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Truth_poster THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE follows actor-artist-inventor-improv comic Dean Haglund (best know as one of the computer-hacking Lone Gunmen from "The X-Files" and their own spin-off series) as he travels the world, hoping to learn what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracies, or conspiracy theories are everywhere.

(IS there a conspiracy to keep people from going to the U.S. premiere on Saturday, May 21st, at the Retro Dome in San Jose? If this is the first you're hearing about the movie, maybe so...)

A true epic that is equal parts comedy, consciousness and conspiracy, the film had its World Premiere on 30 April at the British Film Institute in London.

"This is one of those films that you will have to watch more than once. It's a timeless piece of work and destined to become a legend." - John Bryan, SlideTV

"All in all, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE is a call to all eager for more knowledge and new insights: They should dare to think beyond current boundaries and not let anyone limit their power of imagination. It is not THE truth that is out there, but rather several truths that wait to be discovered." - Anastasia Hansen, The Junction (Germany).

"THE TRUTH JUST MIGHT BE IN HERE - Examines the world of conspiracy theories in a refreshing and novel way." - Marc Hershon, The Huffington Post (Hey, that's ME!!!)

On Saturday 21 May, at The Retro Dome in San Jose, California, we will be having the US Premiere of the film. The screening will be followed by a brief intermission, and then Dean Haglund and director Phil Leirness will take the stage to do a live installment of their weekly podcast show, Chillpak Hollywood Hour. They will answer questions from the audience and share stories of our adventures on the road.

Because Dean, Phil and producer Lyle Skosey are completely self-distributing the film, they are relying on the help of kindred spirits to help get the TRUTH out there.

If there is anyone you know in, or near, the San Francisco Bay Area, who might enjoy what I expect to be a really fun night, I'd greatly appreciate you helping the guys spread the word.

Tickets can and should be obtained in advance exclusively through Everbrite.

Movie info, the trailer and a link to the tickets can be found at the official site.

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