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Succotash, The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast

Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, was launched in 2011 with the idea of promoting comedy soundcasts in what was then a marketplace still trying to find its way. By featuring short clips of shows being produced by funny folks both known and unknown, we like to feel that we maybe had a little tiny, eeny weeny, itsy bitsy bit to do with helping to ignite the torch of soundcasts across the globe! (But then we've always had a rather high opinion of ourselves...)

Original show host and executive producer Marc Hershon, along with booth announcer Bill Heywatt, engineer/producer Joe Paulino, associate producer Tyson Saner, musical director Scott Carvey, and booth assistant Kenny Durgis have kept the flame alive o'er these many years. In 2018, Hershon abandoned the host chair and anointed Saner to the position, with nary a notice from the legions of listeners. Typical.

Jun 2, 2012

Joe Klocek

No clips this episode. Just warning you up front. Normally we bring you a barrage of comedy podcast clips from around the Net of Inter (hence our subtitle, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.) This episode there's mostly just room enough for my interview with our special guest Joe Klocek. NEXT epi, however, there will be a barrelful of clippage and no interview.

You'll like Joe. He's a funny, engaging standup comedian, solidly based in the San Francisco comedy scene — "a big fish in a small pond" as he puts it. Was not moving to Los Angeles or New York earlier in his career a misstep? Could be — we get to that and a whole lot more in our chat that took place this past week in the green room at San Francisco's historic Punchline Comedy Club. (A visit that really took me back, as I was hanging (and helping) out at the Punchline when it first opened more than 30 (!) years ago.)

If you're within hailing distance of The City By The Bay, do yourself a favor and check out Joe's monthly show Previously Secret Information (or PSI.) He, along with Bruce Pachtman and Ty Mckenzie, have been producing this kickass monthly storytelling show. Often featuring comedians, PSI also has actors, writers and other show folk telling tales that, while often humorous in part, stray frequently into other emotional landscapes that make for the best stories. Coming up in June you can not only catch Joe in the show, but also Jamie De Wolf, C.W. Nevius, Erika Lutz, and Jack Boulwere. Shows happen at Stage Werx Theater, 446 Valencia St. in the Mission District.

Although there aren't any podcast clips per se in this epi, you will hear I Want To Win, a cut off Karen Kilgariff's album, Behind You. Funny lady, funny songs — for just $3 bucks, you can download it from

And, of course, we have our Burst O' Durst with a slightly belated Memorial Day message from comedy's Ambassador to the Middle, Will Durst.

Before I forget, big thanks to those Succotash listeners who contributed to friend-of-the-show Dean Haglund's Kickstarter campaign. The X-Files/Lone Gunmen alum reached his goal for the funds needed to publish his planned Shock n' Awesome graphic novel!

Since we don't have any podcast clips this time around, it seems like a good opportunity to remind any comedy podcasters that you're always welcome to submit a 3-5 minute MP3 clip from your show to me by sending it to

That's about it. Shorter bit of blather from me than usual. More time for you to enjoy my chat with Joe Klocek! When you get done, kindly pass the Succotash!

Marc Hershon