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Chillin' With The Chillpak Boys

Big treat this week: I'm the special guest aboard Epi225 of Chillpak Hollywood Hour! Co-hosts Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness were featured as OUR guests back in Epi4 of Succotash, and we've played a couple of clips from their show before as well. It seems turnabout is fair play and during a recent trip to LA to interview Kelly Carlin (currently featured on Epi9), the Chillpak guys asked if I'd join them for an upcoming Labor Day episode.

Quite a thrill for me, as CHH was one of the first podcasts which I began to listen to on a regular basis. Having just celebrated their 4th year of podcasting goodness, I dubbed Dean and Phil "podcasting royalty". Although their focus is Hollywood — not so much celebrities and gossip so much as the nuts n' bolts of films, filmmakers and filmaking — they are fun and funny guys (Dean being not only an accomplished actor but also an improvisor and standup comedian), thus maintaining their eligibility to be featured on Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

As I only reveal bits of my history and interests as time allows on Succotash, giving Epi224 of CHH a play will let OUR listeners know a little bit more about the host of this show. At the same time, it's an example of how a freewheeling, funny discussion can come off pretty easily among three guys just sitting around and chatting. I'd like to encourage our loyal Succotashians to hop on over to either or to iTunes and not only listen but subscribe to Chillpak Hollywood Hour!

Please pass not only the Succotash but also the Chillpak!

— Marc Hershon

Category:Comedy -- posted at: 5:21pm PST

  • This was an incredible show Marc! Your interview/questions with Kelly (and all your guests) are perfectly paced with thought provoking questions. Keep up the fantastic work!

    posted by: Charley Miller on 2011-09-06 14:07:12

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