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Christmas comes early to all you loyal Succotashians: We're going to start getting our episodes out more quickly! Since April, Producer/Engineer Joe Paulino and yours truly have been averaging a new 'sode about once every two or three weeks - sometimes even longer. (Hey, we gotta work for a living, just like you!)

BUT we've hit on a new format that should allow us to crank out more Succotash more often. By featuring interviews every other episode — with comedians, podcasters, comedian/podcasters, and other folk from the business of show — it really saves us production time. (People think doing a show featuring clips from other shows is easy, but it's very labor-intensive and we don't have interns, segment producers or anyone else running around here screening podcasts.)

In between those shows, we'll still feature our usual crop o' podcasts, but this will allow us to get more shows out to the listeners a lot more frequently.

Fred Stoller & Mitchell
Our interview this episode is with comedian/actor Fred Stoller, who you may recognize from his many appearances on TV and the occasional film. In addition, he does quite a lot of voiceover work which we talk about in the course of the interview.

Check out Fred's movie Fred And Vinnie and you can also click over to to see current webisodes of his web series The Gate Show.

We had time to feature just one podcast this episode:

Soul Joel heads up a crew on The Comedy Point that broadcasts live once a week — Tuesday nights, 5-8 PM, EST – in Philly and South Jersey on 1460 AM. The show then podcasts for the rest of the week.

This week we also feature some music from someone other than our crack music director Scott Carvey. It's a group called Cupla out of Canada (and I just realized that it's pronounced "coop-la", and NOT "cup-lah", as I pronounced in the episode. Sorry, guys!!!) and we play their single I'm Going during a break in our interview with Fred.

Finally, we have a great entry from regular contributor and political comedy assassin Will Durst presenting his Top Ten Comedy News Stories of 2011.

That's going to do it for our epi15 this time around. I'm off on vacation through the rest of the year, so we may not have any fresh Succotash until the end of the year...we'll see if I can find enough motivation while in Hawaii to pull one together. If we don't, have a happy holiday!

(And if you're looking for that perfect gift idea, why not pass the Succotash?)

— Marc Hershon
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