of stuff…

The Schmoes Know
The last of this week’s clip contributions – or “cliptributions” - from Tyson Saner. The schmoes in this case are Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis and their podcast talk about all things entertainment. In their Epi87, they have two guest schmoes – Maria Menounos and Hal Rudnick – who discuss Seth McFarland’s hosting of the last Oscars telecast and also about how subjective humor is. 

That's all the Epi70 that there is (except for a really long recipe for "spicy succotash" after the closing credits.) Thanks for listening and please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome to the blog entry counterpart to Episode 69 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. The biggest news for this show in the past  week is that we're now recommended listening by Stitcher Smart Radio! That's right, particularly if you’re a podcaster just starting out and want to get a handle on this baby widecast medium. Just a couple of days ago, Stitcher mentioned that my appearance on the Podcaster 101 show is featured in their “So You Think You Can Podcast” Top Ten Helpful Tips section!

I’ve been tweeting this past week (via @SuccotashShow) that Succotash will have a table set up in the Podcast Lab at this year’s Los Angeles Podcast Festival, which is happening in a couple of weeks — October 4 thru 6 in Santa Monica. You can get more information and get tickets at

Anybody can stop by our table – if we actually get a table – but I will have a Succotash banner and be giving away some cool magnetic buttons I just ordered – they’re like pins without the pin and feature the Succotash yellow and green logo. (they haven't even been delivered yet but, once they're here, I'll post a picture of them...) So do stop by if you’re at the fest. And, if YOU'RE a comedy podcaster, we’ll have our mics set up and I’ll do an interview with you which we’ll feature on the show.

Some friends of Succotash are in town this week. In town meaning San Francisco at the San Francisco Improv Festival. And the friends are the cast of ILLUSIONOID!, one of our favorite podcasts. Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang – the best name in podcasting – will be performing on Wednesday night, September 18th, at the Eureka Theater. So, if you’re in the Bay Area, buy tickets and join me in checking these guys out live and in person.


I’ll actually be performing live and in person a little later this month. Friday, September 27th, I’m going to be part of Marsh Jam, a new improv free-for-all that’s going up at the Marsh Cabaret in Berkeley. I think that’s at 8:30 and you can find out more at


Special thanks again this show to Tyson Saner, whom I've dubbed as our Honorary Associate Producer for providing us with clips to some podcast he's discovered This episode in particular is loaded with Saner clips and it's a pleasure to have those available.


Every week (or so) we're tracking the shows on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast list that show the most action, either up OR down. Here's who distinguished themselves this week:

16. Bertcast’s Podcast +12

29. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher +29
45. Jordan, Jesse, GO +31
61. Smodcast >> FeAB -27
66. The David Feldman Show -17
70. Dining With Doug & Karen +25
78. The Read -28
85. The Insanity Check +21
86. The Jack Blood Show +16
98. Keith and the Girl Podcast -20


With this episode, I think I've finally caught up with the backlog of our Burst O' Durst feature, but only because we're playing one more double header with America's "Raging Moderate" Will Durst.


We feature the eighth and final chapter of Boganwood, Season 1, this show, along with the last snippet of my interview with this podcast miniseries creator, Jason McNamara. It's a bittersweet end of our having played all the episode. Bitter because it's ending, sweet because we've been keeping you occupied while Jabs (Jason to his mum) has been getting Boganwood, Season TWO underway! Check it out at


Jordan, Jesse, GO!
This podcast moved up 31 spots this past week in the Stitcher Top 100 so that’s a good place to start. This is one of the shows in the Maximum Fun podcast arsenal. And they are about to hit Episode 300, so you know they’ve got a handle on this podcast thing. Featuring Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris co-hosting what they refer to as “a freewheeling comedy podcast about life in your 20’s”. The most recent episode featured a visit with comedian and writer Liz Feldman and they got into talking about a place Jesse takes his 2-year-old.

The Insanity Check
This show, which got into the Top 100 on Stitcher’s Comedy Podcast this week at #85, is hosted by Kriss, Ryce, Dylan and a few other guests here and there. The show focuses on crazy things like working in the corporate world, politics, the entertainment industry and society as a whole. They’ve been dropping shows twice a week – I envy them – and so they recently sailed past 400 episodes. Their latest – Epi408 – is entitled The Can’t U Niggas Troll Convention.


This past week I reviewed this podcast from Dan Harmon, the creator of NBC’s Community – you know he’s back this season, after leaving last year – and also with Jeff Davis, a great improvisor from Whose Line Is It Anyway. My review is up as part of This Week In Comedy Podcasts on It’s a very entertaining show – and they’ve been on for only 2 more episodes than Succotash – maybe there's hope for me yet!

Podhouse 90: The Wonderful Pundits of Oz

Frank Coniff is a very funny writer and comedian  - he’s currently working on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell - and has come up with a great concept that bends the parameters of podcasting. They’re these full-length musical comedy plays, with the title springboard off early TV’s “Playhouse 90”. Tyson Saner snipped us off a clip from The Wonderful Pundits of Oz, which picks up after the events as we know them from The Wizard of Oz. Great cast, too, with Coniff, Melissa Villasenor, Dave "Gruber" Allen, J. Elvis Weinstein, David Higgens, Laraine Newman, Emo Phillips, Dana Gould, Mark Thompson, Jamie Haddad Tompkins, and Joe Keyes

Combat Radio
We haven’t played anything from our old pal Ethan Dettenmeier over at Combat Radio in awhile, so it was nice to have Tyson send in a clip from a recent show. Ethan had a couple of comedians in – Eric Mark and Justin Rivera – then threw in the author of Why Are You Single? Sonia Everett McKie just to stir the pot…

Inverse Delirium
Our buddy, Geoffrey Welchman, over at the Inverse Delirium podcast, shot us in a clip this week – actually, he sent it in a couple of weeks ago but I lost it somehow. So he’s re-sent it in because he realized that the last couple of clip from Inverse Delirium we played didn’t actually have him in them. Here he is now, in a piece about EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

SModcast >> Edumacation

If Kevin Smith’s Smodcast brand were in grocery stores, they would have tons of consumer “facings”, as they’re called, because there are so many different flavors. Tyson Saner sent us in a clip from Edumacation, where Kevin gets schooled by someone new every time. This time, it’s Tonight Show writer Andy McElfresh who gives us the straight scoop on something called prosopagnosia, where the person can't identify people by their appearances, even celebrities.

Evil Teddy Bear Podcast
Korey Epps and Thomas Fine have hosted over 100 epis of their show. The tagline on their homesite reads: “Two film freaks, one podcast and a shitload of movies.” So this is mainly a movie review/tribute/slapfest. The hosts and their guest, Steve Sievers, about their first Kevin Smith movie experiences.

That's is for Epi69. It's pretty jam-packed so I hope you enjoy it. See you soon and, while i'm out, would you mind passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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I was going to start off this episode with a ramble – not a rant, but a ramble – about the medium of podcasting based on an epiphany of sorts which I had while thinking about this show. I was going to be about I suddenly realized that podcasting really is its own medium. Some people, in trying to describe it, refer to it as “radio on the internet”.

And, in a sense, I suppose it is.

As much as back when television was introduced, it was referred to by many as “radio with pictures.” And, before that, radio was often referred to as “vaudeville for the ears.” You get the idea.

Anyway, before I could put my ramble together, I ended up interviewing this episode’s guest: Comedian, actor AND now podcaster Jimmy Shubert. And we end up discussing that idea in some detail, so I’ll let that go for now.  Jimmy and I talked about a bunch of things about his career and one of the defining periods in his development as a nationally touring headliner was traveling on the road with, and opening for, Sam Kinison.

In addition to being a national headlining comedian, Jimmy has shown up in some movies and TV shows in various guest appearances, including Go, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Italian Job, Monk, Two Broke Girls, and a bunch of other projects. He’s recently added podcasting to his resumé and, less than a half dozen episodes ago, he kicked off The Jimmy Shubert Show.

(He's also a good sport. We had Skyped ourselves an interview last week which then crashed and burned on yet another bum hard drive while I was trying to edit it during a business trip cross country. As soon as I called him up, Jimmy didn't even let me get past the second "ahem, you see what happened was…" before he was volunteering to do it again.)

Because of the length of our interview, plus playing Chapter 7 of teh Boganwood podcast mini-series from Australia, we only have time for a couple of podcast clips this show. But it's a full show - including TWO Bursts O' Durst with comedian Will Durst and an end-of-the-show recipe for Irish-style succotash by Chef Shamus, courtesy of Kat Sorens of The Rigid Fist and the Strange Times podcasts.

This Week In Comedy Podcasts

One more clip we have this episode is from The Paul Mecurio Show, which I also reviewed this week over on for This Week In Comedy Podcasts. Paul's guest is one of my favorite comics out there: Brian Regan.

The 10 Most Active Podcasts in The Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts

For the uninitiated, this weekly feature isn't concerned with the podcasts at the TOP of Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast list - mostly because they never change much. Instead, we take time out to look at which shows have shown the most significant movement - either way - up or down.

28. Bertcast’s Podcast -15
34. SModcast > FeAB +60
49. The David Feldman Show +18
52. Moment Of Clarity +27
68. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher -32
76. Jordan, Jesse, GO -30
83. The Dana Gould Hour -17
86. SModcast > Get Up On This +61
95. Dining With Doug & Karen -40
100. Super Best Friendcast! +99

The Clips

The Chillpak Hollywood Hour

Hosts Dean Haglund and  Phil Leirness have just finished shooting their new movie The Ladykillers and the most recent epi of Chillpak was recorded at the wrap party itself. In this brief clip, they chat with the actor in their cast who is also hosting the party at his home.

The Paul Mecurio Show

Recent guest on OUR show, Paul Mecurio, hosts comedian Brian Regan on HIS show. You can read my review of the show, as mentioned above, over on In the clip we have, Paul - who has been an opening act for Brian over the years - gets him talking about his love of coffee and his problem with hotel room numbers.

The Super Best Friendcast!

This show just squeaked in at #100 on Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts this week. As I mention on the show, I'm not sure this qualifies as a comedy podcast per se (but then NPR's Car Talk has been in the Top TEN of the comedy podcasts forever, so who am I to judge?) It is, however, an entertaining show about games - mostly video games - and it's for those who are REALLY into video games.  Matthew tells us about a couple of them and his co-hosts Woolie, Liam, and Patt kick into the chatter.

The Stand-Up Chronicles

Congrats to our friend Adam Harris for hitting Episode 200! His consistently solid show's format is most him going one-on-one with comedians from all over. The clip we have for you is a piece of his chat with Tom Wilson, who tends to be recognized most often from his role as Biff in the Back To The Future movies, although his turn as the harassed police captain in this summer's The Heat let audiences see him in a different light. As did his role as Coach Fredricks in the short-lived but cult fave TV show Freaks & Geeks, which is what Adam talks to him about in this clip.

Looking at the page, it doesn't seem like it, but this episode of Succotash is the second longest we've done, clocking in at about an hour and forty minutes. Don't sweat it - it's FREE! (Although you shouldn't feel shy about A) Clicking our Donate button at our homesite,; or B) rating and reviewing us up on iTunes. Or BOTH!) In the meantime, pass the Succotash!

– Marc Hershon

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It's been another couple of weeks since I last posted a new epi of Succotash, so I hope you didn't forget about us! We’ve got a bunch of podcast clips in store for you in this – Epi67 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

I really appreciate you sticking around and downloading or streaming our show. The delay was kind of unavoidable – work has been crazy busy PLUS the computer I use for creating the episodes was damaged while I was on vacation. Fortunately (and coincidentally) past-and-future guest as well as friend-of-Succotash Dana Carvey wanted me to help him out with some writing on a project, so I bartered the job out in exchange for a spiffy new Mac to replace Fleegle, the official Succotash computer.  (In memory of the first one, I am also calling the replacement Fleegle. It's not sentimental, it's just that all my files transferred over to the new one and it would be a hassle just to change its name…)

Honorary Associate Producer

I want to give a big shout out to our friend and avid listener Tyson Saner, who recently has been clipping some comedy podcasts that HE enjoys listening to and then passing the clips along to Succotash. We got a bunch of them from Tyson this show so I think I’m going to make him this episode's honorary associate producer. (It's probably temporary mainly because I think Tyson is about THIS close to launching his own podcast – at which point he won’t have any spare time left to cut clips for our show!) Thank you, Tyson, I really appreciate it.

Thanks, Charley!

Another friend of the show, Charley Miller, featured an interview that he did with ME back in April on a recent episode of his Random Variety Show podcast. And it wasn’t just an interview – this is a real tribute to our show. He plays a couple of classic Henderson’s Pants spots, played a clip of us clipping RVSP, and he even plugged I Hate People!, the business book I co-wrote a few years ago (which is still available online!) On top of all that wonderfulness, Charley dipped into his 1-year-old son’s college fund and kicked a very generous donation in through our Donate Button on the website. So get up to or iTunes or Stitcher or the PodGods network and give Charley’s episodes a listen. (You should also do like Charley did and feel free to donate a little bit to help us keep this podcast going!)

Those Great Succotash Recipes

One of my favorite features of our show is fast becoming the succotash recipes that appear at the very tail end of the show. The original idea came from Jabs at the Dhead Factor and Boganwood podcasts and it was fun to play an actual recipe for succotash after every show – I just grabbed the audio off of YouTube video where people were cooking the stuff. But after doing that for about 6 months, the well was running try. So I’ve been reaching out to some of the more creative comedy podcasters out there and asking them to record recipes. So far we’ve had Chef Eddie Vedder from the Tiny Odd Conversations podcast and Chef Terry with a Cajun recipe from the Don’t Quit Your Daycast podcast. This week’s episode features a recipe provided by Davian Dent over at the Bitter Sound Podcast through his Bitter Sound Cooking Class and Chef Matt Bubbles.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour

Even though we’ve been down for a couple of weeks, it seems our friends Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness over at the Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast have been swamped and, although they’ve been very good about putting out their Monday episodes, they’ve been from the set of a new movie they’re producing, directing and acting in called The Ladykillers. As a result, they haven’t been mentioning Succotash, which is fine, but those have been the clips I’ve been playing here – when they mention our show, see? I guess we’ll just call the past couple of weeks a wash.

This Week In Comedy Podcasts

My latest review on, for This Week In Comedy Podcasts LAST week, was The Jimmy Shubert Show. Veteran comic and actor, Jimmy Shubert has been around a while but only 2 episodes into the world of podcasting. And I’m going to interview Shubert on the next epi of Succotash, so how about that?

Boganwood Chronicles, Cont'd.

This show also features Episode 6 of Boganwood, the podcast mini-series out of Australia. Just before that rolls, there's more from an interview I had over Skype with the series' creator, Jason McNamara.

Double Dose O' Durst

Our Burst O' Durst segments have been piling up so in Epi67 we're running two - one towards the beginning and one in its usual spot near the end of the show.

The 10 Most Active Podcasts in The Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts

Here are the shows on Stitcher that shown the most movement - up OR down in the past week. Simple.

22. TalkS Hit with Eddie Ifft +9
42. Professor Blastoff +11
45. The Dana Gould Hour +66
50. Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler +17
55. That American Life -16
63. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher -25
66. The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast -15
70. The David Feldman Show -14
91. The Perfect 10 Podcast with Ralphie May & Lahna Turner +45
100. Yoshi Didn’t Podcast -16


The Dana Gould Hour
The funny and dark, or maybe it’s the darkly funny Dana Gould is back. I thought I was offline for a bit but he’s got me beat by a month. He has a better excuse – and I’m not telling tales out of school because he mentions it right in the opening to The Dana Gould Show – he was going through a divorce. When I saw him early in the summer, it was just getting started but now most of the hysteria is done with and he getting back to finding the funnier things in life. In this clip Dana and two of this episode’s guests – April Richardson and past Succotash guest Matt Weinhold – chat it up about ghosts in the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, which seques quite naturally into a discussion about cocaine. What?

The Perfect 10
Anyone familiar with Ralphie May’s comedy know that he’s got strong opinions about things. He’s not afraid of expressing them onstage and he’s definitely not afraid to jump into them on his podcast which he co-hosts with his wife, comedian Lahna Turner. It’s called the Perfect 10 and this week it jumped up into the Top 100 on Stitcher at #91, having leaped up 45 places since last week. In this clip, we discover that Ralphie not only doesn’t like wine very much but HATES the movie Sideways, that is all about wine and wine tasting and screwing. This clip precedes a visit that Lahna then makes to take a tour of a winery and to learn a little something about viticulture. 

The Bitter Sound
The Bitter Sound
podcast out of the UK is often a sort of audio experiment. Host Davian Dent likes bending sound and structure in interesting and – often – disturbing ways. In the spirit of the BBC over there, Davian’s recently concluded his second season of six shows and we have a clip from that last show where a friend has bought him something to commemorate the occasion. 

Call Chelsea Peretti
Here is the first of the clips submitted by our buddy Tyson Saner. Tyson is not just an avid listener to podcasts but he’s a very supportive voice out there for a lot of shows – he’s constnatly retweeting stuff from not just Succotash but Chillpak Hollywood Hour, Combat Radio and others that he wants people to discover. I love this clip from Call Chelsea Peretti – a show we hadn’t gotten around to featuring yet – as Chelsea has guest Bill Burr on her podcast and you can tell they like mixing it up a bit.

Action Science Theater
We received a clip from Dan Bond, Brian Macken, and Dan Booth from their relatively new sketch-based podcast. Action Science Theatre is a monthly show. The description on their website reads: “Action Science Theatre is a podcast in the style of a radio play, that mixes action, science, comedy and silly voices to create a welcome distraction from real life for 20 minutes or so. It is unquestionably the finest free online audio drama you can get without trying any others.” There’s a little bit of a feel of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Superego and Illusionoid to the show – at least in the clip we have, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

We played a clip from the Bertcast – hosted by comedian Bert Kreischer – when he first launched about a year and a half ago. Our honorary associate producer Tyson Saner lets us revisit the Mancave this week when Bert lures Marc Maron out of the WTF garage on The Bertcast to get real about marriage, kids, drinking, as well as hopes and dreams. 

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast
Tyson Saner comes through again with Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. It’s a one-of-a-kind thingeroo that I’d never heard of but is pretty interesting, especially if you’re into The Trek. It features Ken Ray and John Campion delving into EVERY episode of EVERY Star Trek TV series, recounting the plotlines and then delving into the character motivations, plot wrinkles and everything in-between. There’s a sense of humor to it, for sure, but this is for the true ST aficionado. 

One Dollar Beer
Our next clip was sent in by Tommy Kay, one of the hosts of the One Dollar Beer podcast. Other hosts include Frost-T and Anthony Gunn. Tommy’s cover note says, "This is a snippet of our second episode entitled "Purple Lightsabers and White Women". It includes a clip from a segment where one of the hosts reveals some of his list of confessions and secrets that he never told anybody, along with reactions from the other hosts. Thank You." No, no - thank YOU, Tommy, for sending the clip in. Enjoy your first taste of One Dollar Beer…

There it is, Epi67 of Succotash, all neatly wrapped up and ready to pass along to your friends!

– Marc Hershon

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Aloha! I was delayed getting Epi66 out because I was out of town in Hawaii for a vacation last week and pretty much technology free. Had a great time but it was one of those vacations that you need a vacation to recover from when you get back. Or I would have if it wasn't for the fact I knew that folks would be clamoring for their next helping of Succotash!

This episode marks that first time since we started over two and a half years ago that pretty much all the clips were sent in by comedy podcasters. I usually am out there, sweating in the cloud, harvesting clips myself so it was quite a treat to get back from vacation and find the TweetSack brimming over with sweet, sweet clippage.

The exception is this show's visit to the Chillpak Hollywood Hour, where Phil Leirness reveals to Dean Haglund the subject of a Skype call he and I had, along with confederate Taylor Ripley. We've begun the earliest stages of trying to put a new podcast network together. Too early to reveal much more than that, but the ball is rolling.

I love that my friends in the Pod Mafia - which is not a network but a closeknit bunch of podcasters who share information, visit each other's shows and do various favors for each other - have begun supply this show with our "post farewell" succotash recipes. For those hardy few listeners who venture past announcer Bill Heywatt's signature "Good-bye!" at the end of each show, I've been laying an Easter egg since the beginning of the year: The audio of recipes for succotash that I've been snipping off of YouTube. But I've cleaned out that pantry and need more fodder. This week the show is visited by Chef Terry, courtesy of Ed Wallick and his Don't Quit Your Daycast podcast, for a Cajun version of the popular Early American dish.

We continue to serialize Jason McNamara's Boganwood pod mini-series this week, with Episode 5. As we've been doing, that chapter is prefaced with a snippet of a conversation I had with "Jabs" about the origins of the show.

And, as is standard, we've got our two-minute Burst O' Durst provided by the waterboard of political comedy Will Durst.


Here's the hottest action - up OR down - on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast lineup:

35. SModcast >> FEaB +25
39. SModcast >> Edumacation +13
53. Who Charted? -15
59. Comedy Of The Week +15
71. If I Were You -30
77. Sex Squad +19
82. Superego +55
90. The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling +22
91. Harmontown +36
99. That American Life +102


Over on, you can find my review for This Week In Comedy Podcasts. I'm listening in on The Bugle podcast, co-hosted by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. You're probably aware that Oliver's been filling in on The Daily Show since early June, when host Jon Stewart took time off to direct a movie. I wanted to see if he was still showing up for the podcast gig and, indeed, he's managing to pull it off.


The Joey Medina Show
Joey Medina is a New York comedian right out of the Bronx. You may have seen him on The Original Latin Kings Of Comedy DVD or performing in clubs around the country. And he can be seen in the classic film Zombie Strippers. His podcast is episoding in the 60’s now – see, I’m making up verbs: episoding – and he alternates between interviewing comedians and porn stars. (It’s kind of amazing how often comedians with podcasts interview porn stars or strippers. Are there porn star podcasts where they interview comedians? Let me know.) The Joey Medina Show had jumped several HUNDRED places a couple of weeks ago to get into the Top 100 on Stitcher and, although it’s slid out of there this week, it’s still going strong. Here’s a slice from a recent epi where he asks guest Tessa Lane how she got into doing porn.

The Geek Generation
We got an email from our friend Rob Logan over at The Geek Generation podcast that reads: Hi, Marc! With the social media attention that Sharknado has been receiving, I thought your listeners might enjoy some exclusive audio from the sequel! And he sent along a clip from his and co-jhost Mike Volpe's Epi143 with that exclusive trailer.

Foster The Podcast
We got a clip in from comedian Justin Foster and his namesake podcast, now 20-something episodes in. He’s in LA, originally from Dallas, and sent along this note: Here's a clip from my podcast Foster the Podcast, the official show of comedian Justin Foster. Short, hilarious, and insane stories from some of the most interesting people I know. Missing kidneys, partying with navy seals, and getting fired by James Franco, are just a few of the stories you will hear every week. I’m not sure who his guest is in this clip, but it’s someone who got drunk from a little person pouring booze from a hut behind a bar somewhere, who then got arrested. The comic, not the midget.

An Idiot At Home

This show's pretty new – there have only been five or six episodes of An Idiot At Home – and it comes from host James Proudlock and permaguest Karl Stott over in Shotten Colliery in the UK. It’s a podcast that focuses on music AND comedy which, in the case, seems to be drawn from the news.

Positive Podcast
I appreciate Adam and Josh of the Positive Podcast sending a clip with a nice note: Hey saw your post on twitter here is a clip from episode 23: Testosterone Zone the latest episode of our podcast. Thanks for doing something like this love to get new listeners. We will shout you guys out next episode. Hope you Enjoy! That’s all great but Adam and Josh didn’t send along much information about their actual show. After a bit of digging, though, I think they’re from Chickopee, Massachusetts, and that their show bounces around between music and comedic commentary. In this clip they chatter on about public drunkenness.

Talking Rubbish
The show's last submitted clip comes via email from a husband-and-wife podcasting team, Eric and Stacey, who host Talking Rubbish. Their cover note into the TweetSack reads: Hello Succotash! Love the show (first heard of you on Podcasting101) and thought I'd try to get you a clip of our show "Talking Rubbish" with Eric and Stacey. This is from show 21 “Ballwater / the worst show ever”, its the very end of the show and I try to explain one of my many phobias (while drunk) to Stacey who ends up not being very supportive and just starts cry laughing. Hope its good enough to be on your show, Thanks! Eric Yes, Eric – congratulations! Your clip IS good enough for Succotash! 

Epi 66, at just a hair over 57 minutes, may be the shortest episode we've done this year. Next week should be more robust but hey, for what you're paying, you're still getting a hell of a show! So get out there and pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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The usual format for the show is to be festooned with wall-to-wall clips of comedy podcasts from around the world via the internet. Along with some regular features and some inane silliness provided by our local crew – me, Joe Paulino our producer/engineer, Bill Heywatt our booth announcer, and even Kenny Durgess, our booth assistant.

For Succotash, Epi65, we DO have a few clips but we also have an interview with special guest Paul Mecurio. We’ve clipped The Paul Mecurio Show several times before. And the last time was a short clip from an interview he did with Paul McCartney. Well, his entire episode featuring the McCartney interview dropped this week. So we talk to Paul about that, his own career, podcasting, and a whole lot more.

He talks about having gone from sweating out 100-hour-weeks as a big shot Wall Street acquisitions-and-mergers guy and chucking it all to do open mics and one-nighters as a standup comedian. And how his work ethic paid off as he moved up and into the offices of The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report as an Emmy-winning writer.

And then how he ran into Sir Paul McCartney in passing one day, struck up a conversation and ended up inviting him to be interviewed for his podcast. The rest is online and we have the interview with the guy who interviewed McCartney. I'm never washing my audio recorder again…


There was mostly sluggish movement this week on the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast list. MOSTLY. There were a few gigantic climbs up the ladder, though and a few jumpy jumps as well. (That’s a technical term. Jumpy jump. It means, well…look it up.)

55. The Morning Stream +30
62. Onion Radio News -17
63. The Artie Lange Show -15
65. Writer’s Bloc Podcast +355!
68. Tits & Giggles +632!
71. The Joey Medina Show +229
82. Answer Me This +36
87. Dining With Doug & Karen –24
90. Keith & The Girl -24
98. #AfterBlack +68


We're up to Episode 4 in our featuring of Jason "Jabs" McNamara's Boganwood pod mini-series. In my chat with Jabs before it play, we talk about what some other podcasters think about the show and also get into where he got the idea for some of the characters in the show.


Since the beginning of the year, I've been featuring a little Easter Egg at the end of almost every episode: A recipe for succotash - different each week - pulled from videos on YouTube of people preparing the dish. But now I'm scrapping the bottom of the saucepan as I've gone through most of them at this point. So I reached out to Travis and Brandi Clark of the Tiny Odd Conversations podcast and they were able to get Chef Eddie Vedder to whip up his version of succotash exclusively for our show. So if you listen past the show ending, after Bill Heywatt says his goodbye, you can hear Chef Eddie prepare his dish while he tells - nay, sings - you how to do it at home.


Our Ambassador to the Middle Will Durst lambasts the conservative folk of Texas in this week's installment of his regular feature. And if you're going to be in the San Francisco area this summer, Will's show BoomeRaging, LSD to OMG, has been extended! It plays ever Tuesday night at the Marsh Theater in the city. visit for more information.


Tits & Giggles
Jumping up 632 places to hit #68 in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts this week, in only its second week, it's “The podcast for women in comedy AND their supportive male friends.” according to the homesite for the just two-episode old podcast. In our clip, host Sue Smith (actress, writer and comedian)  talks to Orthodox Jewish transgender comedian Dana Friedman talks about the pressure, in front of a Jewish audience, whether to do Jewish material or not. (Spoiler Alert: Sometimes, she doesn’t.) 

Writer’s Bloc
Writers’ Bloc
is a podcast that leaped up 355 places, ending up at #65 this week on the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts, and it’s a show all about the business of comedy writing. Hosted by J.R. Havlan, an 8-time Emmy Award-winning writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, his recent guest was Scott Jacobson, the co-producer of TV's Bob’s Burgers. In the clip we have, Scott talks about how the show was originally pitched to the network, and they also get into some of the characters.

The OddCast Podcast
Congratulations to Adam Barker over at The Oddcast Podcast on hitting his Epi100! Adam’s got several shows under the Barker Productions banner, including the It’s Not Soccer podcast and the Ask An American podcast. For Episode 100, he had fellow podcasters from all over the place chime into an extensive audio play, in which a visitor from the future comes back to warn him about how dangerous his podcast is going to become. I clipped a clever bit from the top of the show, springing off of his catchphrase, “Nobody Is Listening”, and based on the Baz Luhrman song, Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen.

Doesn't seem like a lot in writing but this episode runs over an hour and 20 minutes. (Not as lengthy as last week's fun epi with guest co-host Monica Hamburg from the Dazed & Convicted podcast, but still pretty ample!) Hope you enjoy it. Fell free to let me know how you're liking the show by emailing me at or show your appreciate even more concretely by going up to iTunes where you can rate and review Succotash. For even MORE concrete-ness, you can use the Donate button on the side of of our homesite and toss us some spare change to help us keep this mothership hovering a little longer over Podcastland.

Don't forget to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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It's not unusual to hear a guest drop by Succotash – podcasters, comedians, actors, etc. – but occasionally I invite some in to be my guest co-host for an episode. We each pull clips from shows we want to share, then we present them to you…and each other, sometimes for the first time. For Epi64, I invited Monica Hamburg, co-host of the Dazed & Convicted podcast from Vancouver, Canada, to spin clips with me.

We had a great time! Such a great time that this edition of Succotash clocked in as the longest epi for us ever - a few ticks over TWO hours! That's a lot of clips, and yakkin' and laughs. You might want to listen to the first hour, take a break and digest, then come back for more. BUT if you think you can finish the whole thing in one sitting…you get it for FREE!

Monica comes from an acting background and she's also a hotshot internet marketer-for-hire when she's not behind the D&C mics with her co-host, Bill Allman. We get into the history of the show, its previous incarnation as The S&M Rants, and the fact that Monica is definitely a true crime junkie. It's the main focus of her show AND it's the core of three of the five clips she's brought to share.


Here's a big thank you to all of those Succotashians who have been dowloading, raiting and reviewing The Comedy Podcast Podcast up on iTunes! This past week, Succotash got up into the What's Hot section, which really helps with our visibility. (So maybe this isn't the best time to crank out a 2-hour epic episode. On the other hand, maybe it's JUST the thing. I don't think anyone knows for sure…)


Here’s the rundown on the latest Top 10 Most Active Shows On The Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List:

37. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher +32
60. This Week In Blackness Radio +47
63. Dining With Doug & Karen +34
65. Cashing In With TJ Miller +36
66. Keith & The Girl comedy talk show +14
78. Superego +50
80. Jim Florentine’s ‘Metal Comedy Midgets’ -16
84. Sex Squad -12
85. The Morning Stream +23
91. Yoshi Didn’t Podcast -17


In addition to a whole lot of clips, we have our Burst O' Durst with comedian Will Durst, a song by Ren Faire sensation Hob The Troll, a promo for Mount Us More, the long-awaited music CD from Shunt McGuppin and The Journeymen (better known as the guys from Superego), a commercial for the new Henderson's Poncho Pants, and episode 3 of Boganwood, the Australian podcast mini-series along with a brief lead in chat with creator Jason McNamara.


Dazed & Convicted
Our guest co-host Monica Hamburg provides a clip from her recent Epi100. It's a sketch performed by co-host Bill Allman, Malox, and herself, revolving around a crime in Vancouver that revolved around - somehow - a bag of chips.

Dining With Doug & Karen
Normally the Karen in the title is comedian Karen Anderson. But she’s on “special assignment” as co-host Doug Benson puts it. So filling in is comedian Karen Kilgariff. Their guest comedian is Dave Anthony from Walking The Room and their guest chef is Shanna Lynn Milazzo from The Belmont in LA. This clip is less than 5 minutes but covers a range of topics – food, kids, pot, and a new sponsor whose viral video spurred Karen’s condition called Don’tClickOnIt-Itis.

Distorted View
A big favorite of our guest co-host, this show proclaims on its site: “The Distorted View Show is a daily comedy podcast hosted by Tim Henson. Every weekday he scours the darkest corners of the web in search of the truly bizarre. He then presents his finds to you, complete with unique (read: crass, vulgar, childish, and inappropriate) commentary. For a half hour each day, sit back and witness this audiophonic trainwreck. After listening, you'll feel much better about your own life.”  Enjoy!

We don't often play clips from the same show two weeks in a row. (Well, except for our running feature on Boganwood…) But last week, Hob The Troll (Steve Doccerson) sent us the wrong clip, which we then incorrectly identified. So we agreed to play the intended clip, featuring guest King John (The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Mark Gagliardi). It's a podcast. He's a troll. What more do you need to know?

The Bi-Quarterly Women’s Club
The hosts (and their tech guy) are four of the ugliest women I've seen, but that could be because they're dudes: Chris Wilding, Slako, Dylan, and Max. In this clip, they’re at the court, at the preliminary inquiry of “alleged” Canadian serial killer Luka Magnotta. Luka Magnotta fainted during the hearing. So when the trial paused for a bit, the BQWB used the break to interview people supporting not the victim, but the killer. 

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style
Hosted by comedian and actress Mary Lynn Rajskub who you should recognize from TV's 24 and also The Larry Sanders Show, has her own p'cast over on Nerdist. (Lucky Nerdist!) One guest a recent episode was actress Casey Wilson, who has a new movie coming out and who was recently on the ABC series Happy Endings. They get deep-ish into the subject of auditioning. 

The New York City Crime Report with Pat Dixon
Hosted by comedian Pat Dixon, along with producer Marcus Parks and guest Dave Rosinsky. As their website proclaims: “Crime might be down, but it sure isn’t out. This is the only podcast that gives you all the information on New York City crime, court and killers at large.”

Lost Moon Radio
Lost Moon Radio features the sketch comedy group of the same name, out of Los Angeles. I played a clip from one of their first episodes and, I’m happy to report, they’re still funny! In this clip from Episode 8 entitled Hauntings, we catch up with a group of young campers on their closing night bonfire.

Sarcastic Voyage

The Sarcastic Voyage podcast is a biweekly endeavor by Ron “AAlgar” Watt, with Matt Rowbotham and a supporting cast of voice actors and contributing writers. It is largely comprised of prepared material (sketch comedy and comedic serials), which are linked by short “host segments." The clip Monica shares with us features the conversation between a couple of servants working the never-ending party at Jabba The Hutt's hideout.

Kevin Allison hosts the weekly storytelling podcast “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public." Guest Julie Threlkeld tells the story of “Mom and the Bomb”. She begins by talking about the difficulty of coming as a teen as a lesbian to her mom, who didn’t approve (“You’re having sex with a woman?!”) Later on that same life, things got weird.

If you like your podcasts long, then THIS is episode of Succotash you're not going to want to miss! We're happy you're here and we'd love to hear from you! You can write me at You can leave comment on our Succotash Show page on Facebook. You can also call out Succotash Hotline: (818) 921-7212.

Until next time, please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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"This is Marc Hershon and you’re listening to Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast." That's generally how I open the show and - yes - I know it’s repetitive. Me, saying the name of the podcast right after listeners hear the show's opening with our announcer, Bill Haywatt, where HE tells you the name of the show.

I bring it up because I’ve been listening – this week in particular – to so many podcasts that don’t ever remind you what you’re listening to that it started to seem odd to me. I know this isn’t terrestrial radio and that podcast listeners what they've downloaded or are streaming. But let's face it: People have terrible memories. (I know I do, as an sampling of one…) So some of you comedy podcasters might think about reminding people the name of the show they’re listening to and also who’s doing the talking. Otherwise it’s going to be a whole lot of “Hey, I heard this great podcast the other day. It had this guy who did that thing, you know? It’s called…something. I think it starts with an 'R'…”

And that's not going to help you to get and maintain new listeners.

People often ask (or I imagine them asking, anyway…) "How can I help your podcast?" I won't belabor the Donate button on our website. But if that's not what you mean by help, you can always go to iTunes via your computer and look up Succotash in the listings, then click on five stars and jot down a short, 2 or 3 sentence, writeup about how you like the show. If you listen via Stitcher, you can click the Thumbs Up button. And, as always, you can simply just tell your friends about us or, as we like to say, pass the Succotash.


On the back half of this show, we'll be playing episode 2 of Boganwood. We started playing all eight episodes in the first season last week and we'll do one an episode until they're all played. Just prior to this episode's installment of the novel pod mini-series, I speak with Jason "Jabs" McNamara, the Boganwood head cheese (actually,  as producer, director, writer and talent on the project, he's pretty much all the cheese...) via Skype from Canberra, Australia, and he gets into where the idea for the show came from, the characters and the white trash world they inhabit.


Here are the show that were movin' and shakin' this past week as the most as The 10 Most Active On The Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts:

39. Onion Radio News +38

63. The Naughty Show -12

69. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher -25

76. Where’s My 40 Acres +38

78. SModcast/Get Up On This +30

86. Vos & Bonnie’s My Wife Hates Me +19

90. The Ricky Gervais Podcast +33

95. Who’s Paying Attention +56

97. Dining With Doug & Karen -30

99. SModcast/FeaB -29

And for those of you keeping track, Succotash this week rang in at #5036, which is up about a thousand places since a month ago, so we’re moving up, too!


Our Ambassador to the Middle , that Raging Moderate himself, Will Durst, gets a little misty-eared as he regards America's latest 4th of July birthday bash.


Our chief sponsor, Henderson's Pants, is back with a new line of trousers - the Peer Sucker Pants! Don't miss our commercial for this one.


Vos & Bonnie’s "My Wife Hates Me"

Moving up into the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts this week at #86, this podcast features a pair of married comedians, Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane. They call it the podcast they swore they’d never do and yet…here it is. They talk about themselves, their lives, their child, the comedy business and, no matter what angle they take, they seem to mostly be at odds with each other. 

The Paul Mecurio Show

We recently featured a snippet of host Paul Mecurio interviewing Jay Leno – great in-depth chat – and now he’s done it again, grabbing a podcast rarity by talking with Sir Paul McCartney! In the clip we got, Paul asks Paul about where The Beatles got the confidence to go from the music that had gotten them to the top and put out something as daring at the time as Sgt. Pepper.

After Hours with Mark Pitta

The term “comedy podcast” is a pretty big circus tent – it includes comics talking to other comics, comedians talking to themselves, non-comedians talking to comedians, improvisational shows, sketch shows, non-comedians trying to be comedians, and even comedian hosts interviewing non-comedian guests. Marc Maron does it all the time on WTF, we play Paul Mecurio with Paul McCartney in this episode, and now on his podcast called After Hours, friend-of-Succotash Mark Pitta just dropped a fascinating interview with legendary baseball manager Tony LaRussa.

The Hobcast
I just mentioned the wide-ranging category of comedy podcasts and I forgot to mention trolls interviewing sketch comedians. There’s only one I know about and that’s the Hobcast with Hob the Troll aka Stevo Doccerson. The toast of Renaissance Faires across the country, and the star of Hob Sings!, a CD with his legendary music – songs such as “I Hate Goats”, he recently brought his unique speaking voice to the podcast universe. In this clip, he’s chatting with King John, aka Mark Gagliardi from The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. 



We’ve been big fans of Michael Ian Black along with Tom Cavanagh with their Mike And Tom Eat Snacks podcast. But there hasn’t been a fresh epi of MATES since may and now there’s a new podcast with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter – both of whom were in The State and also Stella. Maybe MATES is delayed? ON hiatus? Gone away? I don’t know. Ostensibly, this new format is a way for two funny guys to address more serious issues but, as you might be able to hear in this clip, their tongues seem to be lodged in their cheeks a bit…

See You Next Tuesday
I discovered Troy Saple’s See You Next Tuesday podcast just by surfing through iTunes’ New & Noteworthy this past week. But it turns out that this isn’t a NEW podcast, it’s a show that’s been on hiatus for the past 18 months, ever since the host had to do some jail time for a DUI. He’s been out on probation, clean and sober, but with frequent and random drug testing and whole bunch of other restrictions. So he hasn’t been feeling podcastery until recently, when the itch has begun to return. The last time he hit the podwaves was in 2011 and I gather he was interviewing comedians and musicians. Maybe he’ll go there again but, for now, it’s just a man and a microphone.

Mike Ward Is Full Of Shit

Mike Ward is a Montreal-based comedian and I gather he performs in both English and French – or Quebecois. He’s been named one of the top 25 Comedians of All Time by the Just For Laughs festival. His podcast is called Mike Ward Is Full Of Shit EXCEPT on iTunes and Soundcloud, where he’s had to sanitize it to: Mike Ward Is Full Of Crap. In the clip we have, he’s talking about how he went to LA to find a writer to help with a new show and he happened upon the legendary Paul Mooney.

The More You Nerd

Here’s another show I discovered in iTunes' New & Noteworthy. (Of course, they’ve had over 80 episodes. I’m beginning to think “New & Noteworthy” is like the term “Overnight Success”.) These guys nerd out all over the place about all kinds of things. This clip is from the episode “Obscure Reference #6: America, Aliens and Ghosts”, and here Myles, Patrick, Mike and Drew duke it out – metaphorically speaking – on which are the best and worst ghosts. 

That's the basic rundown for Epi62 of Succotash. There are some bells, whistles, and other assorted goodies in the show this time around, including a revisit with Dana Carvey from WAY back in Epi3, and some classic old radio comedy from a show called The Bickersons. So enjoy and, even if you end up stuffed to the gills with podcast, please remember to pass the Succotash with your friends.

— Marc Hershon

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Back from the dead. Or the nearly dead. Or at least the severely Laryngytised. Is that a thing? Anyway, my throat and voicebox were down for the count with a nasty virus. Still playing a little hurt, but I’m ready to muscle through with Epi62 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast!

We’re diving heavy into clips this episode. Some new shows. Some old favorites. Got a new Henderson’s Pants ad. Have an unprecedented TRIPLE shot of Burst O’ Durst because we got so far behind. And we actually had someone FINALLY click the Donate button on the website! (It’s been over a year since anyone’s touched it but it’s happened and I reveal who it was AND give the person a big ol’ wet sloppy thank you in the TweetSack segment this episode. (Oh, what the heck, I'm going to spoiler alert it right here and thank Geoffrey Welchman, our buddy over at the Inverse Delirium podcast for his generous clicking of the Succotash Donate button!)


Even though I was out for a bit, those active podcasts kept marching up and down the list over at Stitcher. Here's how this week's MOST active shows shook out:

39. My Brother, My Brother & Me +31
51. The Naughty Show +20
63. Too Beautiful to Live with Luke Burbank -23
69. The Dead Authors Podcast +41
82. Cashing In With TJ Miller -21
84. Rollin’ with Dice & Wheels -37
85. Tom Rhodes Radio +283
91. This Week In Blackness Radio -24
97. The New York City Crime Report with Pat Dixon +18
99. Answer Me This -24


Friend-of-Succotash Jabs over at the DHead Factor put together an interesting "mini-series" of a podcast a few months ago. The show, done narrator or storyteller style by Jabs, chronicles the misadventures of a bunch of low-rent Aussies who live in Boganwood, "Canberra, Australia's forgotten suburb". Delivered in eight episodes, it's an ambitious little project that demonstrates the ability for practically anyone living anywhere to produce inventive entertainment via podcasting.

For the next 8 episodes of Succotash, I'm going to feature the Boganwood episodes of Season 1, and we'll also have some conversations with Jabs about the series - where he got the idea, how he executed it, and how plans are coming along for Season 2. We kick off this mini-featurette with Episode 1 in this edition of Succotash.


Tom Rhodes Radio
Tom Rhodes
is one of those veteran standup comedians who has traveled the world, literally, performing and sometimes NOT performing comedy. At one point he had made the San Francisco scene his hang, but since then he’s been around quite a few comedy scenes. Podcasting is the latest scene and he’s been quietly dropping episodes since 2011. This week Tom Rhodes Radio makes a mighty leap up 283 places to get into the Stitcher’s Comedy Top 100. He interviews guest Andy Kindler (who visited us during Succotash Epi55.)

After watching this show ricochet around in the Stitcher Top 100 for the past few weeks, I finally listened to enough of it to find out that FEaB stands for Four Eyes And Beard, which are indicative of the two hosts – Matt Myra, who is also part of The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick, and Scott Mosier, who partners with Kevin Smith on the original Smodcast. (I’m not sure, but I think the Smodcast Network is slowly taking over all of podcasting. They’re like the Borg of the internet.)

Live Wire! Radio
With Luke Burbank, Courtenay Hameister, Sean McGrath, Patricia Ferguson, Live Wire! Radio is a audio variety show recorded in front of an enthusiastic live audience from the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland. They've got music, conversation, and sketch comedy. It's "radio variety for the A.D.D. generation", as they say on their homesite. Guests this episode include Jen Kirkman, Dan Savage, and The Builders & The Butchers. But our clip is one of their home-brewed sketches about a somewhat different genie…

Pablo Francisco: Anything Goes
Comedian Pablo Francisco has joined up with the ever-growing Sideshow Network to enter the rolls of comics-with-podcasts. In the clippage we share, he takes a look at someone with a lot of fame and fortune that also recently revealed that he’s spent millions on blow.

About Last Night
Adam Ray
and Brad Williams are 55 episodes into this podcast and going strong. Both are comedians, and both are irreverent. Adam Ray’s in that new movie The Heat that just opened, and their guest this episode is pop culture TV host Michael Ho, who also got to interview President Obama after the last election’s disastrous first debate. (I also reviewed this show on last week's This Week In Comedy Podcasts on - check it out!)

Proudly Resents
This is Adam Spiegleman’s podcast where he and assorted friends like to take movie apart at the seams. Sometime old movies. Sometimes new movies. And, in the case of one recent episode, kids movies. Specifically, Adam invites a friend over with her kids to talk about what they thought of TWO kids movies – A Talking Cat? and Tommy & The Cool Mule. Kids make great reviewers because they pretty much always tell the truth…when you can get them to talk.

Air-Raid Podcast
We’ve featured some clippage from the Air-Raid podcast out of Seattle before, with host Aaron Roden, and it’s often more hot new music rather than comedy. But Aaron does pull down some nice chatter, including recently when he took his mics to The Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge in Washington State. He ran across comedian Mike Birbiglia, who was performing at the festival, and sliced off a little interview, with a cell phone cameo appearance by You Made It Weird host Pete Holmes.

Rutledge Radio

Hosted by comedian Gabriel Rutledge and his wife, stay-at-home-mom Kristi Rutledge, their Rutledge Radio hails from Olympia, Washington. In our clip Gabriel talks about the misery and false hope of the audition process.

It's good to be back, and with so many clips! If you'd like to make sure we get to your show, you can always send us a 3-5 minutes MP3 clip to  or, if you just like what we're doing, jump on up to iTunes and gives us a healthy rating and maybe a short review. We'll be your bestest friend! Especially if you remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Another stop along Interstate 5

I've done it again. Recorded a rambling edition of the podcast while tooling north on Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fair warning: There are no clips in this epi, so if you're dropping by to grab our usual sampler platter, apologies. This is just one man, one mic, and 400 miles of tarmac.

I WILL be back with the usual array of clips, interviews, etc., in a few days with Episode 62, but I was busy and also away from my technology for a few days, so this mini-sode tides us over in the meantime.

During my ramble, I tell you about why I was in LA (mostly for a friend's 40th birthday), some of the people I saw (including podcasters), and I even offer a few suggestions for comedy podcasters in terms of how to, perhaps, better find your funny as you're during your own show.

This "Bonus Edition" runs about 45 minutes - twice as long as my first I-5 mumble - and it was an interesting time to pass part of my journey. Hopefully, you'll find it a bemusing part of one of yours, too.

Until next time, please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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First thing you gotta know is that Epi61 is the longest installment of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, that we've done to date. No particular reason for it. The interview with our Special Guest Graham Elwood comes in at about 30 minutes. But we've got a bunch of podcast clips to share, a Boozin' With Bill segment, the TweetSack section, our Burst O' Durst and a new song by musical geekmaster John Anealio. That, plus my usual rambling gum-flapping has us pushing the limits in terms of just how long someone can shovel Succotash into their earholes.

Sue me - this stuff's free.

I was delighted to talk at length with the aforementioned Graham Elwood. We had tried to link up when he was in San Francisco recently for a face-to-face sit-down but couldn't coordinate schedules. So we Skyped it and it came out fine. Graham's a comedian, an actor, a writer, a podcaster, and most recently, co-producer and organizer of the Los Angeles Podcast Festival (the 2nd annual is this October 4-6 in Santa Monica.)

Along with his partner-in-crime Chris Mancini, Graham hosts the Comedy Film Nerds podcast and also co-authored the Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies. In addition, he is heard often on Doug Loves Movies, competing against the audience during Doug Benson's live shows on the road.

We talk about how he got his comedy start, his podcast start, his podcast festival start...lots of starts. And, most important to our podcaster listeners, reveals what they have in store at this year's LA PodFest to let more of us get into the action of podcasting in relative comfort from the event. (And his latest CD, Palm Strike Dance Party, is available at http://Graham!)


It's not too late to help friend-of-Succotash Chris Bonno (interviewed in Epi43) as he's just gone through hip replacement surgery. Being as he' a comedian and a painter, he's got zip in terms of health insurance, so paying for his operation is going to be one giant mofo that Obama's health care program doesn't seem set to cover. You can find out how to kick a little money into the hip kitty through his website at or else click on the link to get over to the GiveForward website where they're taking care of the funds as they come in.


I realized that what I read The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List, veroften I don’t even know some of these shows I’m reading about. And they’re in the Top 100 of comedy podcasts – that’s out of literally THOUSANDS. So starting this week I’m going to pick one or two or a few to play clips from so we can all learn as we grow.

Here’s the list of, again, the most ACTIVE shows on the list this past week. That means, regardless of their rank, they showed the most movement either up or down the chart.

47. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher -10
59. The World of Phil Hendrie +21
63. Sir Darryl Radio Experience +339
73. Sex Squad +17
79. Conversations with Matt Dwyer +257
80. The Dana Gould Hour -15
81. Yoshi Didn’t Podcast -14
82. Wits +27
84. Rollin’ With Dice & Wheels +113
98. SModcast FeAB -17


We have our usual  Burst O' Durst feature but I wanted to remind those Succotashians who live in the San Francisco Bay Area that Will Durst still has a couple of Tuesday nights (thru June 25th) left in the run of his one-man show, BoomeRaging: LSD to OMG, at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. Hop over to for showtimes and ticket information.


Our friend John Anealio - from The Functional Nerds podcast with co-host Patrick Hester - has a new song out and we've got it featured in this episode. I'll Be Your Thor is a love song from a nerd to his even nerdier lady for whom only one hero can save the day. Once you hear it on Succotash and  you love it, you can download it for FREE over at


 Our Boozin' With Bill is a little different than our usual visit with Succotash's booth announcer cum bartender. He's unearthed an ancient bottle of creme de menthe and he's determined to see if it's still viable for getting a heat on.


The Sir Darryl Radio Experience
I’m not sure what this show is all about – or why it shot up 339 places on the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcasts this week. I listened to part of a recent episode where Sir Darryl, who bills himself on the homesite for the show as “The Most Articulate Negro in America”, starts drinking wine and apparently starts to get loopy within just a couple of minutes.

Conversations with Matt Dwyer
Comedian, actor and writer Matt Dwyer’s podcast is into its 50s, episode wise, and this week his show's Stitcher numbers leaped up 257 places this week!  We feature a slice from his recent interview with Duncan Trussell, who is also a comedian and the host of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Rollin’ With Dice and Wheels
Dice is back. Celebrity Apprentice wasn’t enough and now Andrew “Dice” Clay and his longtime opening act Michael “Wheels” Parise have their own podcast. They’re only into their Epi8 and doing phenomenal numbers – up 113 places this week to make it into the Top 100 on Stitcher. In this recent episode we're clipping, comic Tom Green is co-hosting in place of Wheels.

Pop My Culture
We haven’t looked in on Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland of the Pop My Culture podcast for awhile. They’re going great guns, after taking a little time away from the mikes, and just dropped their 116th episode, which features guest Dana Gould. Comic, actor, writer, he’s also the host of podcasting’s The Dana Gould Hour. (I’m also featuring this episode for my review in This Week In Comedy Podcasts over on!)

 The Paul Mecurio Show
The Sideshow Network has a massive pile of steaming comedy podcasts, with some really great shows like PodCRASH with THAT Chris Gore, Overview with our pal Rick Overton, and Story Worthy with Christine Blackburn & Hannes Phinney. It’s also home to The Paul Mecurio Show. I’ve clipped Paul here before but it’s been a while. Paul’s guest this week was Jay Leno. I don’t think I’ve heard of Jay being on any podcast before – is that possible? Anyway, Paul got him – they have a bit of a history together – Jay bought the very first joke Paul sold before, which gave him the inspiration to give up his law practice to become a comedian.

The Bitter Sound Podcast
Although I’ve played a few bits and pieces and show ID’s from Davian Dent over at The Bitter Sound podcast, I think I’ve yet to feature a bona fide clip…until now. He’s also a co-host of the Strange Times podcast along with Kat Sorens from the Rigid Fist podcast and Bonn from The Bonn & Obo show. But he’s off in his own thing here, with music, sounds and a great set of pipes to boot.

The Geek Generation
Rob Logan
over at the Geek Generation podcast did what every red-blooded internationally-heard comedy podcaster should do – he sent in a clip! It’s easy to do: Just send along a 3-5 minute MP3 clip of your show to If you want to include a little written descriptor of what the clip’s about, even better. Like Rob did – here’s what he says: "Rob Logan and Mike Volpe get inspired by the upcoming Fall TV schedule and pitch some show ideas of their own."

Whew! That's a lot of show! Hope you enjoy it - don't be shy about letting folks know about it, either! Go on up to iTunes and give us a rating and a little review. And you can give us a thumbs up at and leave a comment. Or visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment there. Then there's always Stitcher. See you in the next episode but, in the meantime, don't forget to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome to Epi60 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast! I feel like celebrating every ten episodes we get further down the podcasting road. And I hope you're enjoying listening as much as I enjoy putting this thing together.

While we're got a few comedy podcast episodes to share this week, the bulk of Epi60 is given over to an interview I did recently with Marc Price. Yes, THAT Marc Price. Stand-up comedian since he was 14, an actor, a producer, and still most often recognized for the seven years that he appeared as Irwin "Skippy" Handleman on NBC’s Family Ties.

Marc was passing through my hometown of Mill Valley a couple of weeks ago and played a Tuesday night at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre as part of the Mark Pitta & Friends show. I hadn’t seen him in quite some time so I was able to not only cajole him into sitting down and catching up, but doing so in front of our microphones. He's had a number of TV, movie and web opportunities over the years but, in hearing him tell his tale, the success brought into his life by Family Ties starting at the young age of 14 overshadowed a lot of other efforts.

Mark Price with Michael J. Fox

He was on a bit of a soul-searching trip along the West Coast, driving from gig to gig to get away from some hassles at home which he delves into during our chat.


I didn’t do The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List last show, Epi59.5, because it was a special shortened show, but things have continued to slide around on that list without us so let’s take a look…

28. Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio +7
37. The Champs with Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher +27
44. Sklarbro Country -12
51. The Comedy Mixtape +25
52. Off The air with Chick McGee +14
53 The Bone Zone +9
79. Improv4Humans with Matt Besser +18
81. SModcast FeAB -30
82. Mike & Tom Eat Snacks +71 (Reviewed them last week!)
98. The Tenderloins Podcast +26


In this week's installment, Raging Moderate Will Durst looks at The Tangle Tango, in which our intrepid correspondent tries desperately to extricate himself from the sticky embrace of two of America’s least favorite organizations. (Also: If you're going to be in the San Francisco area, be sure to catch Will's new one-man show BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG, Tuesday nights through June 25th at the Marsh Theater.)


Here's The Thing
Now that 30 Rock has finished, I guess Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Here’s The Thing, is all he has left. That, and Capital One commercials. His guest is veteran actor Stacy Keach and we've clipped a bit where he talks about taking on Shakespeare’s role of Falstaff when he was only about 30 years old, and the craziness of trying to star in a movie while commuting to Central Park at the same time. (BTW, I’m reviewing this particular episode for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on!)

Defective Geeks
I saw the hosts of Defective Geeks, Gizzy and the Space Pirate Queen, a few months ago in LA at a show that Chris Gore from PodCRASH was having at IO West. Their podcast is a little unusual in that it features them: two LADY nerds who aren’t afraid to show it let their geek flag fly. In recent Epi118, they welcome the creator of web series Super Knocked Up, Jeff Burns, along with actors Jourdan Gibson (Darkstar) and Mark Pezzula (Captain Amazing). The series features the domestic disaster of what happens when a super hero and a super villainess hook up and he gets her pregnant.

Aloe Court
Here's the story of this podcast. Once upon a time, it started out as Cinematic Method, a show where the hosts reviewed movie trailers. That's right. Not whole movies, just the previews. They then guessed how well the movie would do over on the Rotten Tomatoes website.  But three of the guys - Kyle Coleman, Chris Russell, and Gerry Carey - decided to switch formats, focus on the funny, and do away (for the most part) with the movie talk. Does it work? Have a listen…

And that's pretty much the story for Epi60 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Bill Haywatt, our booth announcer, is on vacation this week, which means I had to do the Henderson's Pants commercial myself. But our esteemed collegue returns next episode for another installment of Boozin' With Bill.

Until then, please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Warning: This is not a regular edition of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. It's Epi59.5. Anytime we do a ".5" edition, just figure it's something off the rails. In this one we have no clips. No regular features. Not even our TweetSack. (Oh, wait - there is one regular feature: Our Burst O' Durst is coming up at the very end of the show!)

Regular listeners to the show over the past couple of months have probably noticed a preponderance of mentions, clip and cruel japes aimed at the Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast. And they've been flinging it right back at us. It's all be in good fun - the hosts of CHH (Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness) not only have become good friends of mine personally, but theirs was the first podcast I started listening to on a regular basis. Now in their 7th year, I have dubbed them "podcast royalty", a dubious distinction that they nevertheless wear with honor.

This past week saw the Chillpak boys MISS their opportunity to hit me back. Dean's father was ill and off Dean went to visit his dad in Canada. This necessitated the playing of a pre-recorded CHH. A pre-recorded version in which they didn't mention Succotash.

So…we WON! There were no rules stated at the outset of our friendly competition, and no prize money at stake. So we did the next best thing - talked about. So the bulk of what you're in store for is Phil Leirness and I engaged in conversation about out little back-and-forth as well as a number of other topics. Phil is an avid conversationalist and, rather than just have him waste his breath on me, I'd prefer to share him with the world.

So here he is. If you like what you hear and haven't caught Chillpak Hollywood Hour own podcast, you owe it to yourself to do so. You'll find them over at, iTunes, Stitcher, Jackalope Radio, The Talk'll find 'em

The other thing I popped into this special edition is a quick call into the Succotash hotline from Davian Dent, host of The Bitter Sound podcast and COhost of the Strange Times podcast. I wanted to make sure we gave ol' DD a little extra air because he's currently got me up as his special guest on Epi9 of The Bitter Sound - check it out!

Finally, we DO have our regular installment of our Burst O' Durst will political comedian Will Durst, talking about the Bengazi debacle along with a flurry of other issues buzzing President Obama like tiny drones.

Until our next FULL-sized Epi60, please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome to Epi59 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast once again. This episode we’ll be paying visits to some old friends. Why? Well, I’ve been playing a lot of clips from new shows – new in the both the sense that they just started podcasting and some new in the sense that I just am getting around to them even though they’ve been online for a while.  So I figured we should drop in on some podcasts and podcasters we've clipped previously and see how they're sounding.

I also have an interview with Special Guest Michael Meehan, who is a San Francisco-based comedian, actor and now movie maker. I talk with Mike while eating at a really noise Chinese restaurant in the Marina District about Hey Monster, Hands Off My City!, the feature-length comedy he’s directing and has an IndieGoGo campaign for to help foot the bill. Which means there is still time for YOU to get involved, kick in some dough to help out and - if you get really generous, get yourself a juicy onscreen appearance in the movie!

There's a link to the 15-days-left-to-go IndieGoGo campaign over on the right hand side of our homesite at (We kicked in $50 - why wouldn't we? Mike bought dinner, after all...) And I'm embedding the teaser video for Hey Monster, Hands Off My City in the body of the blog below.

Mike and I talk a bit about standup and some sketch comedy he did with his two brothers awhile back but, because we're mostly focusing on the movie, I'll be inviting him back to spend more time talking about comedy and his take on podcasting as an extension of some comedians' careers.


This epi sees a new Boozin’ With Bill segment. This time he's got a nice summer cooler of a drink that he whips up (with no blender mishap like last time!) and he'll tell you how to make an Elliott Spritzer, in honor of the besmirched prostitution customer and former governor of New York, Elliott Spitzer. The recipe is included right on our homesite, should you be brave enough to attempt whipping up one of booth announcer Bill Haywatt's concoctions.


After months of playful back-and-forth mentions on each others' podcasts, it seems that Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness of The Chillpak Hollywood Hour dropped the bal due to Dean having to leave town suddenly and the guys having to play a pre-recorded show that pre-dated our tete-a-tete. Rather than be a sore winner, I talked with Phil at lenght  the other night about that and other things. It was too long to include in THIS episode of Succotash, so I will make it the focus of an upcoming Succotash Special Edition: Epi59 that I will drop in a few days.


I'm enjoying the fact we moved away from a standard Top 10 list to feature, instead, the shows showing the most movement - up OR down - on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcasts list. Just wanted to thank Ed Wallick of the Don't Quit Your Daycast for suggesting the idea. Here is this week's rundown:

37. Onion Radio News +28
38. Smodcast -> FEaB +78
50. The Dana Gould Hour +54
55. The Naughty Show +19
62. About Last Night +37
67. Yoshi Didn’t Podcast -28
68. Jim Florentine’s ‘Metal Comedy Midgets’ +24
81. The Tenderloins Podcast +36
83. Dining With Doug & Karen +49
94. The Dead Authors Podcast -22


This week's installment features  our Ambassador to the Middle Will Durst picking on those he calls "The Batty Battalion" of Obamanators. (If you're going to be in the San Francico area, check out Will's new one-man show BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG, Tuesday nights through June 25th at the Marsh Theater.)


Tiny Odd Conversations
and Brandi Clark just hit their 100th episode! There was a time about 50 or 60 epis ago when they were ready to hang it up for fear they had nothing left to say. Obviously, they found some new stuff to talk about. I’ve had a several opportunities to meet up and hang out with them and they are a delight, as you may be able to glean from this exchange clipped from TOC Epi100…

Dylan Brody's Neighbor's Couch
Darren Staley
is a podcast host I’ve NOT had the pleasure of meeting personally but we have cross-tweeted a lot and I’ve clipped his show a few times on the show before. He's a nice guy – Dylan Brody even told me that himself – and the audio quality on his show has gotten WAY better since he first put voice to mic. Here’s part of his chat with writer and a producer of Everybody Loves Raymond and a bunch of other stuff, Lew Schneider.

Royal & Doodall
After I got my t-shirt and a nice note from Tommy Royal and Angus Doodall over at the Royal & Doodall podcast, I mentioned I’d play a clip form their show, which we hadn’t visited in a while. To my surprise, they hadn’t DONE a show since March. Never fear, they’re still around and finally dropped show 59.1 a few days ago. Tommy thought he should catch Angus up on what he’d been missing…

Dazed & Convicted
Last episode I mentioned that I would clip Dazed & Convicted by friend-of-Succotash Monica Hamburg and so I did. She and co-host Bill Allman podcast out of Canada, where they bring up some freakish crime stories, do some sketches around them, then bring in a comedian to help determine their “Fucktard Of The Week”.

That's all for now. Like our Facebook page. Rate us on iTunes. Thumbs up us on Stitcher. Buy some merch. And, above all else, please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Okay, I’ve been teasing this for a few weeks now but I'm finally going to pop the top on the roadtrip recording I made of Dana Carvey, San Francisco veteran comedian Larry “Bubbles” Brown, and me. The occasion was a pair of theater gigs that Mr. Carvey was headlining — one in Medford, Oregon, the other in Redding, California – and which Mr. Brown was the opening act. Me? I was the chauffeur, documentarian and backstage announcer.

We had two GoPro cameras rigged up in the car, courtesy of a trio of documentary filmmakers who are doing a project about comedy in San Francisco (in which Larry plays a prominent part) and we also had a digital recorder running so that we might grab some on-the-road chatter for Succotash.

Thanks to my technical knowhow, we almost failed to captured both video and audio during the trip but we did manage to capture enough to fill out this latest epi. (Apologies to listeners: Longtime Succotashians know that I like to nitpick when it comes to crappy audio quality in podcasts and - due to road noise and the other hazards of recording in a vehicle moving in excess of 70 mph, we ended up with a less-than-optimal podcast-quality recording. But I've cleaned it up as much as I can so, hopefully, you'll enjoy the drive along with us.)


If you heard the last episode you know we had some HUGE swings in the numbers all up and down the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List. In some cases but 100, 200 or more places. After seeing this week's figures, I think something must have gone screwy at Stitcher HQ, but they are closer to what counts as normal on this list this week.

14. Smodcast: Jay & Silent Bob Get Old +21
17. Duncan Trussel Family Hour +30
39. By The Way: In Conversation With Jeff Garlin -15
43. Uhh Yeah Dude +20
51. The Onion Radio News -15
61. Off The Air w/Chick McGee -11
68. The Todd Glass Show +12
83. About Last Night -23
97. Who’s Paying Attention +15
99. The Dead Authors Podcast -23


For the first time since Succotash began, our booth announce Bill Heywatt wasn't available to record our sponsor's commercial (he says he's on "vacation", I prefer the term "rehab refresher".) So I give it my best shot this episode when it comes to pitching Henderson's latest, their Sleepover Slacks.


Our Ambassador to the Middle Will Durst sounds off this episode about two things that go together like salt and pepper, namely politicians and scandals.


The Craig Shoemaker Show
Back in Epi29 my special guest was comedian Craig Shoemaker, from an interview we had when he played San Francisco last summer. So high time we pay a quick visit to the Love Master via a clip from The Craig Shoemaker Show, which is also known as Laugh It Off, kind of a healing-through-laughter philosophy. He’s joined by comedian Sarah Sweet and sidekick/barista Joel Geist. Craig talks about how he likes to record his encounters whenever he gets pulled over by the police for traffic stops — and we get to hear one.

The Edge with Mark Thompson
This week my combing through podcasts turned up an old acquaintance:
Mark Thompson. He's been doing TV weather, news and voiceover mostly out of LA for years but we first me when he would guest host show with my improv group in San Francisco at The Punchline in the 80's. About a dozen episodes or so ago, Mark flipped the switch on The Edge podcast. Heather Ankeny is his co-pilot and in the most recent epi, his guest was the very funny Caprice Crane, who is a TV writer and an author. Her parents were pretty well-known folks. Dad was broadcaster Les Crane and - in this clip - Caprice tells what it was like having Tina Louise (Gilligan's Island's Ginger) as her mom. (The Edge is also the podcast I'm reviewing over on for This Week In Comedy Podcasts!)

You Had To Be There has their own comedy podcast network and You Had To Be There, hosted by Sara Schaefer & Nikki Glaser, is part of the roster.
(Don't even get me started why Succotash isn't part of their lineup...) Recently they had Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan guesting — yes, we heard the Gaffigans LAST episode when I featured a clip from The Todd Barry Show — but this time they're talking about fame and Taylor Swift. Or, rather, Taylor Swift’s fame.

So that's all we have in the way of clips this week. Hopefully, you'll be amused by the over 45 minutes of rambling conversation on the road with Dana Carvey and Larry Brown.

Please take two seconds to jump up on iTunes, click to the Podcast section and both rate and review Succotash. You can give us a Thumbs Up on Stitcher. And if anyone asks what podcasts you're listening to these days, be sure to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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The next episode of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast, is here. Late. AGAIN.


I keep trying to crank this sucker out every week but that darned Life keeps getting in the way.  As much as I enjoy producing Succotash, my landlord has told me time and time again that – no, he will not take plugs on the show in exchange for the rent. Nor will the grocery store trade with me for food. And I'm sure not going to get gas with my podcast.

So, for the time being anyway, this show remains something I get to as often as I can and I will keep TRYING to drop a show a week, but it’s challenging. (I appreciate those of you who can hang with the erratic release schedule!)

In addition to beau coup clips this week, I belly back up to the bar with our booth announcer Bill Heywatt for what proves to be an explosive episode. In the midst of preparing his "Wolf Spritzer" concoction, Bill underestimated the power the his SodaStream machine could unleash and he proceeded to drench the both of us with Gunpowder Green Tea.

But we weathered that storm and soldiered on to finish making up Bill's tribute to his favorite newsman, Wolf Blitzer. If you can't see the recipe here, you'll find it on our homesite at And I'll post it up on the Succotash Facebook page as well.

It sure was great to finally be back with Bill at the studio wet bar, and I took a picture of the setup so that the listening audience might admire his posh layout.


Friends-of-Succotash Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness are celebrating six years of hosting the Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast. Their show was a chief inspiration for me deciding to launch Succotash two years ago so join me in wishing them the best as they continue to produce high quality, interesting and entertaining episodes. I've made them an honorary sponsor for this episode of Succotash and - in keeping with our months-old tradition of mentioning each other's programs in one way or another, I've got a slice from their most recent Epi311, where Phil kicks off the show by mentioning us in the process of apologizing for not being able to mention us. It's beautiful.


I'm happy to report that that podcast feature with the longest title in the world just got its own jingle, courtesy of the Studio P Jingle Singers! There was a lot of action in Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcasts this past week - massive swings both up and down for a bunch of different shows. (This is SO much more exciting than charting the Top 10 shows, isn't it?)

14. Smodcast: Jay & Silent Bob Get Old +101
17. Duncan Trussel Family Hour +178
39. By The Way: In Conversation With Jeff Garlin -89
43. Uhh Yeah Dude +103
51. Onion Radio News -123
76. The World of Phil Hendrie -72
81. About Last Night -172
95. Who's Paying Attention +137
97. The Dead Authors Podcast -236
99. Beauty And Da Beast +116


This week comedian Will Durst goes after the "Yellow bellied coards" in the Senate who mucked up the sensible shot (no pun intended) we had at some intelligent gun control. 


The Doug Stanhope Podcast
Doug Stanhope
is, for my money, of the funniest "real voiced" comics around. He's guested on a number of podcasts but now he's looking to get conversational on his terms. His podcast just kicked off and we've clipped the second edition, where he chats with pal GooseKirk, who explains what went down at the airport in South America just before he got busted and put away in a Brazilian prison for 5 years. (Not coincidentally, I reviewed this episode last week for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on

Tom Shillue's Pour-over Coffee

The Todd Barry Podcast
The second newcomer to podcast hosting that we have on tap this week is the very funny Todd Barry. He IS the personification of wry and it's a real pleasure to get to hear him on the podwaves in his own format. For his first outing, he interview fellow comedian and voiceover guy Tom Shillue from New York. They took a detour while talking about working on the road and you get the sense that these two guys REALLY like their coffee… (I'm reviewing the episode for Splitsider THIS week, so check it out!)

Clutch & Wiggle
Rob & Craig - the guys over at – replay Succotash every time we manage to squeeze another episode out. So we love it when we get a chance to return the favor a bit. Rob sent this in along with this note: “Here is a clip from our recent show. We came up with a new 'game' where you have to come up with a description of this 'sex act' from the mind of Craig Wiggle - this one was called 'Snakes on a Crane'."

This Week With Larry Miller
It’s good to have Larry Miller over at This Week With Larry Miller. He was out for a long time from a fall and some difficult recovery from that but he’s back and with him is his Joke of The Week…that will take a little while to get to the end.

Special thanks to listener Tyson Saner for sending in clips from two of his favorite podcasts:

The Smodco Smorning Show
Returning host Dan Ethridge & permanent host Marty Yu welcome James Franco Jr. and Bill Watterson (some voice acting guy, not the cartoonist who drew Calvin & Hobbs.) This clip is from part of their Mail Sack feature.

The Breaks
This clip is from James Franco Jr.'s own program which is hip-hop and news through a comedy filter... or vice versa. James is known by the nickname/title "Jammaster James" although his fans call him DJ James or Djammaster because of his twitter handle @Djammaster. His guest is Comedian Nestor Rodriguez who shares a childhood memory.

Complete Sentences with Ty & Rocky K
So Rocky K called into the Succotash Hotline, then sent in a promo for his show, THEN sent in an actual clip when I emailed him and told him that clips were preferable. This clip is called "Late Night Stories".

Joe over at Radio Fubar sent along a clip from his show StarEffers – it’s all about pop culture, celebrity gossip and more. 

That's our show for Epi57. Next time out I'll be featuring a bit of a rambling chat/interview/John Wayne extravaganza, recorded on the road with Dana Carvey and SF comedian Larry "Bubbles" Brown.

— Marc Hershon

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Greeting, Succotashians, and apologies for the late droppage of Epi56 of the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Due to travels and a bum external hard drive, I've been hard-pressed to pull it all together for this one, but it's finally happened.

Those who listen regularly have discovered that, as much as this show is dedicated to podcasts of the comedy variety, we also split out interests amongst both podcasts in general and comedy in the larger sense. Particularly where our interviews are concerned. This episode features a quick chat with filmmaker Michael Celestino, who is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to fund his latest project, That's Not Funny, where he looks at why and how people find various subjects offensive, especially when coming from a comedian expounding on the topic.

The trailer that he put together to kick off the project already features some well-known and outspoken comic types, including Paul Provenza, Greg Proops, Jackie Kashian, Emery Emery, and Kyle Kinane. Have a listen to our epi, take a squint at the video we've embedded on our homesite here at, and then click on the link to throw a few bucks Mike's way to help make this important film a reality.


Here’s the latest of The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List!

49. The Dana Gould Hour +61
65. The Champs -15
67. Superego +49
73. The Phil Hendrie Podcast -17
74. Afterblack +22
78. The Naughty Show -15
84. Vos and Bonnie’s “My Wife Hates Me” +28
91. the Long Shot Podcast +16
93. Walking The Room +58
94. Comedy Of The Week -30


Our regular blast from Will Durst is all about the opening of baseball season. (The one thing that worked out by this episode being late is that Durst is technically off this week, fine-tuning his new one man show, BoomerAging - From LSD to OMG, that debuts shortly on Tuesdays at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. Get more details at!) 


The Standup Chronicles
Host Adam Harris sent along a clip of his chat with comedian Dave Coulier. Most people know him from the Full House TV series, but he’s been doing standup for 30+ years and even appeared on The Tonight Show back when Johnny Carson was the host. Dave recounts the lead up to that experience.

Who Charted?
Here's a show that's over on the Earwolf network that’s very popular – sorry to take so long to get around to it! The show’s main focus is to tell you what’s hot and happening via various charts – movies, music and more. Hosted by Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack, their guest is the very funny, very dry, very cool Matt Walsh. In the clip, Matt and Howard exchange stories about getting scammed for pot and tickets.

The Fogelnest Files
Another offering from Earwolf is Jay Fogelnest's show, The Fogelnest Files, that aims it's humor and analyses on a variety of topics. Our clip featuring him and guest Gabe Delahaye talking about a guy doing a YouTube review of the scorpion jacket from the movie Drive.

Inverse Delirium
Friend-of-Succotash Geoffrey Welchman sends along a sketch from his Inverse Delirium podcast that I'm just calling "The Doctor Sketch". He's also got a great chat with Lewis Black on Epi61 of ID, so check it out.

Wrong Foot Podcast
We have a second sketch for this week's show - makes for a nice break from all the pop culture/news yak fests going on in Podcastland, doesn't it? The folks over at The Wrong Foot provide a little something from Epi91, their Baseball Episode. It feels a little like some classic Cheech & Chong. Since I mangle the Wrong Foot cat members names in the podcast, htere they are in text form: Weston Prescott, Janice DelDubio, Ray Hemerley, Gail Wavenly, Antonio Belia, S. M. Rombarawitz, Loren Schofield, Gene Dale, Richard A. Goldberg, Lydia Linda Lorna, and Pierre Vuilleumier.

The Dorktown podcast is out of Fresno, CA, Bells, Mikey, and Becky talk about a lot of stuff and have their own Top 25 podcast ratings on their homesite, a rating that changes every month. (Happy to see us sitting at #5 in March!) Our slice from a recent episode features the trio in a the classic debate: Kegstands vs Beer Bongs.

The Firnecast
Host Dan Firnekas and Mandy Firnekas are a brother/sister team and this epi does family to the third power when they add guest (and dad) Allen Firnekas. They're out of Wyoming, which is may go down as the birthplace of something clipped from their show - Karaoke Rap. Especially as done by the senior Firnekas.

The Double Special Show
Although it's referred to as a "weekly comedy radio show" by host Chris Gorges, Jordan Lee & Tiffany Barbee, it seems like a podcast to me. Out of Tampa Bay, Florida, they have call-in guests, snipe at pop culture and also go after those news stories - such as the move to offer police protection to punks.

That's the rundown for Epi56. Hope you enjoy our clippage and other stuff this week (including a fresh commercial from Henderson's Pants!)

Thanks for passing the Succotash

Marc Hershon

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This is the two-year-iversary month for Succotash! Two whole years. I didn't know it would last this long but then, I didn't know that it wouldn't last this long. If you've been listening the whole time I can't thank you enough. And if you've picked us up somewhere along the way, I thank you as well.

Epi55 is not a big clip show - we've only got four snippets from comedy podcasts - but that's because the majority of the show is my interview with the poster boy for alt comedy Andy Kindler. I would have really enjoyed settling in for a quiet, contemplative, in-depth one-on-one with Andy, but podcasters can't be choosers. Instead, I got a rollicking chatfest over a late night meal at D'Angelo's Italian restaurant, the usual hang for comedians following the Mark Pitta & Friends show at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, California.

And it wasn't just Andy and me. We were joined by Mark Pitta, Larry "Bubbles" Brown, and Bob Rubin, all of whom would randomly come and go at our table, cracking wise and telling stories as the occasion warranted. In between, Andy answered a few of my questions, none of which really got into his background so if you're unfamiliar with Andy or why he's regarded so highly among comedians, you may not understand why the flock of comics around our table were drawn there like moths to a flame. We do get into some of Andy's thinking about comedy itself and a bit of his history. So it's safe to say there's something for everyone in here.


Having abandoned my countdown of Stitcher's Top 10 Comedy Podcasts because the top shows rarely change position, here's this week's The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List*:

10. By The Way: In Conversation with Jeff Garlin +54
29. Sklarbro Country +17
48. The Paul F. Tompkast +63
53. The Phil Hendrie Podcast +19
58. The Tenderloins Podcast +86
80. The Ricky Gervais Show +30
81. Dennis Has A Podcast -26
95. Frangela’s Idiot Of The Week +39
96. NewsPop Comedy +32
100. Work Sucks +30

 *The number on the left is the show's ranking in the Top 100. The number on the right are the number of places, up or down, the show moved this last week in ALL of Stitcher's rankings for comedy podcasts.


A new campaign over on that caught my eye is That's Not Funny, a documentary by filmmaker Mike Celestino. He's talked to some comedians (and wants to talk to a lot more) about subject matter in comedy that rubs some people the wrong way, and why. Succotash kicked him 50 bucks but he's trying to raise $50 THOUSAND to complete the project. (He's already got interviews in the can with funny folks such as Emery Emery, Jackie Kashian, Kyle Kinane, Greg Proops, and Paul Provenza. As of this posting, he's got 30+ days to go but that's going to run out quick. I'll have him on for a quick chat about the film in Epi56 but, in the meantime, click the link or hop over to and see if you can't help him out.


Our regular check-in by Will Durst has our favorite raging moderate peering over at the US Supreme Court's reason tussle over the marriage equality issue.


The Rob & Joe Show
We've featured snippet from Rob Maher & Joe Robinson's podcast before. This time it's an indelicate peek into Joe's sexual past. It's not exactly tasteful but, if you're looking for that, there's still terrestrial radio out there for you…

The Random Variety Show Podcast
Another return visitor this episode is Charley Miller and his Random Variety Show. The chunk Charley sent us is a story he created with the help of sentences sent in by listeners.(BTW, I'm slated to be a guest on the RVS podcast sometime this month - I'll give you a heads up and a link when it happens!)

Todd N’ Tyler Radio Empire
The Todd N’ Tyler Radio Empire has been cranking on air since 1993 out of KEZO in Omaha, Nebraska. They’re syndicated on a number of stations, on the internet and their show has – as so many other radio shows have – become podcastted. Even with all that coverage, I am embarrassed to say I have never heard of Todd Brandt and Mike Tyler until I read last episode’s The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List. That’s when T-N-T rocketed into the Top 100, landing at #73 and climbing an incredible 306 places in one week. So I just HAD to clip 'em…

The Q Show
Mark Bland sent us a sample of The Q Show which originates from St. Louis, Missouri. The description off the homesite tells us that the show is about "everything and is liberal/moderate radio for people with a brain!" Check out our sample tidbit and see if you qualify.

That's what we've got for you this time around. I'm off on a road trip this week with Dana Carvey and Larry "Bubbles" Brown, during which time we are going to attempt to record enough material for one and maybe even two upcoming episodes. THAT should make it worth passing the Succotash, right?

— Marc Hershon 

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For Epi54 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, we wade back into the clips and there are a bunch from shows that we’ve never played before.  Some of those are part of the lineup at so I decided to do a "mini-featurette" by playing a quartet of FUBAR clips, courtesy of Mr. Producer over there.

Sidenote of note: I make it a point on this show to pretty much play the samples from different comedy podcasts without much commentary – unless it’s about how they sound technically and whether I think they should work on that – but the reason is to let YOU hear them and set you off on a voyage of discovery…or not. It’s funny but in 54 episodes of doing this show, I have yet to ever hear from a listener whether you like or dislike a single show that that's been featured.  Of course, some of the shows I clip come from YOUR suggestions, so those would be “Likes”, of course. Other than than, no one’s ever emailed or tweeted or commented on the home site about shows they either liked or didn’t like. Feel free to do so, if you want.

(The above is not entirely true, as I do hear from people occasionally that let me know that they got turned onto a specific show they might not have otherwise found.)


Yes, it's true. The graphic artists down in the Succotash Art Department put together a new image this past week and we’ve got it up on our merch in The Succotashery. It’s the two most basic ingredients of succotash: Lima beans + corn + a pot. There are no words so you have to do the math yourself wto figure out that the answer's Succotash. Although on some of the t-shirts and the tote bag we have the classic Succotash logo on the other side. Just click on the Succotashery link on the website to grab yourself some of our hot new look.


Here’s this week’s The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List:

37. Walking The Room +37
63. By The Way: In Conversation with Jeff Garlin -19
64. Dining with Doug and Karen +211
65. The Naughty Show -18
73. Todd n’ Tyler Radio Empire +306
84. The Onion -43
86. About Last Night -27
88. Mike And Tom Eat Snacks +19
89. Alonzo Bodden: Who’s Paying Attention? -19
95. The Best Medicine Show +128


Most comedians with podcasts get to use them as a way to plug upcoming shows. Now I get that chance! I'm performing in a new style of live show we're calling Speechless and we have a kind of "beta test" version going up next Friday night at the 9th Street Independent Film Center at 145 9th Srteet (at Minna), Suite 101, in downtown San Francisco. It's a little like a Powerpoint-based version of the Set List Show, except our performers have to deliver a presentation on a random topic which they then have a set of never-seen-before random slides in a PowerPoint deck. The show's at 8 PM, tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Then on Monday, April Fools' Day, I'll be appearing with the April's Fools Show at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in downtown Mill Valley. The show features the likes of our own Will Durst as well as Johnny Steel, Bob Sarlatte, Michael Bossier, Dick Bright, and a bunch of other funny folks doing spoken word, standup, music and maybe a little improv, too! That show starts at 7:30 PM and should be a lot of fun.


Because this epi is dropping a little late, we have TWO Bursts O' Durst with political comedian Will Durst to play. So I'm playing one near the top of the show and the second in Durst's usual position as the headliner for the show.


At the end of this episode's TweetSack section, I feature Wine & Twitter, a new song from sci-fi/comedy songster John Anealio. He's making this single free to download as well, just by going to http://Jon!


The Paul Mecurio Show
This new show by comedian Paul Mecurio is on the SideShow Network and the clip we have, from Epi7, is Part Two of his interview with Lewis Black. It’s a great interview and I did a review of Paul’s show last week for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on

The RadioFUBAR Mini-Featurette Set
I got an email a couple of weeks ago from Frank, AKA “Mr. Producer” at where they have a lot of podcasts on their roster. So I said send me a few clips and I'll play a sampling from their lineup. Here are the four we're showing on this episode:

The Matt Ruefer 4 Hours of Power One Hour Podcast
This show features Matt Ruefer, Pete, Jacob and Mr. Producer as they talk about anything and everything (mostly nerdy.)  They almost always talk about Star Trek, Star Wars or some other nerd stuff. In this clip, the guys talk about the leak of the original star wars cast have been cast for the new version. They play on Wednesdays at 9pm Central.

Chick n’ Dick
Chick n’ Dick we have actually featured on Succotash before. The co-host, John, used to be part of a duo that did a show called the Truth or Truth Podcast. Chick n' Dick is another "stream of conscience" podcast with John and Tara, a husband and wife team, along with their friend Uriah. They are LIVE on Saturdays at 7pm Central.

The N3rdG4sm Lulzcast
The N3rdG4sm (pronounced nerdgasm) Lulzcast is four guys (LJ, Joe Keg, Jerry H Christ and Silent Dave) talking about all things nerd: Movies, phones, TV, game consoles and such. It's played on Thursdays at 7:00pm Central.

Uniformed Opinions
Uniformed Opinions
, while not technically a comedy, is four veterans (Ben, Noam, Frank and Silent Dave) from different services talking about different stuff.  They give their opinions on different things from a veteran's point of view.  The show tends to be funny because they use typical military gallows humor. It plays on Wednesdays at 7pm Central.

So that's the mini-featurette lineup from - hop on over to theri site and check out all their offerings!

Sal & Angelo Podcast
Sal Calanni
and Angelo Lorenzetti are San Francisco comedians and they’ve been interviewing mostly comedian from the area, including those who have done well, moved and then come back to eitehr work, visit or live. Sal recently interviewed Kevin Avery, who has been working as the head writer on W. Kamau Bell’s Comedy Central Show Totally Biased.

Into Your Head Podcast
Into Your Head is a podcasts is out of Ireland and host Neal (that's all - just Neal) has cranked out 670 episodes. It's amazing that it's taken me this much time to get around to clipping it. Good stuff - his delivery reminds me a bit of an Irish version of comedian Emo Philips.

Sweet Feathery Jesus
, Belasco & Dr. P - the boys at Sweet Feathery Jesus - have come up with a new way to get around the N-word in rap songs…by using another N-word.

Another show I’ve been wanting to get on is Podcheese. One of the co-hosts, Benny Michaels, made it too easy NOT to clip them this episode by sending in a clip featuring what he says is a showcase of he and fellow co-host Josh Bennett's "masterful" improvisational skills.

That whole pile of clippage is for you. Please remember as you carry those out into the world, to remember to pass the Succotash!

 — Marc Hershon

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This week's a mostly clipless week on Succotash. Stockpiling a bunch for the next episode while I devote the majority of Epi53 to my interview with Matt Weinhold. In addition to his long history as a standup comedian, Matt's be involved in writing and helping to produce a lot of television, web, and film projects as well. Included in that dossier: Writer and voice actor for MTV’s The Super Adventure Team; a writer and co-creator with Greg Proops on The Amazing Colossal Show, appeared in the Star Trek documentary Trekkies, written on tons of other TV including BBC America’s The Nerdist, Style Network’s The Dish, and used to be part of the Fashion Police commentary team for US magazine. You can also still get Matt's comedy CD, Dead Funny, by clicking on the link or on iTunes.

In the realm of podcasting, Matt's been podguesting with the likes of Jackie Kashian on Dork Forest and more frequently on The Dana Gould Hour. But he's in the process of turning what was a YouTube experiment into a full on video/audio podcast and we talk (and play) a bit from his Monster Party concept during our interview.

(Fair notice: We recorded the interview at the Coffee Fix in Studio City, CA. While it's a great place for coffee, the cavernous space, loud background music, blenders, grinders, and clanking utensils made for a listener-challenging environment. We've done what we could to pull out some of the room noise but there are portions of the interview that are somewhat hard to hear. Apologies. Welcome to the world of guerrilla podcasting...)


Rather than do a straight-ahead Top 10 countdown from this week's Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcasts — because the 'casts at the top don't seem to change very much - this week we introduce "The 10 Most Active in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List"! It was based on an idea I got from Ed Wallick, host of the Don't Quit Your Daycast podcast. I've ranked ten shows by their relative position on the chart, but also included the number of spaces they moved in the past week. Or points they go - I can't really figure out that that up or down number is supposed to represent considering that one of the showsSModcast — moved DOWN 101 points on a chart that only has 100 spaces.

14. Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler +24
41. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn +14
46. SModcast -101
52. The Onion +55
61. The David Feldman Show -26
64. Superego +85
71. Alonzo Bodden: Who’s Paying Attention? +29
80. Sex Squad +13
91. Loveline +24
99. The Ricky Gervais Podcast -20


Phil Leirness

Last week I played a clip from the Chillpak Hollywood Hour, one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and I mentioned that hosts Phil Leirness and Dean Haglund had been doing the show for over 4 years. My bad. It’s been SIX years. Not only that, I incorrectly gave their website. It’s (As I did mentioned last show, they DO still have a MySpace page, though.) I’m told that my voicemail apology to them will be a special guest on the next episode of CHH. Just got word that pre-production is underway on The Lady Killers, a new feature film by Phil and Dean. If you get a chance, check out their enthralling documentary The Truth Is Out There.


I'm a guest on the latest Seven Days A Geek episode of Podcasting 101. The Angry Ginger and I chat it up about how simple it really is to kick off a show, how to figure out what a podcast should be about and a bunch of other inside baseball chatter. Click on the show link and check it out for some good (mostly) clean conversation about the blood n' guts of podcasting.


Chet Haase

Friend-of-Succotash Chet Haase has sent along a nifty little ditty in the wake of the changing of the Pope called Papal Reign, a parody to Prince's Purple Rain. It's timely and funny and you'll find it at the tail end of Epi53. Thanks, Chet!


Our Ambassador to the Middle Will Durst offers a litany of things that go awry as we move into Upper Middle age in this week's Burst O' Durst.

I also get into our TweetSack a bit this week, including some real honest-to-God emails. I read off a long list of Twitter handles from folks who have retweeted, favorited and otherwise been kind to Succotash this past week. It's really appreciated and makes doing the show worthwhile knowing that people are enjoying the experience and sharing that enjoyment with others. Or, as I like to think about it, passing the Succotash!

Marc Hershon

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This title refers to the fact that we're back to an all-clip show this week. No interviews (although we have a goodie coming up next week!) but I did want to thank everyone who commented, tweeted, emailed and otherwise gave me feedback on last week’s Epi51.5, my I-5 Extra Episode. It was experimental, really – just me recording me as I drove back to San Francisco from Los Angeles up Interstate 5. Maybe I’ll try it again on my next road trip. And it gives me the confidence to play a little bit more between clips of the regular podcast, so we’ll see where that goes.

To the left is a shot of the sun setting as I trundled through the San Juaquin Valley at the wheel of Studio F, my Fiat 500. (It's not that picturesque but I post it because I love how pissed off people get when they think of me taking pictures while driving...)


I mention in this episode that I'm thinking of dropping the Stitcher Top 10 Comedy Podcast Countdown that we've been featuring on Succotash since the beginning of the year. Reason? The shows just don't change positions enough to be very interesting. None of these, for instance, are unfamiliar:

10. Deathsquad

 9. Doug Loves Movies

 8. Real Time with Bill Maher

 7. SModcast

 6. The Nerdist

 5. Mohr Stories

 4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast

 3. WTF with Marc Maron

 2. The Adam Carolla Show

 1. The Joe Rogan Experience

On the other hand, for the first time I also read down the BOTTOM Ten of the Stitcher Comedy Podcasts. Lots of action and places being swapped down there in the cellar. So maybe I'll just do that from now on…

91. Beauty & Da Beast w/Joey Diaz & Felicia Michaels (down 10!)

92. Laugh Out Loud from CBC Radio (up 9!)

93. The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling

94. The Pod F. Tompkast

95. Walking The Room

96. The Ricky Gervais Podcast (down 13!)

97. Alonzo Bodden: Who's Paying Attention? (up 29!!!)

98. Dining With Doug & Karen (down 31!!!)

99. 76th Street Pod

100. #WeNerdHard


This episode our Ambassador to the Middle Will Durst ponders the ex-pontiff and what sort of mischief the former Pope Benedict might get into in his retirement.


JakeThis of Jake Johannsen

Comedian Jake Johannsen's podcast is pure Jake. Even when he has guests, it’s got that "Jake" feel to it. I used to hang out with Jake and his guest this latest episode, Bobby Slayton, a lot, as we were all in the San Francisco comedy scene. They were both as the Aspen Comedy Festival recently and Bobby recounts part of a story from when he got to have dinner with Woody Allen.

A.D.D. Comedy Podcast

David Razowsky is the host, creative force, and backbone of the A.D.D. Comedy Podcast. Ian Foley is the producer and creator. They talk to a lot of comedians, most of whom have come out of the ranks of improv, but also actors and writers. We clip part of David's great interview with screenwriter Carl Gottlieb.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour

Friends-of-Succotash and podcast royalty Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness continue to fascinate with their Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast. They get into X-Files memorabilia by way of an email from a listener in this clip. Oh, yes, and they still have a page on MySpace.

Too Heavy Too Skydive 

Gotta clip in from the guys over at Too Heavy Too Skydive, which is still one of my favorite podcast titles out there. This is Matt's interview with Kai, no last name, who you may have seen on the internet a couple of weeks ago when he stopped a rampaging guy by pulling out a handaxe.

Making New Friends

Pat O’Rourke invites people into his kitchen every week and I guess gets along with all of them because his podcast is called Making New Friends. He sent this clip along and maybe I lost some notes along the way because, even though I checked the website, I’m not sure who his new friend may be.

Sup Dude

I THINK the Sup Dude podcast is from England so it kicks off our Triple Shot British Invasion clips this show. AJ & Nathan host a show about a bunch of stuff and yet seem to almost always have time to review a James Bond movie. Here they’re getting into Her Majesty’s Secret Service starring that one-off Bond, George Lazenby.

It’s Not Soccer

Adam Barker of Barker Podcasts is back with his It’s Not Soccer podcasting partner Billy Bilo. Adam didn’t send a clip but he did send where to find this clip in their lastest episode which, really, is the next best thing. It’s about a package delivery that happened to a friend that went south.

Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks

This clip is a last minute entry to this week’s show, suggested by the aforementioned Adam Barker who says that it’s a great representative of “north English humour”. I guess that’s humor with a “u” after the  “r”, right? Uncle Arthur seems difficult to find a lot about so just enjoy his ranting about fat people, won’t you?

Pod Awful

Jesse P-S has kicked off Season 5 of his Pod Awful podcast. His guest, Mike Blejer, a comedian and host of his own podcast, Malignant Brain Humor, and he spend part of the kickoff episode trying to track down a fortune teller of sorts…

Salty Language

I’m not quite sure what the main thrust of the Salty Language podcast is about. I think it’s a “shootin’ the shit” show, with hosts Bryan, Tony & Tate doing just that. Here’s a chunk that spins off of reading a news item, so that should be a clue, right?

Red Mud and Rolling Hills 

The Red Mud & Rolling Hills podcast is a sister/brother show, with Dawn Smith and her bro Bo Tate being real from the foothills of South Carolina. Their website proclaims that they use swear words as “sentence enhancers” and there is no shortage of them in the clip we have, where they’re talking about footwear and handsomeness.

Once again, we've done our job. Now get out there and do yours: Pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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WARNING: This is NOT a "regular" episode of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. No clips. No interviews. No TweetSack.

Call it an experiment. I was driving back to San Francisco after a weekend in Los Angeles. While in the southland I visited with a number of podcasters, comedians and past guests of Succotash: Rick Overton, Matt Weinhold, Ethan Dettenmaier, Shawn Marek, Travis Clark, Brandi Clark, Jon Manfrellotti, and Chris Gore.

My conversations with all those folks invariably came around to podcasting. Why do we do it? Where is it going? And what does it all mean? Collectively, we batted those concepts and more around in our little discussion groups but - once I was alone, trapped in my car (Studio F) for the six hour Kessel Run back to The City By The Bay, the questions continued to bounce around in my head.

So I fished out my trusty iPhone 5, my iRig Cast mic, and rambled into it for about 26 minutes. I ruminated on my show, other shows, and the podcasting industry as a whole. I wondered aloud about our listenship, the respect that podcasters may or may not be due, and all of the entertainment that's regularly provided for free by an ever-widening pool of podcasters around the world.

Don't worry — it's not a signal that we're changing direction at Succotash. We've got another clip-filled extravaganza coming right around the corner with Episode 52. But one beautiful thing about this artform (if I may be afforded the chance to refer to it as such), is that a person can do anything they want from this side of the microphone. On the flip side, listeners don't have to listen to it.

So this is, as I said in the beginning, an experiment.

If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, let me know. Email, Facebook, Twitter, the Succotash Hotline (818.921.7212) — there's plenty of ways for you to get your thoughts and feedback to me.

And I'll be back with our usual bag o' podcast clips in our very next episode! So don't be afraid to pass the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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This episode we return to our roots. Clips, clips and more clips. Also, a return to Studio P ("The Home of The Hit!"), engineer-producer Joe Paulino, and another long-awaited installment of Boozin' With Bill featuring our booth announcer Bill Haywatt.

Bill's concoctions are usually something he picked up during one of the many radio gigs he's had over the past 70 years. Often scrounged from either a hard-drinking co-worker or from one of the numerous dive bars that could be found in the neighborhoods that usually spring up around radio stations and recording studios.

This time around he presents us with the very first alcoholic mixture he can first remember making while still a lad at the tender age of 14. During the show he dubbed it "The Beer Float" but given the beer required for this one, I call it "The Floating Heinie". Either way it's a twist on that soda fountain favorite, the root beer float.



Once again, very little movement in the Top 10 of Stitcher's Comedy Podcast chart this last week. In fact, this week, other than the fact two shows switched places in the Top 10, nothing’s gone on.

10. Doug Loves Movies
9. DeathSquad
8. Real Time with Bill Maher
7. Mohr Stories
. SModcast
5. The Nerdist
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Marc Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience

I think for the next episode, I may add the bottom 10 (from #90-100) just to have some new show names in the mix.


In "This Week In Comedy Podcasts" on I reviewed Penn's Sunday School with Penn Jillette and guest Peter "Herman's Hermits" Noone! It went a little something - no, exactly - like this:

Ah, Penn Jillette. Magician, conman, truth-sayer, provocateur and atheist. It’s the last of those that drives many of the discussions around Penn’s Sunday School, although in the latest installment, none of that comes around until after the first hour, during which time Peter Noone (of Herman’s Hermits fame) is Jillette’s guest. And Noone turns out to be a treasure trove of fantastic stories from the early days of the British Invasion and beyond. The child TV star (from BBC’s Coronation) had turned to music and was playing at the age of 16 while hanging around the Beatles before they took off. He tells of John Lennon knocking out five blokes in a working man’s bar and of meeting and hanging out with Elvis in Hawaii a few years later. Jillette punctuates Noone’s tales with his trademark hoarse guffaw. Later in the show, after Noone has left, the host shares how his own atheist beliefs have been picked up by his young daughter and how that causes a bit of a problem with a god-fearing boy in her school, about which Jillette is a little leery about dealing with. Jillette’s shows tend to run over an hour, and each extra minute is well worth the listen.

So you can get the complete flavor of it, I clip that show in this very episode.


This week our on-call Raging Moderate Will Durst turns his acerbic funny beam on the Civil Ware brewing in the Republican't party for our Burst O' Durst.



Our first clip is from new podcast, Overview, by a friend of Succotash and a good buddy of mine: Rick Overton! (He was one of our earliest guests – you can find my interview with him in Epi 6 AND I also released a bonus Epi 6.5, which was my interview with Rick in its entirety.) Now he’s got his own show going. And he’s already had some great guests from the world of comedy. Recently he spoke with comedy legend Jonathan Winters – what a score! It struck me that some of what Jonathan is talking about in our clip, where he’s talking about starting out as a comic, relates directly across to podcasting in many ways.


Although this IS a new podcast, the host will be familiar to some of you Succotashians. It’s Caleb Bacon who, until a couple of months ago, was the host of The Gentlemen’s Club podcast. With this new show, Bacon gets pretty heavy in the first show, as his guest is “Bald Bryan” Bishop, who is a producer and sidekick on the Adam Carolla Show as well as the co-host of his own podcast called The Film Vault. Four years ago, at the age of 30, Bryan was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. He’s still around, so not only has he survived it, but it’s given him some perspectives on life a 30 year old doesn’t often have.


Penn Jillette, best know for being one-half of Penn & Teller, does a number of things as well, including this podcast. Jillette has become somewhat well know for being an atheist – he doesn’t believe in god – and he often goes into the topic on his podcast. But he also has guests come through and the subject of religion never comes up. Recently he had Peter Noone on the show, the founding member of Herman’s Hermits.


From the show’s intro I know that host Nick Dressel is a student at MSU in East Lansing, Michigan, and the premise for Nobodies is that he and all of his guest are “nobodies” – they are actors and comedians and other flavors of performance who have not “arrived” yet but hope to someday, so Nick sees his show as being the first place you will have heard his guests, but not the last. In Epi35 of Nobodies, his guests Spencer Perrenoud and Jason Carlen gather ‘round a rendering of “McConaughey”.


Here’s one of the only clips from a show we’ve heard from before – it’s Snitch & Lins from Australia! I like the fact that this is a sketch more than anything. I think if I have to hear more people going off on a pop culture riff on their podcasts, I’ll throw up. So thanks, Stitch & Lins!


When I heard from Cam of the 3 Pleasant Gentlemen podcast, I was informed that there  are only TWO Gentlemen in the cast - Cam and Remo. The third Gentleman is a woman, who goes by the name Savy. I also discovered that I’m not alone in finding out that a car makes for a suitable substitute podcasting facility. (While we often have luxurious Studio P, The Home of The Hit!, at our disposal, some episodes of Succotash come to you via Studio F, my Fiat.) 3 Pleasant Gentlemen orginates from the roomy interior of a Chevy Tahoe.


I think I’m going to be enjoying the Drunken Taoist, a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Daniele Bolelli. He’s got quite a colorful collection of stuff next to his name. He’s a writer, a martial artist, and a college professor. His teaching style’s described as “half standup comedian and half Zen master.” Bolelli’s guest from the episode we clipped is New York Times Best Selling author Christopher Ryan, who co-wrote Sex At Dawn and has his own podcast called Tangentially Speaking.


Unlike The Drunken Taoist, our next podcast has precious little on about the podcast or the people on it, even though they have a half dozen places on the web where you grab their episodes. I can’t even find names for the voices you’re hearing in this clip from the Dirty Kong Podcast.


We have a clip from another new podcast – only 6 epis in – called OK Hypothetical and it was submitted by Garin, one of the two hosts. The other fellow is Connor. I like these guys. Here’s the text from their email: “Good morning, The attached clip is actually the full first episode of our show. Run time is 4 minutes 33. Thank you for your consideration. Garin and Connor”. Straight to the point. No nonsense. Get in, get out, no one gets hurt. I love that their show’s title is most of what you need to know about how the show goes.

So there you go - back to a clips royale with this episode! If you're a comedy podcaster, remember that you are welcome to submit a 3-5 minute MP3 clip from your show, via email, to (While we may well get around to your podcast, there are THOUSANDS of shows out there on the comedy side of podcasting, so you stand a better chance of having us feature you if you are proactive and shoot us a clip yourself!

Until next time, won't you please pass the Succotash?

Marc Hershon

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Here at Succotash I'm celebrating the FIFTIETH episode! In some ways it’s hard to believe we actually have gotten to 50 shows. (On the other hand, given that we started 22 months ago, this SHOULD be episode 96.)  But it’s been tough to get consistent. Between my day job, time at Studio P ("The Home Of The Hit!") and other elements, it’s been hard to crank out a show a week.

BUT we’re finally there, more or less!

If you’re new to Succotash, the reason it’s called “The Comedy Podcast Podcast” is that we usually feature between 10 and 12 comedy podcast clips from around the world. We also have interviews with podcasters, comedians and other sundry show biz folks. This week being our special Epi50, I’m  featuring the interview I had last week with the cast of Superego, who were up from Los Angeles to be part of the 12th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest.

Sketch courtesy of @JoelCarroll

It was part lucky happenstance and part perfect storm, my getting the opportunity to sit down with the guys from Superego: Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Mark McConville. I've been trying to coordinate a sit-down with them for over a year. So when they were booked to return to Sketchfest this year in San Francisco, we saw our opportunity to pull it together.

The great thing about having these guys as the focus for our 50th episode is that Succotash is not just a showcase for comedy podcasts but it also a celebration of the medium. And Superego really represents a certain measure of podcast success. These guys aren’t getting rich off of their show – not yet – but it’s a show that didn’t exist WITHOUT podcasting. Superego – as they talk about in our interview – starts as improv but comes together through careful editing and post-production. So, although they’ve learned how to re-create what they do in a live setting, the show is, first and foremost, a podcast.

Now in their third season, they're gaining in popularity and opportunity and I beg your indulgence, as listeners, in having our format step away from playing a bunch of clips this episode in order to enjoy this interview with Superego.


The shows in Stitcher's Top Ten Comedy Podcasts this week have either got a lot of loyal listeners or else there are a lot of new people just checking out these particular shows. Only ONE out of the Top 10 were not up there last week.

10. Doug Loves Movies
9. DeathSquad
8. Real Time with Bill Maher
7. SModcast
6. Mohr Stories
5. The Nerdist
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Marc Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience


Got a letter from a friend, James Mogavero, who sent a link to me, Eddie Pepitone, Rick Overton, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, David Feldman, and Carlos Alazraqui. It’s to Podcasting Community Faces Patent Troll Threat; EFF Wants to Help,a story about podcasters getting threatening letters from attorneys representing a company called Personal Audio that claims to hold the patent on "apparatus for disseminating a series of episodes represented by media files via the Internet as said episodes become available". Patent trolling is a despicable, money-grubbing practice and now it's bein gused to try to grub money from a "business' where most of us can barely afford the microphones into which we talk.


On, for This Week In Comedy Podcasts, I review Caleb Bacon's new show Man School. Caleb ran 154 episodes of The Gentlemen's Club podcast but shut it down at the end of last year and decided to shift gears. The premiere episode features his chat with "Bald Bryan" Bishop, a producer and sidekick on Adam Carolla's show as well as the co-host of The Film Vault podcast. And they focus on Bryan's facing brain cancer at the age of 30. Now, four years after the diagnosis, he talks about how his life is different.


 The only clips featured on this week show are a couple from the most recent Superego episode to highlight the group's sound and rhythms. You can find all three seasons of the show by Gourley, Carter, and McConville (as well as their amazing slate of guest performers) at


We DO have our usual segment, our Burst O' Durst with raging moderate and political comedian Will Durst. So be sure to listen all the way to the end to your dessert.

As part of my observance of our 50th episode of Succotash, I want to thank all of the podcasters who generously allow us to use their clips each week. (Sure, it’s free plugs for them, but they’re also putting their trust in us that we’re going to do right by ‘em.) I also want to thank all of the folks who have given of their time and let me interview them for the show. But most importantly, I want to thank you guys, our listeners, for passing the Succotash. Whether you’re a first time Succotashian or have been with us for all 50 episodes since we started almost 2 years ago, it means a lot to me that you’re out there.

Which reminds me: if there’s a favorite comedy podcast YOU listen to but haven’t heard us feature on the show, drop me a line to You can also call into our Succotash Hotline and leave us a message – that number is (818) 921-7212. And if you ARE a comedy podcaster and would like us to feature a clip from your show, you can send us a 3-5 minute MP3 clip to

As I say on the show, you can Like us on Facebook, rate and review us on iTunes, thumbs up us on Stitcher and retweet us @SuccotashShow!

Here's to passing the Succotash for another 50 episodes!

— Marc Hershon

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Here we are, smack in the middle of Epi49, just one 'sode away from our 50th show! Exciting! And we have a wonderful Special Guest this show — Hal Lublin! If you're a fan of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, then you've heard LOTS of Hal because he's all over that show as both the announcer and filling out a number of roles in the various sketches. 

When I interviewed TAH's co-creator Ben Blacker back in Epi37, he told me that I really should try to catch the show live. And I finally got the opportunity this past weekend when the entire cast and orchestra traveled north from Hollywood, California, America to appear at the 12th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest. I got to see Hal and the rest of the gang put on a very funny show (they performed twice, actually, back to back) and Mr. Lublin was kind enough to sit with me before making the trek back down south.

Our podcaster friends can relate when I say that Hal, while he exercises his voice on behalf of TAH as well as cartoons and other voiceover work, still holds down a fulltime day job. AND is perfectly happy to continue doing so. He tells us why during the interview, as well as some "tricks of the trade" when it comes to taking care of those precious pipes.


Two new entries into the Top 10 Comedy Podcasts as reported by Stitcher Smart Radio this week. (STILL no movement in the upper six spots, though - those podcasts are wedged in tighter than a sumo wrestler's mawashi.) And we clip the two newcomers this week so you can taste a sample.

10. The Church Of What’s Happening Now - Joey Diaz
9. Doug Loves Movies - Doug Benson
8. Real Time with Bill Maher
7. SModcast - Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier
6. Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr
5. The Nerdist w/Chris Hardwick
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Marc Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience


In the TweetSack this week is an email with an attachment from Davian Dent, the host of The Bitter Sound Podcast. He's recorded a song - a parody of the Sid Vicious take of Sinatra's My Way, which is dedicated to the podcasters that have supported his run of six shows he's done so far. And he mentions those podcasts by name (including the very end.) So I've put the song at the very end of the show in kind - hope you enjoy it!


It seems I'm enjoying a tiny surge of demand the last week or so, as I have been interviewed by Jason Parsons at the Seven Days A Geek podcast as well as by Adam Harris from The Standup Chronicles show. Those drop soon so click on the links above and check 'em out when they do. The end of next week I'm off to LA for a few days, where I'm scheduled to appear on Combat Radio, live on Friday morning, February 22nd, with host Ethan Dettenmaier. Should be fun!


This week I'm reviewing a pretty funny show that's been flying under my radar every though they've now got 99 shows under their belt: The Ardent Atheist with Emery Emery and Heather Henderson. as my portion of This Week In Comedy Podcasts over on Splitsider.


Take a hit HBO show and dump it into iPod’s podcast directory – BAM, instant hit video podcast. That’s Real Time with Bill Maher. No fuss, no muss. If you saw it last week on TV, then you probably WON’T download it this week. But if you MISSED it…now it’s free.

The original SModcast that started Kevin Smith’s SMOdcast network. (A network that's now celebrating its sixth year anniversary.) They haven’t been around THAT long – this clip is from Kvein Smith and Scott Moser’s latest edition, #238.

As mentioned above, I was recently interviewed by Jason Parsons over at Seven Days A Geek – the show we did was kind of a nuts n’ bolts about podcasting – and the least I could do was ask him to send along a clip from his regular show for us to feature. In the clip we have, Jason is getting the lowdown from his pal TK1 on how his buddy managed to break his toe.

The three women behind the Brawdcast take webstealth to a whole new level  — on their homesite they’re only known by their Twitter handles: @ButtRockBetty, @JennieK97 and @HollzInSeattle.  The first two are the talent, the third is their producer. And in this clip we’re hearing about the art of spanking. In public, no less.

I’ve heard form the boys over at The Half Scoop podcast - that’d be Stephen, Corben, and Bryce – that they’ve been tweaking their format. They just rounded the 25-show mark so we give a listen to the newish-sounding Half Scoop!


So little information on their website, but here’s a line from Seth Wright & Zack Bennett's listing on iTunes: “Underwhelming, crude episodes filled with ramblings and random banter from Seth and Zack.” In this clip, war stories on performing on the road are re-hashed guest Angelo Warner.


Not really a clip but a self-contained feature from the brain and attendant mouth of our Ambassador to the Middle, political comedian Will Durst. In this installment, Will gives out his own brand of mythical statuettes to some political worthies in this award season we're entering.

There's what's in store for you this epi. Keep in mind the next show is our FIFTIETH episode (!) and we're going to celebrate with a show-long interview by the three-man cast of Superego, one of the hottest podcasts around. Until next time, please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon


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I’m very excited about today’s show. I’m usually excited about every epi, but sometimes I’m more excited than other times and this is one of those more excited times. Our special guests are Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang – the cast of Illusionoid, one of my favorite podcasts.

One of the most interesting things about Illusionoid is that it is a highly improvised show, built within a framework that makes it seem like each episode is an integral story within a structured whole. Maybe that's where the "illusion" part of the name comes from - I didn't think to ask. We DO get into the nuts and bolts of how the show gets put together - performance, music, sound effects - as well as how the three guys met up and how the show got started.

I play a snippet of a recent Illusionoid episode after the interview, one that was inspired by part of our conversation just before the guys were going into the studio to record the show. You really should hear more and you can do it at, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher Smart Radio. 


Here's the latest Top 10 Comedy Podcast countdown from Stitcher Smart Radio. There are a couple of new entries this week but not a whole lot of action - no movement at all amongst the top eight shows from last week's numbers.

10. SModcast > Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!
9. The Church of What’s Happening Now
8. Doug Loves Movies
7. Death Squad
6. Mohr Stories
5. The Nerdist
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Mark Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience


There's our Burst O' Durst, with comedian Will Durst talking about Girls (HBO) creator Lena Dunham and her amazing display of tattoos that joined her at the recent Golden Globes awards. I read a letter from Louis CK. And we have a song from Bonn and Obo.


SModcast: Tell ‘Em, Steve-Dave
Brian Quinn, Bryan Johnson & Walt Flanagan, Tell 'Em, Steve-Dave is billed as “Two Comic Book Men and An Impractical Joker. Uncensored.” The origin of the title is from a comic store that Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan used to go to, run by a guy who they could never remember if his name was Steve or Dave. So he became Steve-Dave. Our clip has part of their regular segments called "Fat News".

The Church Of What's Happening Now
Some people may be old enough to remember that the title of Joey Diaz’ podcast came from a character that late comedian Flip Wilson did, the Reverend Leroy, and it was the name of his church. Joey’s a truth-to-power kind of guy who also seems heavily fueled by edible forms of marijuana. But he used to be into heavier stuff, as evidenced by the story he tells in our sample of the show.

NPR: Car Talk Podcast
Did you know that NPR's Car Talk radio show, featuring the beloved Click and Clack (AKA Tom and Ray Magliozzi) is also Top 10 podcast? You can tell it's new to podcasting and a to a whole new audience because otherwise listeners would know that Car Talk - around for 35 years - stopped producing new shows last October! What you’re hearing are old reruns of people calling in to ask Click and Clack about their old broken down cars.

Sloppy Seconds
The official blurb for Sloppy Seconds reads: “San Francisco comedian Howard Stone and co-host Tom Sawyer discuss current events in this fast paced comedy talk show with music.” What it neglects to say is that Tom Sawyer has been a fixture in the San Francisco comedy scene for 30 years as the owner of Cobb’s Comedy Club. And he’s got as many opinions as he had comedians cross the Cobb’s stage. Their guest this episode is Bay Area comedian Johnny Steele, who has an opinion or two himself.

TalkS Hit with Eddie Ifft
Here’s a podcast that’s known by slightly different titles depending where you look for it. On its homesite, it’s Talking Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft. Or sometimes just Talking Shit with Eddie Ifft. Or Jim And Eddie Talk Shit. On iTunes, to get past the censorship on titles, it’s called TalkS Hit with Eddie Ifft. Whatever you call it, it has just passed 200 episodes, so something’s working. I will warn you that this show is NOT for the meek. This particular episode they have comedian Greg Wilson dropping by and the stories are, quite frankly, a little rough. Definitely NSFW. But there’s a crude hilarity and sense of fun…up until the moment Eddie shits his pants. Yes, that's right. Say no more.

AM is the host of The DC AM which is in Washington, DC. In a most recent epsiode, AM and a friend – the podcast homesite is very devoid of names – ventured to the Music And Gaming Festival (or MAGFest) in search of costumed weirdos running amok in our nation’s capitol. In the clip we have, they’ve cornered a dude dressed like Encio from the Assassion’s Creed video games.


Brian Elles hosts a man-on-the-street type of show in Chicago called Ya Ya in conjunction with Peaches and Hot Sauce Productions. (I think I mispronounce the title of the show during the podcast - it's not "yah-yah" but more "yeh-yeh" - guest I'm not street enough to get those nuances…) In this clip that came right out of our TweetSack, Brian has Greg Gilenna (creator and writer of Meet The Parents) as his guest, who reveals the origins of the movie was a two-minute comedy sketch.

There aren't THAT many clips in today's show but, with the Illusionoid interview, this is one of the longer episodes of Succotash we've done. Even so, I still managed to tack on a bonus succotash recipe at the very end, after Bill Haywatt signs off.

Until next time, please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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I have declared myself to be a "counter Resolutionist" this year and, accordingly, 2013 is right on track since I have broken no resolutions. You can't break what you don't have.  Been suffering from some kind of viral crud (I'm not talking about an onslaught of cute kitty videos) that's going around the past few days but I don't think it's the flu. More like a cold. Whatever it is, it's taken up residence in my throat and sinuses, and will be making a guest appearance during this episode.

Our Special Guest is no virus although, with David Owen's tenaciousness at lining up comedy groups and venues for the San Francisco Sketchfest, he could be mistaken for something contagious. Last year about this time we had Cole Stratton, co-host of the Pop My Culture podcast, former member of my improv group The Riffingtons, and one of the three founder/producers of the  Sketchfest. For the 12th year of the 'fest, Mr. Owen joins me to talk about this year’s upcoming exciting show.

How exciting? Here's just a partial list of the performers scheduled to appear: Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, Jonathan Stern, David Wain, Bruce Campbell, Patton Oswalt, Reggie Watts, Kevin McDonald, Adam Savage, Kristen Schaal, Paul F. Tompkins, Janet Varney, Eddie Pepitone, Michael Ian Black, Beth Dover, Carla Gallo, Ryan Hansen, Rob Huebel, Natasha Leggero, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Erica Oyama, June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, Jonathan Stern, Maria Bamford, Roger Bart, Jennifer Coolidge, Rachel Dratch, Janeane Garofalo, Laraine Newman, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Maya Rudolph, Fred Willard…the list goes on and one.

If you’re in or near San Francisco between January 24 and February 10, check out the amazing lineup and get ticket at You can also follow info about the show on Twitter by following @SFSketchfest.


As we started doing on the show (and in this blog) last week, here is the latest Top 10 Comedy Podcasts from Stitcher Smart Radio:

10. SModcast w/Kevin Smith
9. By The Way, In Conversation w/Jeff Garlin
8. Doug Loves Movies
7. Death Squad
6. Mohr Stories
5. The Nerdist
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Mark Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience


This week we're featuring Jesus Walks by Karen Kilgariff from her album, Behind You. Find it and other goodies, such as Karen's tour schedule, at


Although I don't have any resolutions for the New Year, our in-house political comedian and Raging Moderate Will Durst does. and he's not ashamed to share them in this epi's Burst O' Durst. Catch more of Will's musings at


By The Way – In Conversation with Jeff Garlin
his new show jumped into the charts at #9 for its very first week of life.
It’s over on the Earwolf network and the show is recorded live in front of an audience at Largo in Los Angeles. For his first outing, host Jeff Garlin has tapped Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and with whom he works on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s over an hour of rollicking conversation and the audience LOVES it, as you can hear in this clip.

This Week With Larry Miller
He’s back! I mentioned last episode that comedian/actor Larry Miller was finally well enough to return to the podcast waves this past week. The first new episode of This Week With Larry Miller dropped last Thursday and most of the show Larry talks about the freak accident that landed him in the hospital, a medically-induced coma, and months of rehabilitation. And he does it in classic Larry Miller storytelling style. (Because that sort of thing is so hard to clip, I’ve opted to tease you with his Joke Of The Week, which is just Larry telling an old joke.)

Double Talk Radio
At Double Talk Radio, Double K and one of his guests from this episode, Matty, have a story to tell. And you’ll probably hear from DK’s co-host Cookie J and their other guest, The Hick. The audio quality of this cast is less than our usual standards, but they’re got something going on it seems – been on for awhile and have a lot of loyal listeners.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour
With well over a hundred episodes of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour under his belt, comedian Duncan Trussell's guests include comedians, actors and people from all sorts of interesting directions. Most recently his focus in his pre-interview portion of the show has been focused on a probable diagnosis of testicular cancer. Our hearts go out to him and we wish him a safe recovery. And you have to admire he spirit with which he approaches such a heavy thing, as heard from the beginning of a recent episode…

The Geek Generation
The Geek Generation, with co-hosts
Rob Logan, Mike Volpe, Anna Zifcak, Mikey Arsenault, is another podcast that’s passed the century-episode mark a while ago. They cover ANYTHING remotely geeky – video games, movies, TV, comic books, tech, animation – you name it, they’ll eventually get around to it. And even though co-host Anna Zifcak has grown up by buying a house and now she’s about to get married. But a geek can’t have an ordinary wedding now, can she?

Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks
That’s the name of a podcast featuring Mike, Drunk, Paul, and Nappier – four guys I know very little about because – as is often the case – 84% of podcasters have an aversion to revealing much information about themselves. (I got that stat the same place I found out that 72% of podcasters make up statistics.) Anyway, Wheelbarrow falls under my heading of being an STS show – Shooting The Shit – and these guys will go anywhere that there’s conversation to be had.

It’s Not Soccer Podcast
What would you call a sports podcast that has precious little to do with sports? How about the It’s Not Soccer Podcast. That’s what Adam Barker who Succotashians know from the Oddcast Podcast and Billy Cutmore call their show. As THEY say, if you’re not into sports, listening to It’s Not Soccer will NOT make you feel left out.

That's about it for this episode. Appreciate you stopping by. Appreciate you even more if you wanted to hit the Donate button in the upper right hand corner of our homesite. Or do you Amazon online shopping by getting there through the carousel on the bottom right of our site. You can even ignore the offers for the Hallmark Channel movie DVD's that I wrote or the I Hate People! business book I wrote if you want to - but for every product you buy when you go through our page's portal, we get a li'l kickback from the online store named after a big, dirty river.

Even if you can't or don't donate or buy anything, could you do me a favor and remember to pass the Succotash?

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome to our first full-fledged episode of the New Year. We've got nine podcast clips for you, plus a lovely novelty tune, Undead Love Song, by friend-of-Succotash John Anealio. (Off his album Laser Robot Zombie Love, available at And yet the show comes up a little short, timewise, this week. Maybe it's because we're missing our usual Burst O' Durst with political punwit Will Durst. (Durst's on vacay but will be back next epi...)

Anyway, because the show runs a little shorter than usual, you might actually catch the little "extra" I began tagging onto the very end of the show starting with the previous episode. It's an idea I shamelessly stole from our friend Jabs of The DHead Factor — I started taking the audio track from videos on YouTube that feature recipes for succotash. This week's is a doozy: Daphne Oz and Tom Arnold make "Summerin' Succotash" on ABC's The Chew. Enjoy!


Epi46 also marks the start of our Top 10 Comedy Podcast countdown, as tabulated weekly by Stitcher Smart Radio. It turns out that comedy podcasts up there at the top of the heap don't move around a whole lot, so unless you guys want to basically have me read the following list every week, it will behoove us all to get over to Stitcher and start listening and rating our favorites. Here's how this week looks:

10. Ari Shaffir’s Shark Tank
9. Doug Loves Movies
8. DeathSquad
7. SModcast
6. Mohr Stories
5. The Nerdist
4. NPR: Car Talk Podcast
3. WTF with Mark Maron
2. The Adam Carolla Show
1. The Joe Rogan Experience


That's about all I have to share with you guys. Maybe if someone wrote in once in a while with questions or beefs or something, we'd get a little going here. Instead, here's who we have ready to serve up for your listening pleasure in this epi:

Dazed & Convicted
As (belatedly) promised, our lead-off clippage this show is from Monica Hamburg's new Dazed & Convicted podcast, with her equally new co-host, Bill Allman. Longtime Succotashians know Monica from S & M Rants, but she's rebooted the concept and their new show focuses on stories from the news featuring what Monica refers to as “criminal fucktards”. Nice.

Ten Minute Podcast
ooking for a quick blast from Podcast Land? Listen no further than the Ten Minute Podcast. It’s three funny guys – Will Sasso, Bryan Callen (both from MAD TV) and Chris D’Elia (from Whitney), and they're happy just to be shootin’ the shit and being funny.

Mohr Stories
Mohr Stories
is the flagship podcast at Jay Mohr’s podcast network,
I’ve been wanting to clip his podcast for a while now and then, when I heard Bryan Callen in the Ten Minute Podcast we are also featuring this epi, I thought what a great segue!

Royal & Doodall
They're back! You can’t escape the Pod Mafia — even though I recently played something from these two "made men" – Tommy Royal and Angus Doodall – I just HAD to play this next clip because it features…me. It’s from the R&D Christmas Panto show, where they had various members of the Pod Mafia from around the world record lines for this holiday audio play, then they stitched the whole thing together like a Christmas goose. I am truly humbled and honored that Royal and Doodall asked me to join in their reindeer games.

Nerd Poker
Comedian Brian Posehn, who you may know from the Sarah Silverman Show, just started hosting a podcast over on the Earwolf network called Nerd Poker. Which is a euphemism for Dungeons & Dragons or D&D as it is often called. The show is Brian and a handful of funny friends, including Blaine Capatch, Ken Daly, Gerry Duggan, and Sarah Guzzardo, who have created strange and wonderful characters that go on adventures overlorded by their Dungeon Master Scott Robison. Because all these folks are comics and writers and actors, it’s all pretty funny and even if you haven’t been into D&D for over 30 years (oops, did I say that?) you’ll still probably enjoy it. (I recently reviewed Nerd Poker over on - you can catch it at

The Zane Lamprey Show
Comedian, actor and International Drinking Ambassador Zane Lamprey hosts a show that used to be called Drinking Made Easy but now goes by the name The Zane Lamprey Show. Succotashians were turned onto Zane when we had THAT Chris Gore on as our co-host a month or so ago. Our featured clip is of Zane, his posse Steve McKenna, Fun Josh and Mel, along with guest, three-time Playboy Playmate Jessica Hall.

Allison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend
Although she’s pretty well-known as Adam Carolla’s newsy sidekick on his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, Alison Rosen’s been hosting her own show since 2009. She’s very engaging, involves her listeners in the show with games and thanks largely to her clout from being part of Carolla Digital (formerly ACE Broadcasting), she gets some awesome guests. Here’s a clip from her recent two-part visit with Dave Atell.

Bert Kreisher is a comedian with a podcast – imagine that! – and a forthcoming documentary that’s being done about him. We clip his Epi5 where he interviewed the two filmmakers who have been following him around, Jeff Johnson and Jeff Hinman. In the segment we have, they talk about what happened when they went out after hours with fellow comic Hannibal Buress.

Cox & Crendor Show
The official blurb calls this show “The highest quality non-content 30-minute morning show on the internet in podcast form” and it seem to be holding that spot fairly well. These guys are out of Los Angeles and, if they don’t smoke pot, Jesse Cox and Eric “Crendor” Hraab really should have to explain why they laugh so much during their show.

There's our deal. Epi46 in one neat, tidy bundle. Next week we'll visit with David Owen, one of the founders of the renowned San Francisco Sketchfest, about to kick off it's 12th year. Until then, keep it real. And pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Happy New Year! 2012 had many ups and downs, and that counts in comedy podcasting, too. Some podcasts went off the rails — such as Affirmation Nation and The Gentlemens' Club — never to be heard from again. While at the same time, milestones were passed for others.

What did WTF, Nerdist, and Never Not Funny have in common? They all dropped their 300th episode this year! Congrats! And You Made It Weird, Who Charted?, Walking the Room, The Long Shot, and Sklarbo Country all turned the corner on their episode 100 in 2012. And the granddaddy of the comedy podcast ilk, Tom Scharpling's The Best Show On WFMU, actually rang up its 500th episode!

I came up with the idea of doing a Top 10 Comedy Podcasts of 2012 but, unfortunately, the concept hit me the day before I was going to record Epi45. I didn't have the time or even a methodology in mind to pull it off, so I did the next best thing. I borrowed a list from the AV Club. They had their panel of reviewers dole out 50 points a piece amongst the podcasts out there in the universe, did careful calculations and considerations before posting their list. I swear we'll do something like that…next year. In the meantime, here's how the AV Club's list shook out:

10. Walking The Room
9.   Pop Culture Happy Hour
8.   Nerdist
7.   Doug Loves Movies
6.   The Pod F. Tompkast
5.   (tie) Sklarbro Country / The Best Show on WFMU
4.   You Made It Weird
3.   Savage Love
2.   Comedy Bang Bang
1.   WTF

This list was meant to be from ALL realms of podcasts but, as you can see, the majority are comedy-based in nature. Three of them have never been clipped on Succotash before, so we make up for that in this episode, with the exception of Savage Love, hosted by Dan Savage out of Seattle, Washington. The reason being that it is not a comedy p'cast but, instead, a very good and somewhat edgy relationship and sexual advice show. (It's currently #1 on Stitcher's Lifestyle & Health Top 100 list.)


Last episode was our Succotash Christmas Card episode to those podcasts in the Pod Mafia collective of internet shows. But there are also a group of shows that have been very supportive of not just our podcast but a number of the Pod Mafia shows as well, so I'm referring to them as the Pod Mafia Irregulars. And this episode we pay tribute to them by clipping some recent editions of The Brit & The American, The Clutch & Wiggle Experience, The Random Variety Show, Toggle The Switch and Bonn And Obo.


This episode's music break is furnished by the duo of Paul & Storm. It's their song Nugget Man, a salute to Robert C. Baker, inventor of the Chicken McNugget. Please click on their name to be linked to their most excellent website, which is festooned with their many musical selections! They also have a podcast you should check out, entitled Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average).


This time around, our Ambassador to The Middle, political comedian Will Durst gives us is Ode to Twenty Twelve.


Pop Culture Happy Hour
NPR's entertainment and pop culture round-table podcast features
Linda Holmes, Trey Graham, Stephen Thompson & Glen Weldon having spirited discussions of movies, books, television, nostalgia, and anything else that might be making them happy.

Congrats to Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Myra! Their Nerdist podcast hit Epi300 this past week or so. And to celebrate the moment, they returned to whence they began, doing the podcast in the office of Thomas Lennon’s house. Lennon was their very first guest and (for my money) he is one of the funniest guests in podcasting, ranking up there with the likes of Paul F. Tompkins.

The Best Show on WFMU
The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling is a combination music/call-in/comedy radio show originating from New Jersey-based radio station WFMU. The Best Show first aired on October 10, 2000 and, as mentioned up top, they've aired/dropped over 500 episodes!

The Brit & The American
The Brit and The American
– namely Alba Lewis and Tom Moore – have translocated to Peru for the next 6 months but continue to pump out the podcasts on a regular basis. We feature a taste from a recent episode, which I think is PRE-Peru.

The Clutch & Wiggle Experience
Your hosts Rob and Craig (along with K-Love) take you on a verbal whirlwind as they spin, annihilate and humiliate everything and anything in the world today. Straight from the basement on a real air hockey table, they bring comedy and "justice" the way no one else sees the world. (Their also rebroadcasts episodes of Succotash each week! 

Random Variety Show Podcast
Charley Miller is a good friend of Succotash and we’d be remiss if we didn’t include him in this belated Christmas card to the Pod Mafia Irregulars. In this clip Groucho Marx, who handles most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the interviews on  RVSP, talks to Libby Marie and Lishia from the Two Funny Girls podcast.

Toggle the Switch
Cross-Pacific podcast Toggle The Switch features Susan Wygmans from America and Carl McAteer from Australia. Susan started out as part of the Cuddlah Army, a total fan of Walking The Room with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony, and now she finds herself with listeners of her own. We have a snippet of their show talking about “humpy time” and, right after that, we’ve got a little holiday message from the pair that was delayed due to a snag in our Tweetsack.

Here’s a show that’s definitely Pod Mafia worthy, not to mention they are requesting some guest vocal input from our very own Bill Haywatt. I’ve sent out a request to Bill’s favorite watering holes and, if we can get him upright long enough to record those lines, we’ll get them to you. In this clip, they bring in a very special guest.

Epic Rant Radio
As part of Epic Rant Radio with Andre and Eric, they have a feature called “Rounds”, where the two guys go at it over certain subjects. In this clip, it’s the merits of watching old Sex And The City versus Glee.

King Meany
A few episodes ago, I talked about a new sketch group out of England called King Meany.
Liam Beirne, Andy Goddard, Shem Jeffs, Natalie Feehan, and Lizzie Milton were getting ready to start podcasting and now…they have!

One of my personal favorite podcasts is out of Canada. Illusionoid, with Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang. This was their holiday offering, The Christmas Ninjas, and we play the whole thing.

In the coming year, I'm hoping to have more interesting interviews with podcasters, comedians and interesting people from the world of entertainment. I also hope to keep up a regular release schedule, which should be welcome news for those of you you enjoy a helping of Succotash you can depend on. And I'm going to feature a recipe for actual succotash at the tail end of every episode this year that I've found online. Why? Just to help you to pass the Succotash even more!

— Marc Hershon

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