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Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, was launched 11 years ago with the idea of promoting comedy soundcasts in what was then a marketplace still trying to find its way. By featuring short clips of shows being produced by funny folks both known and unknown, we like to feel that we maybe had a little tiny, eeny weeny, itsy bitsy bit to do with helping to ignite the torch of soundcasts across the globe! (But then we've always had a rather high opinion of ourselves...)

Original show host and executive producer Marc Hershon, along with co-host Tyson Saner, booth announcer Bill Heywatt, engineer/producer Joe Paulino, musical director Scott Carvey, and booth assistant Kenny Durgis have been keeping the flame alive o'er these many years.

Jul 26, 2021

Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner. This is Succotash, Episode 263, and I will be your host for the duration. For those of you new to this soundcast, welcome! This is a show that listens to other people's soundcasts and clips them to give our audience a sample so that in the event they are looking for more soundcasts to listen to, they would theoretically have a few more ideas of what is waiting out there for them to enjoy.
Last week on Epi262, my co-host (and every-other-show-host) Marc Hershon cast his ears out into the world and found 6 soundcasts to feature audio from. Five selected for the main show and one special clip to memorialize soundcaster Mat George of the soundcast She Rates Dogs which he had co-hosted with Michaela Okland until his unexpected and recent death at the age of 26. That episode can be found on our homesite at or any of the places that you might find soundcasts to listen to including, but not limited to: Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Podbay, and there are also episodes up on YouTube that are audio only. Yes, that most certainly is a thing.
This episode I've got clips for you from the soundcasts Pretending With Dice, I Said No Gifts!, and Doughboys. I've also got a fantastic classic (as in 'produced many years ago ) advert from our longtime fictional sponsor Henderson's Pants and their RepubliFit Jeans!


I Said No Gifts!
Host Bridger Winegar invites friends, loved ones, and people he’s secretly trying to destroy to join him in conversation. He only has one request: No gifts! Naturally, every guest disobeys, meaning their chat will eventually turn to whatever object lies beneath the wrapping paper. Our clip is from April 29, 2021, when Jimmy Kimmel Disobeys Bridger - Bridger is the epitome of grace even when Kimmel rudely gives him a gift. They discuss RVs, clam chowder, and toothpicks.

The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything. This clip hails from July 8th, 2021, the episode entitled "Golden Road Brewing with Jordan Morris" - Jordan Morris (Bubble, Jordan, Jesse, Go!) joins the boys and talks Lord of the Rings and summer treats before a review of Golden Road Brewing. Plus, another edition of "Let Me Be Frank" - the clip is comprised mainly of the opening of the LMBF segment.

Pretending With Dice
An Actual-Play Tabletop RPG Podcast, playing various RPG systems in short story-arcs, featuring original music and soundscapes for a complete, immersive audio storytelling experience. This clip was harvested from May 20, 2021, the episode entitled "PWD Worldbuilding: The Amethyst Isles". AJ and Eden discuss the enigmatic Amethyst Isles, an archipelago broken off from the mainland by an ancient magical war.

And here we are again, together at the end...of the description of this episode. I do hope you enjoy this experience, and I hope that your takeaway from it involves seeking out one or more of the soundcasts you heard a sample of. That would make me happy indeed to know that I had acheived the desired effect.

I would like to mention that I am currently adding more gaming content to my YouTube channel: Tyson Saner: Gamer. I've been playing a decent amount of Minecraft lately and, in addition to the at-this-time 13 episodes of hosting Minecraft videos with gameplay and commentary, I've added two different flavors of "Minecraft" content.

One flavor is an episode of yours truly playing Minecraft and explaining it to my co-host of Anti Social Show Hunter Block, and the other flavor is basically what might best be described as "Minecraft ASMR". It's over two hours of "Minecraft" footage with no commentary, and no speed-ups. Just "Minecraft" in real time…to relax and soothe…theoretically.…I will also be adding more "Minecraft ASMR" videos to my channel so eventually there will be hours and hours of calming, relaxing, and hopefully sleep-inducing "Minecraft" footage to possibly satisfy a craving you never knew you had…

Just thought I'd throw that in at the end here. Thank you for listening, please rate and review us, be decent to each other, consider continuing to mask up to protect the unvaccinated against the more deadly and/or contagious COVID variants out there, and if anyone asks if you heard any interesting soundcasts lately won't you please…pass the Succotash?

— Tyson Saner