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Hi again. It’s me, Marc Hershon, your host and Surgeon General for Epi109 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

This was SUPPOSED to be a Succotash Clips episode but, along the way to doing that, I managed to get an interview in with Greg Proops, host of The Smartest Man in The World podcast and a veteran of TV’s Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Greg's new book, The Smartest Book in The World, hits both online and bricks n’ mortar bookstores this week, so I’ve made a command decision to push back the clips for another week or so and put up this edition of Succotash Chats instead.

As you will quickly discern, we were in a rather noisy Hollywood eatery — the King's Road Cafe — and I have done my best to filter out as much of the background noise as I could, but it’s still going to sound like you’re eating lunch at the table with us. It’s also a lengthy interview, so you’re probably strapping in for the longest Succotash show to date. Relax. And if you want to take it in over the course of several sittings, be my guest.


Also this episode we've got a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with political comedian and social commentator Will Durst. (Don't forget to follow Will on Twitter @WillDurst!) In the first he announces the official start of the Presidential Derby and in the second he goes off on what he calls "oversharers".


This past week, for both Huffington Post and, I reviewed Gilbert Gottfried's Awesome Colossal Podcast, with guest Lewis Black, recorded live at Caroline's comedy club in New York City. You can follow either link to that review and try to check out that episode if you can - it's pretty damn funny!


Podcasts don't grow on trees nor do they pay for themselves. If you want to help keep Succotash growing and going, please click the Donate button at and kick us a few doubloons. If you want to help us out a little more indirectly, you can click on the Amazon banner at the top of our page and when you buy something at, we'll get a little taste.


We'll be back soon with Epi110, which will be a Succotash Clips show, chock full of comedy podcast clips from around the internet.

In the meantime, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Greetings, friend! I'm Marc Hershon, your host and driver for Epi 108.5 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And this is one of our  in-between "halfisodes", recorded during my recent road trip down Interstate 5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles,

Been a while since I recorded one of these. No clips. No chats. Just me, in Studio F (my Fiat 500), tooling down the darkened highway in the middle of the night, blabbering into my digital recorder.

In this episode I talk about podcasts, comedy podcasts, the patent troll that was coming after podcasters in a big way the past couple of years being stopped cold, my take on a few specific podcasts, my teasing a maybe interview with comedian/actor/podcaster Rick Overton (that didn't come off), teasing a full-fledged interview with comedian/actor/podcaster Greg Proops that DID come off the following day, and a classic Henderson's Pants ad (thrown in mainly as filler…)

There's a lot of road noise which I have filtered out about as much as I can, but you'll likely find it pretty distracting, so apologies in advance.

The entire halfisode runs a little over 20 minutes and means so little in the entirety of what Succotash is all about that I'm not even displacing Epi108 with special guest David Feldman - my promos for that episode will continue.

Please support Succotash by clicking on the Donate button on You can also use the banner at the top of our homepage to do you online shopping and that will give us some nifty kickbacks. Or purch some merch through our Succotashery, also reachable via our homepage.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

Marc Hershon

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Howdy-doo! It’s me. Marc Hershon, your host and evangelist for Epi108 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

This particular ‘sode is an edition of Succotash Chats, which means we have precious little in the way of comedy podcast clips — I won’t lie, there is a bit of clippage in the show — but we’re mostly looking at a thick n’ meaty interview headed your way with none other than David Feldman — comedian, writer, and host of The David Feldman Show.

We put this interview in the can a couple of weeks ago, via Skype, as David has been habitating in New York City while he works on The Jack & Triumph Show for Adult Swim. I’ve known David since he arrived in San Francisco from New York to pursue his standup comedy career, back in the mid-1980s, and I’ve been meaning to get him on the show for sometime but he’s mostly been in LA while I’ve mostly been in SF and our paths haven’t crossed all that often.

He's been doing things like writing on TV shows and for award shows. It's a pleasure to have him as this episode's special guest.

We’ve got some other bits of show to share with you, too.  We’ve got a Boozin’ With Bill segment, in which our announcer, Bill Haywatt, mixes up "The Roman Candle", a new libation with me at the Studio P wet bar.

We also have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst, with political comedian and social commentarian Will Durst. He sounds off about Indiana's "religious freedom act" in the first pass, and then offers some simple solutions for a few big problems we face today in the second.

There’s a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial and we’ll dip into the Tweetsack to sniff your cards and letters, emails and tweets.

BTW, if you’d like to hear me get interviewed, along with our esteemed booth announcer, Bill Heywatt, listen no further than Episode 8 of The Blank Planet podcast. It’s hosted by our pal, Davian Dent, over in the UK. Matt Bubbles was on there from England hanging out, too, and the four of us had a smashing good time. (Since it’s got ME on it, I figure I can play a clip, even though this is officially a Succotash Chats episode.

If you've had a chance to download or stream our show, I wonder if you might do us a favor? Whatever source you accessed this episode from, it would be great if you would use their rating system to give us a nice report. If it’s iTunes, you could rate and review us – that helps our visibility tremendously, especially considering there are only about 100,000 or more comedy podcasts. Literally. If you’re streaming us from Stitcher, you can give us the ol’ thumbs up. SoundCloud? That would be a heart click for us. If you’re listening through our Facebook page, go ahead and Share us. You get the idea.

Thanks for passing the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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It’s me. Marc Hershon, your host and busboy for Epi107 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Since this is an edition of Succotash Clips, we have a Easter basket full of comedy podcast clips on hand to unleash on your ears.

Many thanks, as always, to our faithful associate producer, Tyson Saner, for grabbing so many of these for us. And also to those of you comedy podcasters who sent in your own clips OR even someone else’s clips — that’s what we got this week, from our friend in the UK, Davian Dent.

Davian sent along a pair of clips from shows other than his Strange Times podcast or his Bitter Sound show or his The Blank Planet podcast. Such a show of podcaster generosity has inspired a new feature we kick off in this episode.

And we’ve got a jam-packed epi for you, including clips from Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, Angelos & Barry, The Angry Chimp, Casa Mirth, Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Date Speeding, Everyone Has A Podcast, Hypernonsense, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Radio Dan Show, and Who The Eff Is Sal Calanni podcast.

In addition we have another visit to the Podcast Graveyard to pay homage to a late, great show, as well as unboxing a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian & social commentator Will Durst (you can also catch Will tweeting @WillDurst!), the Tweetsack, and a new commercial from our friends at Henderson’s Pants, who are sponsoring this edition and promoting their new Money Maker Pants.

Man, you’d think with this much show we’d be charging extra but, no, you’re getting all of this great entertainment for free! But that doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of our largess. If you’d like to give a little back, visit our homesite, at, and give our Donate button a quick click to throw us a few doubloons. Or while you’re there you can click the Amazon banner at the top of the page to do your online shopping and they’ll kick us back a little piece of the action. OR click on the link to our Succotashery and purch some merch with our keen new Season 2 logo on it! See how many ways you can help to be a part of this show in a very real and financial way?

Podcast Graveyard

There are thousand upon thousand of podcasts out on the podwaves. Many of them in the past have had trouble sustaining themselves over the long haul. And many that are currently being produced now will eventually be gone. But we’d hate for any podcast to be forgotten, which is why we have open the Podcast Graveyard. This episode, our associate producer Tyson Saner has exhumed Making It With Riki Lindhome, a podcast that seems to have ended without fanfare in December of 2013. Riki is getting a lot of heat as one half of the Garfunkel and Oates comedy team, so maybe that’s what pulled her away from her show on the podwaves. Her last entry was Epi74 and her guest was Mike Farah, the president of production at Funny or Die.



Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
We hadn’t visited Gilbert Gottfried and his Amazing Colossal Podcast since it first dropped almost a year ago. But I got a note a couple of weeks ago from friend-of-the-show Shawn Marek over at the Sideshow Network, where Amazing Colossal lives. Shawn’s a big hotshot producer over there and he wanted to let me know that TV wildman and loose cannon Dan Harmon, the creator of Community as well as Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty (as well as host of his own Harmontown podcast) was on Gilbert’s show. Now you get to hear a snippet from that show, courtesy of Mr. Marek, when Dan explains the whole magilla that happened between himself and Chevy Chase.

The Joe Rogan Experience
We’ve featured The Joe Rogan Experience a few times over the almost three years our show’s been around but not for a while. In this snippet, Joe Rogan's guest Bert Kreischer, a comedian and podcaster in his own right, along with co-host Brian Redban, chatter about comedian Colin Quinn, a type of comedy appears to be replaced, and our memories are likened to a computer’s hard drive.

The Radio Dan Show
Dan Delgado over at The Radio Dan Show has taken advantage of our instant upload link to shoot a couple of snippets from his podcast over to us. They’re short clips – less than a minute each, so I decided to make you a Radio Dan Sandwich or "danwich". I’ve wrapped both snippets around a tasty chunk of chat that I had with Dan last September in the Podcast Lab where we were both staked out during the 3rd Annual LA Podcast Festival.

Date Speeding
Someone else who took advantage of our Succotash instant upload was Jason Duplissea, who was one-half of the What Duvet Said podcast. (That show’s been on hiatus – Jason says it may get an overhaul and be kicked back into gear again. Hmm. If not, we might find What Duvet Said in the Podcast Graveyard!) Anyway, he’s got a new podcast up and running called Date Speeding hosted by the Reverend Rich Hugh. He says it’s advice for online daters and has a kind of Jack Handey/Deep Thoughts vibe, but with what he calls “a healthy dose of explicit language.”

Angelos & Barry
In a world of confusion, media bombardment and mixed messages, it’s good to know the great philosopher's tradition still exists. Much like 70s comedy legends Derek & Clive before them, Angelos & Barry present a truly hysterical meeting of minds. Angelos Epithemiou was previously on cult UK comedy show Shooting Stars and Barry From Watford has graced TV, radio, and even our friend Davian Dent's shows The Bitter Sound and Strange Times. In this clip, the two discuss the possibly apocryphal events surrounding porn legend "King Dong" on a British 70s evening light entertainment show.

The Casa Mirth Podcast
In this clip from the first episode of the new and second series of The Casa Mirth Podcast, Dr. Norman Trousers and River Zambezi discuss the differences between woman's swimwear and underwear.

Everyone Has A Podcast
Another Tyson grab this week is a clip from Everyone Has A Podcast, with hosts Adam and Byron who, apparently, have no last names. According to their website, the guys are slowly building themselves a recording studio but started out doing their show by recording it into an iPhone. This clip is from their Epi3, entitled “Butt Crunch”.

The Angry Chimp Show
Our friends Stu and company down under at The Angry Chimp Show uploaded us a clip from season 2 of their monkeyshines, which has just drawn to a close this week. Stu sent along a note with the clip that reads: “Hi, thought I would submit a clip from the second season of The Angry Chimp Show for your consideration should you be short on clips for upcoming epis. Hope you are well and keep up the good work! Stu” Thanks, Stu! These guys are a lot of fun and know how to work the audio sketch medium.

Who The Eff Is Sal Calanni?
There’s a podcast we’ve featured a time or two before that’s had a couple of permutations, including being called The Sal & Angelo Show. Now it’s called Who The Eff is Sal Calanni? and features San Francisco comedian Sal Calanni. He recently hit his 200th episode so I thought it was high time to check in, and he’s got a great story in the episode featuring the process he had to go through to audition for a movie that’s being shot in the Bay Area.

Hyper Nonsense
This clip has a bit of a mysterious history. It was uploaded directly to us and with the show's information, and that it was from a recent episode of Hyper Nonsense. So I tweeted out a thank you and heard back from one of one of the co-hosts who claims that they never submitted a clip and where did it come from? Who knows, really. The hosts, Shawn Thorpe and his wife, Jen, are podcast vets, having started a podcast in 2005 called The Phantomfeed. Then they moved and launched a new show called Hyper Nonsense in 2006, which ran until 2009. In 2010 they started a new ‘cast called GeminiDragon, which ended in 2012, at which point they kicked off No Market Radio. Shawn wasn’t happy with that concept and so, in 2013, he and Jen decided to breathe new life into Hyper Nonsense and they swear on a stack of websites, that this one is here to stay.

Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks
I wonder if it’s time for a new adage, something along the lines of “the couple that podcasts together stays together”. There are a LOT of married couples in the podcast game, like our friends Travis and Brandi Clark from Tiny Odd Conversations, or Shawn and Jen from Hypernonsense that we also featured this show. There’s a show out of nearby Napa, California, called Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, hosted by Annaleis and her husband Neil C. They’ve been really nice about retweeting a lot of our Succotash tweets but this is the first chance we’ve had to feature their show. The tagline on their website states, “Helping to Kill Your Commute”. It’s a conversational-style show with topics ranging all over the place, a lot of it focusing on things they do together. So maybe it’s kind of like real time couples’ therapy or something. I pulled this clip of them talking about a magic show they saw during a recent trip to Reno.

That’s going to do it for Succotash Epi107. Thanks to our esteemed associate producer Tyson Saner, our producer/engineer Joe Paulino, and our booth announcer Bill Haywatt. Next time, in Epi108, I will feature my recent interview with comedy writer extraordinaire and podcaster David Feldman, and we’ll also have a Boozin’ with Bill segment, where our announcer will mix up a concoction he calls “The Roman Candle”. In the meantime, please feel free to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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This is the blog entry for Epi106 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, and this is an edition of Succotash Chats, for those of you keeping track. This edition features an interview with our special guest, comedian and podcaster Kevin Bartini.

As a comedian, Kevin is also the warmup guy for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, which stepped into the space vacated by The Colbert Report over on Comedy Central. Larry is killing it in that spot with his show, and Kevin is killing it, too, whipping the audience into a lather before the cameras come on.

In addition, he has a new comedy CD out — The Unintentionally While Album — which I’ll play a track from coming up. AND he’s the guy who kicked off the campaign to get the street in New York where comic great George Carlin grew up named after him, which we talk about in our chat.

Later on in the show we dip briefly into the Tweetsack and we feature our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian and social commentator Will Durst further along in the show as well, talking about Hillary Clinton's too-many-phones email woes. Also, this episode is sponsored by Henderson's High Waister Pants.

This week, for both Splitsider and Huffington Post Entertainment, I’m reviewing Gilbert Gottfriend’s Amazing Colossal Podcast with Gilbert’s guest Dan Harmon, the creator of TV’s Community and Rick & Morty. In the course of that review I mention that I’m also listening to Matt Gourley’s I Was There Too with his guest Jenette Goldstein from Aliens and Terminator 2, and also the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks podcast.

Not too much more for me to add from the world of podcasting until we get into the Tweetsack a little later. But I did want to mention that, this past week, I started teaching a beginner level improv class at my day job and it’s turning out to be pretty fun. We do it one night a week for a couple of hours after work. And I’m showing how they can use the precepts and techniques of improv to improve presentation and brainstorming skills. It’s the topic of a new book I’ve SLOWLY been trying to pull together. And I mention it because if you work for a company that you think might benefit from these sorts of techniques, I’m available to speak and teach. It’s especially easy if your company is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I can travel as well. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can email me at

That's about it. Short blog this week. So let me use this extra space to ask you to jump up to our space on iTunes in the podcast department and please rate and review us. A tasty review from you goes a long way to letting friends and strangers know that Succotash is out there, just waiting for them to enjoy all of our podcast goodness. And we'd really appreciate it!

Pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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I hate to do this right out of the gate, but I have to start the show off with an apology to our network and the affiliates. And, of course, you – the listener. This edition is meant to be an episode of Succotash Clips, wherein we feature clips, just clip, and nothing but clips. But I have a bit of a chat to toss in, too.

It’s just a smidge of a chat, really.

Friend of the show, past guest, fellow podcaster, and comedian Paul Mecurio called me up and said he was heading for the San Francisco Punchline this week (March 4-7) and could we chat up his appearance. I don’t know that we’ve got that kind of impact on an audience, but I do know that there are Succotashians in the Bay Area so I agreed and we did it.

It was via Skype from New York and the only worse than the quality of a Skype call is a Skype call where one of the people has laryngitis.

Paul also has a new comedy CD out, called It’s Not Me, It’s The World, so we’ll hear a track off of that as well.  But after that, I SWEAR the rest of the show is clips. For reals.

Except of a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian and social commentator Will Durst. Oh, and a Henderson’s Pants ad. And the Tweetsack. But the rest? All clips.

The delay for this ‘sode of Succotash making it to your ears was because I was suffering a miserable bout of laryngitis. Every other ailment in the world wouldn’t matter so, of course, a podcaster gets the one thing that keeps him off mic — no voice. You’ll get to hear how that sounded though, because I barely had my voice back last week when I interview Paul Mercurio.

Here’s what’s in the bushel basket o’ clippage we have in store for this show: Pass The Gravy, Proudly Resents, Sibling Rivalry, Soda Press, The Geep And Gam Show, and This Damn World. In addition, we unveil our NEW segment this week! It’s the brainchild of our associate producer Tyson Saner and we call it the Podcast Graveyard! When the time is right, we’ll feature a clip from a podcast that is no longer with us.



Pass The Gravy
Kicking off this show’s official rasher of clips with a show that requested we give them a listen. So Tyson wandered out into the podcast wilderness and brought back a sample of Pass The Gravy, with hosts Alex Middleton - I assume no relation to England’s Princess Kate Middleton – and his partner in crime Curtis Chaffin, also – it is assumed - not related to Kate Middleton. On their website they claim to solve the world’s problems one episode at a time, so it’s nice to know someone is taking care of those matters. They also claim that it is “the podcast nobody is listening to and everyone is talking about”. In this dollop from Pass The Gravy – and, really, what could be more natural than gravy and succotash – the hosts get into dolphin love. Deep into it.



Proudly Resents
We haven’t featured friend–of-Succotash Adam Spiegelman and his podcast Proudly Resents in a while. And Adam knows that because he listens. So being a proactive podcaster, he sent us in a clip from his recent interview, a second visit with director Eric Schaeffer. (I’m doing a little back-to-back with Proudly Resents this week. This clip was from his show about a month ago, but I’m also reviewing a more recent episode for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on and for the Huffington Post, where his guest was TV producer Todd Yasui and there’s some amazing behind the scenes stuff revealed about The Tonight Show when Jay Leno was just starting out as the host as well as some revealing “inside baseball” info about the nuts and bolts of talk show television.)

Soda Press
We started getting some very kind retweets and mentions from a new podcast out there called Soda Press, hosted by a guy named Andy Thomas. And then he went and gave us a big ol’ shoutout at the top of a recent episode. So the least we can do is clip him for you. Soda Press episodes are pretty short, and feature Andy monologing about a given topic which spins off into related microrants. We have a snippet of him going off about gross gym wipedown towels.

Sibling Rivalry
Kudos to our friends at the Sibling Rivalry podcast – that would be Jeremy, Stacy, and Aaron — for being savvy enough to know that the EASIEST way to get your comedy podcast clip on our show is to use our custom upload URL through Hightail ( That’s what our pals over at SibRiv used to get this clip to us, from a recent episode where they’re talking about some unique offers from strip clubs. (I have to also issue an apology to the SibRiv guys. Jeremy and Stacy were good enough to join me in the Podast Lab at the 3rd Annual LA Podcast Festival at the end of LAST SEPTEMBER for an interview. And I still haven’t gotten a chance to play it on the show — along with about a half a dozen others. At  this point, I may have to issue the interviews as special Succotash Chats halfisodes and just dump them out there. Sorry, guys…)

The Geep & Gam Show
Hosts Geep and Gam run their podcast out of…well, I don’t where the heck they’re from. But they asked us via Twitter if we’ve give’em a listen and clip ‘em and that’s what our stalwart associate producer Tyson Saner has done. In this slice, the show is playing host to two other podcast hosts, Diamond Dave and Aaron Corbett of Canada’s The Cool Story Show.

This Damn World
Another show that reached out via Twitter and asked if we’d give ‘em a sniff is the This Damn World podcast, hosted by Dom and Jenn. iTunes describes the show as “a longform conversational podcast” with topics ranging from news, life, and all around creative. The clip we have is from last month, snipped by Tyson out of an episode called “The One Where We Get Sweaty”.

Okie dokie. Succotash Clips with just a side of chat is kaputski. If you’re in the San Francisco area, remember to catch our friend Paul Mecurio this weekend, that’s March 4th through the 7th, at the Punchline. We’ll be back soon with an episode of Succotash Chats, where I’ll be speaking with comedian/podcaster and warmup guy for The Nightly Show, Kevin Bartini. See you then. In the meantime, please remember to pass the Succotash!

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It's me, your humble host and official taste tester for Epi104 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Reminder: this is a Succotash Chats episode. No clips, just chat.

Here in San Francisco, the 14th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest just wrapped up. One of the groups making their return to the ‘fest was the Thrilling Adventure Hour and, for the third year in a row, I sat down with Hal Lublin, the official announcery guy for TAA.

We catch up with what he’s been doing since we chatted last year and then launch into a pretty wide ranging discussion about podcasts, comedy, who would we cast if they made a movie out of The Greatest American Hero, a moment with comedian Bil Dwyer who happened to stop by, Big Time Wrestling, and a bunch of other stuff.

Prior to the interview, I pulled down the audio from a video Hal did back in 2006 for the company where he works as an IT admin. And in a series of videos for the company, he comically appears as Hal the IT Admin. It's pretty funny for a corporate video. Since this blog is a visual medium, here's the video itself:

 (Apologies in advance for the quality of the audio in this episode's interview. Hal and I were in the lobby of the Hotel Tomo in Japantown and there was music piped into the lobby which we couldn’t do anything about. Hopefully, after listening for a few minutes, you’ll tune most of that distraction out.)

Podcast Graveyard Teaser

If you’re looking for comedy podcast clips, we’re lining up a full rack of them in upcoming Epi105, including a brand new feature that our associate producer, Tyson Saner, cooked up called the Podcast Graveyard. Tyson has been discovering the bones of so many discarded podcasts floating around on the internet that he’s going to start exhume the a few dusty clips and we’ll start sharing them with you.

Burst O' Durst

This episode we feature our resident comedian/social commentator Will Durst in our Burst O' Durst segment. In it, he sounds off about a modern version of the tar pits, and the types of dinosaurs they’re taking down.

Henderson's Pet Pants

This episode of Succotash is brought to you by Henderson’s Pet Pants. Unfortunately, their check once again failed to clear at the bank, so we’re asking for your help to keep Succotash going. Clicking on the Donate button on our homesite. You’ll be whisked off to our secure PayPal site where you can, in the privacy of your own mouse, decide how much you’d like to kick into the Succotash saucepan. Every bit helps to defray the costs of production, posting, promotion and other things that start with “p”. Plus you’ll get a hearty thank you and a shout out right here on the show.

Until we return next time, with Epi105 of Succotash Clips, please take time out to Like us on Facebook, rate AND review us up on iTunes, heart us on SoundCloud, thumbs up us on Stitcher, buy our merch through the Succotashery, click our Donate button, and shop on Amazon by clicking on the banner at the top of the page on our homesite,

And thanks, as always, for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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It’s me, Marc Hershon, and I'll be your host and concierge for Epi103 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is a Succotash Clips episode, where we feature clips from comedy podcasts and DON’T feature any interviews with anyone.

Although we do have a new Boozin’ With Bill segment, where I pay a visit to our announcer Bill Heywatt in the Studio P wet bar and he mixes up one of his alcohol-laden concoctions. This time out we’ll hear him mix up something he calls "Groovy Love-In Punch".

Why Not Network?

If you didn't know it before, Succotash is an independent podcast, as are so many of the shows that you can find strewn across the internet. But it’s funny – I was asked not once but twice this past week by a couple of different podcasters what network we’re on and, when they found out we’re NOT part of a network, why aren’t we?

I don’t know, actually.

I approached a couple of networks fairly early on in our operation and there was little or no interest – I think, at the time, they really wanted shows that were pulling significant numbers to help bolster the network’s ratings. Now, of course, there are networks like the Wolfpop Network, which came out of the gate with shows that were brand new.

I’m not opposed to having this show on a podcast network. It would certainly keep me honest and having to maintain a strict release schedule. Plus we’d probably have sponsors and might even start bringing in a little money instead of having to pay it out every month. And there’d be added publicity, too.

I’m not going to start knocking on doors right now, though. I have to imagine most of the networks know who and what Succotash is by now. Maybe if we were a review show we’d be a hotter commodity but that’s not what we’re about – and THAT could be the problem. Networks want listeners for their shows so why would they carry a show that’s letting people know what comedy podcasts are out there in the world NOT on their network?

So, until further notice, Succotash remains a proudly solo podcast, and our main mission of letting people know about the wide variety of comedy shows that are out there is still very firmly in place. Feel free to show your support for our efforts to do so by rating and reviewing us on iTunes, giving us a “thumbs up” on Stitcher, “hearting” us on SoundCloud, Liking our Facebook page, and/or clicking the Donate button on our homepage.

A Sound Experiment

Epi103 might sound a little different to those of you who have been listening to Succotash for a while. I'm giving an app called BossJock a try this time out, which is the equivalent of have a radio studio in your smartphone or tablet. The set-up is pretty simple and really applicable a show like ours, where we play a lot of clips.

I'm not going to wax too technical, but BossJock lets you load up audio clips of any length and they are available much like old-style tape cartridges ("carts") were in my old radio days. There's the ability to record through either the devices microphone or a plug-in mic of your choosing and there you are — all set up in your studio, with the controls at your fingertips.

The app give you a maximum of 15 "carts" with a phone and 35 with a tablet. I was using my iPad to carry my scripted rundown and my iPhone to record, but I could have just as easily switched. I'm used to assembling the show by mixing my voice tracks, music, and podcast clips after they're all laid out. SO it was interesting to do the whole thing on the fly with BossJock.

There were a few rough patches as I was getting used to moving in and out of the clips, and I didn't have enough carts to give myself a music bed under the TweetSack. So I did a little tinkering in GarageBand afterward. But I really had fun with the practice of putting everything together - essentially - in one sitting, while literally sitting in my car.

Coming Up In This Episode 

In addition to our Boozin’ With Bill adventure and a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, we have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment with comedian/commentator Will Durst, and clips from the following podcasts: Artist’s Alley, The Big Cat Show, The Kimchi Chronicles, Making Ends Meet, The Pauly Shore Podcast Show, Taco Tuesday, and Tangentially Speaking — not necessarily in that order.

Plus, of course, we dip into the Tweetsack at the end of the show.

The Clips

The Pauly Shore Podcast Show
This past week, for and Huffington Post Entertainment, I reviewed The Pauly Shore Podcast Show. You can go read the review in either place by clicking the links above, but here are the short strokes:   Pauly Shore’s back and podcasting’s got him…again. In his 40’s now, Shore still scores with his “perma-slacker” voice and attitude, clearing needing the several members of his support team in the studio to get him from point A to point B. Even the point of editing seems to escape him at times, with Shore once needlessly recapping something that we just heard happen (which had apparently been a while back in real time.) Childhood friend and occasional acting rival David Arquette is his guest and their chat is very loose, hilariously wandering from topic to topic, including Arquette’s childhood, growing up with his acting siblings, life with Courtney Cox, life without Courtney Cox, and how things are now with a three-year relationship and an 8-month old son.

The Big Cat Show
We recently featured a clip from The Big Cat Show with our old pal Lyonheart and I don’t like to repeat shows in quick succession, but Lyon does his show live on Thursday nights every week and he recently got a surprise caller. That’s pretty cool. Hannibal Burress just calling in. (Lyon, I think you could have parleyed that into a longer interview, though. Note to self: Don’t kick off an interview about talking smack about the star of the movie your guest is appearing in. Just a thought.) You can call into his show yourself every Thursday night at 7 PM East Coast time.

Artists Alley
Our associate producer Tyson Saner grabbed a clip from the Artists Alley podcast, hosted by Merill Barr. His guest in this slice from this past December is Troy Conrad, the brains behind the hilarious Set List show, which makes comedians invent material on the spot based on bizarre premises that he pops up on a screen on stage. Here he reveals an upcoming twist to the premise.

The Kimchi Chronicles
I got a note from friend of Succotash Nigel Boydell, who listeners may know from the Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks and HMS Codcast podcasts. He says: Hi Marc! I have included a short clip from my latest venture. I have been recording a podcast with my co-host, Samantha Pett. The Kimchi Chronicles is an intercontinental project. Sam is an English teacher in Ulsan, South Korea. We get together every couple of weeks to record a podcast over Skype. Because of the 9 hour time difference, Sam is usually recording in the early hours, and is usually fairly, how should I say, lubricated by the time the recording ends. Kimchi is a staple food in Korea, hence the title, and soju is a cheap alcholic drink, hence the lubrication. They sent along the sample we're featuring in this episode of the show.

Taco Tuesday
We recently featured a clip from Taco Tuesday with Podcast Dan and Adam Wolf and normally we’d wait a while before going back to the same well. But those guys are savvy enough to try out our new Hightail link for uploading clips directly to our show, so as a reward, we have another taste of Taco Tuesday.

Comedy Podcasters: If you'd like to upload a 3-5 minute MP3 clip directly to us, just use this link:

Making Ends Meet
Tyson has clipped us a sample of Making Ends Meet, a podcast where New Yorkers Max Ash and Tovah Silbermann talk to noobie comedians about their day jobs and how they can afford to be a comic in one of the most expensive cities in the country. In this samplage, the pair is talking with Sharron Paul.

Tangentially Speaking
From the show's description on iTunes: Ever wanted to hang with a famous comedian, dominatrix, health guru, author or Italian prince?  Well, here's your chance. In this clip from a recent episode, Dr. Christopher Ryan chats with guest Dan Piraro, the delightfully twisted artist behind the Bizarro cartoons.

All right, friends. That's what is in store for Epi103. Next time, Epi104 will be a Succotash Chats edition and our special guest will be Hal Lublin from The Thrilling Adventure Hour, back for his 3rd annual visit from when TAA was here at SF Sketchfest last weekend.

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And thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon


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This is Epi102 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Also known as the first episode of Succotash Chats.

Chats. No clips. Well, not clips per se.

We do have a couple of our Burst O’ Durst segments with comedian/commentator Will Durst. And an ad for Henderson’s Space Pants. And the Tweetsack. But NO comedy podcast clips. If you're sniffin' around for clips, please be sure to check out our previous Epi101, which was our first Succotash Clips show. All clips. No chats. And the NEXT episode, #103, will be all clips again.

I also invite you to check out our past episodes via our homepage, at We’ve had some great interviews in our past 100 episodes. And while you’re there, feel free to click on our Donate button, shop at our Succotashery, or use the Amazon banner at the top of the page to do your shopping on and they’ll throw us a few bones!

In the chat circle this week, our special guest is Brian Flaherty, the host of the New Hollywood podcast. I’ve been enjoying his podcast which focuses – mostly – on people connected to movies in the 1970’s, although he’s begun to push out from those parameters a little bit. A couple of episodes ago he had filmmaker Adam McKay as his guest and did a special “pre” episode with McKay playing a character named Alan Marlowe, a 70’s sleazy movie producer.

Brian and I talk about how that came about, how he got into podcasting and what he does around Hollywood as a part-time actor when he’s not part-time acting.

That’s it for our very first Succotash Chats episode. Next time we’ll be back with Succotash Clips, along with a new Boozin’ With Bill segment, a Burst O’ Durst, and who knows what else.

I’ve got a favor to ask, and it won’t cost you a cent. Just jump up on iTunes and search for Succotash – this podcast – and give us a nice rating and a quick review. It will help increase our visibility, you’ll be immortalized on the review page, plus I’ll be your bestest friend.

Alright, chum, thanks for listening and be sure to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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Welcome, welcome, welcome – to Succotash Clips, Epi101, the first episode of Season 2!

As previously announced, my plan for Season 2 is to split our usual Succotash offerings – Clips and Chats – into separate shows. And that’s what you have here in the first show of Season 2. Succotash Clips.

All clips.

No interviews.

My goal is to have these shows come in at about or under an hour. And they should be a little easier to produce as well.  Our Associate Producer, Tyson Saner, grabbed up a bunch of comedy podcasts clips. I’ve pulled a few. And so let me give you the rundown of the podcasts we’re sampling this time out: 80’s Reboot Overdrive, Comedy On Vinyl, Getting On, Hello Internet, The Kundalini Files, That Would Be Me and The Big Cat Show.

In addition, we’ve got not one but TWO of our Burst O’ Durst segments this show, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, and the Tweetsack.


Now that the holiday break is over, I’m back posting podcast reviews. This past week, for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on and Huffington Post Entertainment, I took a listen to a couple of very funny episodes of The New Hollywood Podcast with Brian Flaherty. On Monday he had a short 15 minute installment with schlocky 70’s film producer Alan Marlowe, followed on Wednesday featuring an interview with Alan McKay, Will Ferrell’s comedic partner in crime.

The joke is that Marlowe is a character that McKay started riffing during his interview with Brian, so they went with it and made it a self-contained bit, which Brian then posted as a special episode. Check that out if you can – just follow the links above. (By the way, I also mentioned the Casa Mirth podcast with Dr. Norman Trousers and River Zambezi, and I also pinged the OnBrand podcast, which isn’t a comedy podcast but it’s about branding, which is my main day job, and host Nick Westergaard had my friend Pat Hanlon on as a guest so there.)

Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to catch the Casa Mirth Christmas Spectacular, you should, if only to hear my stirring introduction.


Maybe it's because I just started a new job at the beginning of the year, but I found the video sketch The Job Interview, by our friend John Dredge (host of The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show podcast) to be pretty clever.


Getting On with James Urbaniak
If you’re a podcast aficionado, chances are that you’ve heard James Urbaniak appearing as a guest on any number of shows out there, including The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Comedy Bang Bang. He’s a very talented vocal artist as well as and actor and a comedian. And he’s had his own podcast for a while. He doesn’t release them regularly – in fact, since 2012, there seem to only be about 21 episodes out there. Each one features him “navigating the darkly comedic recesses of his troubled yet charming mind,” according to his homesite.


80’s Reboot Overdrive
Our Associate Producer Tyson Saner stumbled headfirst into something called the Southgate Media Group. It’s a network of podcasts that got going about a year and a half ago, the brainchild of Rob and Martha Southgate. Almost every show on their lineup – and I counted 24 of them – is dedicated to a TV show. There’s also a show about video games and one potpourri crazy roundup of a show called 80’s Reboot Overdrive. That’s where this clip comes from, and it features host Dave talking to Southgate Media’s heads Rob and Martha Southgate, along with their 7-year-old daughter Molly, who co-hosts THREE of the podcasts with her parents.

The Big Cat Show
We haven’t heard from our old pal Lyonheart for a really long time. He had an internet radio show a couple of years ago, then he shut it down and headed out West for a bit, landing in San Jose to take care of some family stuff. But the West Coast didn’t suit him and he went back East once again, to New York this time with his buddy Matt.

Hello Internet
Tyson tossed us a clip this week from Hello Internet, a show I’m not familiar with. It features hosts CGP Grey and Brady Haran. I’m not sure what’s up with the three initials – the CGP Grey thing – but according to their homesite, the two guys kick around YouTube, life, work, and whatever. Grey’s got several videos on YuTube under the title “Grey Explains” and there’s one on the Lord of The Rings, robots, and other interesting subjects.

The Kundalini Files Redux
Friends-of-Succotash Davian Dent and Jason McNamara (also known as Jabs from The Dhead Factor podcast), had done a 6-part detective spoof podcast called The Kundalini Files a couple of years ago. Davian has re-cut and re-mastered those shows and put them altogether into something he calls a feature-length show he calls The Kundalini Files Redux.

Comedy On Vinyl
I’m going to assume that, if you’re a listener to Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, that you’re a fan of both comedy and podcasts. That combo probably can’t get much better than on a show called Comedy On Vinyl. Normally the comedy nerds on the show, headed up by host Jason Klamm, talk about the greatest comedy vinyl albums of all time. Our associate producer Tyson Saner found an intriguing break from that format with their epi119, featuring guest Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny podcast, who brought the chat around to the effect that Richard Lewis’ 1985 TV special “I’m In Pain” had on him.

That Would Be Me
Author Geoff Hoff does a lot of self-help books on writing and other topics, including an e-course on how to start your own podcast. He recently started doing a humor podcast himself, called That Would Be Me. Refreshingly, these are pretty short installments, and the subjects are presented in an observational style, which is a nice break from the glut of pop culture casts that seem to be propagating faster than ever.

That's the lineup and the skinny for the first show of Succotash, Season 2. Drop me a line at and let me know what you thought of our first Succotash Clips show. Next we’ll have a Succotash Chats edition, so you can compare the two flavors of Succotash.

One way you can help us out as we move into Season 2 is to get up to iTunes so you can rate and review us. You’d be amazed what a couple of sentences and 5 stars can do for our rankings. Neither of which costs you a dime. To help us out in a more material way, there’s the Donate button up at and we also have t-shirts, mugs and other merch with our brand new Succotash logo up now at the Succotashery.

Thanks for listening and be sure to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

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